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-I am looking for a no limit female slave or a submissive woman wanting a slaves life willing to relocate to the Florida Keys!

want to know more you may contact me!

Bi is acceptable---18 - 50 in age---tall is exceptional, weight 160 or less, everything else can be upgraded as needed--LOL!

It will be a service, sexual, BdSm relationship---should be looking for a permenant collar---sound like you then contact me--I wont bite at least not in the beginning--LOL

Did I mention a sense of humor helps a lot!

Lastly if you are not comfortable in 5 inch heels or when you are taken out higher --PRACTICE then contact me!

Strict and Demanding Dominant ----Seeking serious and committed slaves only!

Extra points for those who can walk in 6 inch heels without the training period--not just used for crawling!

Should AGAIN I WILL SAY no picture do not waste my time with how great you are-how you want to be owned--changed into my needs ---if you are not comfortable showing yourself now then I will never BEG to see who or what you are or potential!


This just gets longer and longer to cover all the Bases--for every inquiry I get

lets start with your being spanked!----go from there to the future

I guess I should do change this also--should you live anywhere WEST of the ROCKIES not interested unless you will relocate yourself on your dime---the international date line on the Atlantic side is Maine---LOL!

Thanks --special cases considered but that is a lot of SPECIAL!

I am not MARRIED! just struck my funny bone!

where are all those 6 incher walking slaves--no Plats now!

I again have to add a bit to this---while some find body art tattoos--beautiful I DONT one -- this needs a further comment---I do not find body art in any way shape or attractive to me --a butter fly here or the loss of its cherry there is fine ---I will put my own tramp stamp in owned property when it is taken anything else will be ignored!

do not contact me with wings on your shoulders --sleeves, or a tear drop at the corner of your eye--waste of time and you will be erased! LOL!

Thanks to those who have respected not contacting from west of the Rockies---just move east ,the door is open then!


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6/19/2015 4:17:16 PM
I have been remiss in not keeping my own journal updated as I have asked another to do!
with that I want to address two things here
1. There have been a higher then normal number of lesbian slaves communicating with me---
Thank you for your interest and you should look to serve a  Dominant Male either by curiosity or by direction of your Domme---it will round out your perspective of this lifestyle
I will entertain your interest if it coincides with my interests.

2.There have been quite a few expressing interest from overseas to be owned and trained by me
That is quite normal but I want all of you to know----you are welcome to serve --here comes the BUT----I WILL NEVER PAY TO RELOCATE ANYONE---if you want my ownership then show me by paying your own way to me if I accept you !
Thanks to all

6/11/2013 7:20:43 PM

I have always known the a sub/slave should be well groomed and the little things make a difference for her owner to be proud of his property--SO if you think that lot's of tats are attractive --wrong Dominant, if you think Black, Blue' purple 'pink hair and the same color nail polish is correct --wrong thoughts--all that would be changed, I have very definite thoughts of what my property should look like for my pleasure---Thanks to all of you who contact me who have chosen how to decorate your body--I am only looking for those whose bodies I can decorate --LOL!

6/3/2013 5:36:13 PM

I love it when one identifies as a slave then posts dislikes and hard limits--very interesting LOL!

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