Vertical Line


Are you shy? Always feeling lost without someone to guide you? Need to feel wanted but just can’t find the ones that will provide you with what you need? Do you need to feel safe without your friends calling you foolish for wanting what you need?

Well, then you may have just found what you are seeking.

We are a professions couple that is seeking the above-described girl. If you see yourself in what we described, please send us a note and a short description of your needs and we will reply with more information and a picture of us.

Well, the search continues. We are shocked and confused that so many think this is a game of some sort. Maybe it is just that the ones that have contacted us are young and are just looking for someone to pass the time with or someone to pay their bills while they figure out life. Is it so much that we seek one that is shy, subservient and looking to serve for a long term? And no, a long term is not a long weekend. The one we seek measures time in years.