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Hetero Female Submissive, 56,  South Florida, Florida
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I am a petite, singlesubmissive female who enjoys both the mental and physical aspects of Dominance and submission. While I do enjoy Ds, it is a pleasure but not a lifestyle for me. I am intelligent, have a good sense of humor and a sense of fun, well-read, well-traveled, college degreed. Some of my vanilla interests include arts and cultural events, cooking, reading, travel and weekend getaways, music and concerts and spectator sports. I am looking for a long-term relationship with a caring partner who shares my Ds interests as well as my vanilla interests and I share his. Perhaps the best way to express it is to say a Ds core in a very well-rounded relationship based on trust, love and sexual power exchange. I am not just looking for a play partner, casual sex or one-night stands. I am not looking for total slavery, but a relationship that balances my submission to mypartner with a level of equal partnership in making lifes decisions. I want to please and serve a Dominant who is patient and firm, controlling and we shall treat each other with greataffection and care. For me, the physical and emotional aspects of Ds are intertwined. I love the level of security and comfort that is exchanged in a trusting, communicative Ds relationship. I have an essential need to please my partner in a number of ways--in service to him, in taking care of him, and to him sexually. Please, no married men, guys with vanilla girlfriends looking for kinky sex, one-night stands, drive-bysex, poly situationsor people looking for a little bit on the side...just not my thing.

I have just moved to South Florida after living in Dallas for 30+ years!!












 Submissive Female

 South Florida 


 5' 2"

 106 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male


 Art Galleries




 Sensory Play





 Horse Racing



 Fine Dining



 Musical Theater











 Hair Pulling

 Outdoor Bondage


 Comedy Shows

 TV News

 TV Sports

 Art Collecting




 Intellectual Discourse

 Liberal Politics


 Alternative Music

 Blue Grass


 Country Music

 Hip Hop Music



 Opera Music



 Rock Music







 Curious About:

 Fire Play

 1950s Lifestyle

 Hard Limits:




 Gourmet Cook

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Journal Entries:
8/31/2014 1:30:31 PM
So, after all these years, I've come to the conclusion...I'm just in it for the cool clothes...:-)

2/24/2007 1:30:24 PM

A dear friend of mine gave me a great gift--the new Bon Appetit Cookbook. It's big and thick and it has 1200 recipes for your reading and dining pleasure. And lots of glossy pictures of gorgeous looking food (mine never looks like the pictures, but that is another story). So, I grab my drive-through takeout Chinese food and settle in for a good read. Some women fantasize about being Angelina Jolie. Not me. In my fantasies, I am Nigella Lawson. Hot, sexy, gorgeous, fabulous chef. And she has a cooking show called "Nigella Bites". Must be kinky, too. So, okay, with my Nigella persona on, I dive into the cookbook. It has been cold here in Texas, so comfort food sounds just the thing. And the king of comfort foods is macaroni and cheese!

I locate this great-sounding recipe called "Upscale Macaroni and Cheese". Okay, sounds wonderful so far. Has a great glossy picture. Looks seriously yummy. I go down the ingredient list. Pasta...yup. White Cheddar Cheese...mmmmmm good. And then there's the showstopper. The deal-breaker. The hard limit. "One pound of good quality "Bleu Cheese". Good quality? WTF? Damn, it's just moldy cheese...c'mon.

I went to junior high school in an era where all the girls had to take one year of Home Ec. My 90-year-old Home Ec teacher had aprons to match each one of the June Cleaver dresses she wore to school. She knew her stuff. She taught us to make Cinnamon Toast and Hot Chocolate. Husband-catching bait. Did she ever mention Bleu Cheese? NO. Did the recipe for Cinnamon Toast call for using "blue bread"? NO. Would you make Thanksgiving stuffing with "Blue Bread Cubes"? Gross. We were all taught that blue food meant mold...throw it away. Not market it as some gourmet delicacy that you can charge a small fortune for.

Now, I did have a blue grapefruit once. It managed to escape from the grocery bag while I was hauling it home from the store in the trunk of my car. It rolled into the corner behind the spare tire and lived there for 3 months. It was quite pictureesque when I found it. But would I cook with it? I don't think so. Blue Grapefruit Juice, anyone?

So, what's the fascination with blue food? It must be the new black.

2/15/2007 4:45:18 PM
Okay, so I was invited to my first wine tasting at the home of a good friend. Two lovely women from the Wine Shop come, bring the wines, provide the list of what the host must provide and, of course, bring the order sheets for the rest of us to buy the wines we taste. So, all this frou-frou tasting, all the "wine education" is really a ploy for us to plunk down our credit cards and order bottles of the vino. Kind of like a Tupperware party for drunken adults.

I admit that I know nothing about wine. I am a willing learner here, ready to get the hang of it all. I saw Sideways...I can do this. First we pour. Then we hold our glasses up to the light. See the clarity. Looks pretty clear to me. Then we learn how to swirl. this isn't as easy as it looks. One over-enthusiastic swirler among the guests swirled it right over the edge of the glass, onto the coffee table and onto the beige carpet. And of course, it was red wine. No swirling accidents occur with a nice Chardonnay.

Then comes the part, post-swirl, where we stick our noses into the glass and breathe in the scents. Smell the flavors, our hostesses tell us. "Do you smell vanilla in this one?" Nope, I smell wine. Period. "And this one has hints of cherry, plum, oregano"? Oregano? WTF? It's wine, not pasta sauce. I fail the sniff test miserably. I can't smell a damn thing but wine and vinegar, which would be terribly gauche to admit. So I smile along with everyone else. I acknowledge that I smell what everyone else pretends to smell. "Yes, I detect a hint of kumquat in this one". Who knows what kumquats smell like? But yes, just to please the hostesses, I am smelling everything they tell me to smell.

So we taste 3 whites and 3 reds. And a few of the folks are starting to be a bit uninhibited. There are rude comments being made about what to do with the dump bucket. The hostesses are trying to draw our attention back to the order forms to buy the wines. That is their real sell us this swill before we get too drunk to tell them what we really think of wine that smells like oregano.

I am an over-ambitious swirler. I can't smell the oregano. I don't order any wine. I am a wine-tasting failure. I probably won't be invited back.

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