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"this sub offer's herself to you all, my interests are your interests and i will do almost anything you want, not many limits only kids and scat just not my thing, i'm a pain slut and masochist and looking for those to expand my pain threshold" Hi all you fine Men and Women, I am a nice and sweet submissive tranny girl. I have found that the true slave/sub - Domme/Dom relationship is saying i'm a yes-girl meaning i will do anything asked of me when we are together or sent out on a special date ;) I'm taking hormones, to help me progress, at the right time i would either have surgery to make me a real working vagina or stay with my small cock. but at least have breast argumentation, to a size DD or GG.
I do have a Skype account where you can reach me, my username is the same as here, pic is my ballet boots, you can reach me on KIK too SlaveJasmine1 is my name there.
This sub also have great interest in bondage including all kinds of steel as well as cages any sizes will do. so if you're looking for a masochist and pain slut, oh yes pain does turn me on too. I am yours, take me as i have no boundaries nor limits oh well maybe a few. This sub loves to take cock both orally and anally currently I can deep throat to well over 10 inches but would like to be able to take more in, spread your juices on or in me, yummy. This sub like's to wear any material ranging from rubber, you can say that i'm an Elastophile too, and leather to satin and silk, I like to try to balance in my ballet boots though they are somewhat hard to walk in. This sub has started started a diet or more closely a new lifestyle as well as corset training, to reduce my waist to the order of one of my friends here to a size 28-32 (7-10-2017) This sub strives to be completely shaven at all times. My biggest desire is to live in a relationship, long term, with a dominant Master, Mistress, couple or group. Either in a daughter/femme boi - Domme relationship, or as a maid/sex doll/bimbo/gimp/barbie or something in that sphere to envelope into the perfect girl that you wish, maybe even be that daughter or wife you never had and longs for so bad. This subs dream would be, with someone that would not see me in boy clothes at any time have me wear extreme heels most of the time or all the time, maybe some rigid corsets/ corset dress and some form of bondage gear more or less permanent to help me not walk away. Only to wear girly/women underwear and clothes. To be kept locked up maybe in a tiny cage when not in use or loaned out for either free or not or sold at an auction for a couple of hours to be permanently a new masters slave to made into what they like, more or less human. I have no preferences of where my Dom/Domme live's only that a trial period is set first before something more permanently is built in. Jasmine "if you wish to take ownership of me that will only happen the day we actually meet and or i sign a contract of ownership of my self and body" As i love latex more and more i have made a new profile called RubberBimboforu
Today I was in the lucky state to be chosen to go with the Danish Invictus team to compete in Sydney late October. I know some of you might look for a picture with me on it, though I'm competing as my male persona not my shemale ideal.

However all of that training and dieting should hopefully do wonders for my body so I will be even more desirable than I am now ;) 
Bought a new pair of boots on black Friday from "refuse to be usual" it will take 5 weeks and then shipping. But looking forward to the day I can try them on they have a app. Hight of 5 inches. LETHAL 12cm Silver Metal Heel 80cm Crotch Show Boot Metallic Red Fire If you want to see me in them please stay in touch. If you want to see me in anything else you can buy me something that I will wear only for you. Love you all Jasmine
Being a sub and a slave at some times i have found that some just want a slave they can do anything they like and then change it out or keep it. 

that is why i wrote this section; you can send me a message where the first line say: 

"Mail order slave wanted"

this is not a free service and if you live abroad you will have to send me tickets to travel. 
however i set no limits only that you take care of my needs afterwards before i will travel home. 

an agreed time period and payment needs to be agreed in advance, but then i'm all yours and you can do anything you like as long as it doesn't leave permanent marks and kills me. 

time can set be from an hour to an period over months maybe longer. 

all expenses needs to be covered by you. as it implies Mail order slave wanted can't be seen to pay for its stay in cash but the will to do anything. 

From today and until Sunday there is copenhagen pride hope everyone going will have a great time.
as well as my new lifestyle with healthier eating and training, i have taken steps to help me become even more fem and become a real ts 24/7 it might take some time and i would requires lots of help and if you would like to support me i will thank you in the way you like and to the point where i can, but everything is possibility and everywhere but international i would need reimbursement of the cost of travel. but when i'm there i will do anything you like and that i'm comfortable with. 

Have a kinky day, love you all!!
Started a new lifestyle as a new way of eating and get down in weight as well as a corset training regime that hopefully will get me down to a size of 28-32" 

I have a important event on Monday the 28 of August, because of that i currently have no plans for that week from Monday afternoon so if you want we can meet and play. 
let me know from anyone who is interested. 

So a new year and new ideas so i found that much of the processed foods taste awful to me and i also want to go down in weight as well as getting toned so that will this year be all about. 

I just started on the "Satan's Diet" which can be said to be a detox diet to jump start a change of life. this will last one week. 

Afterwards i will follow a diet plan made for Victoria's Secret models with a few modifications as i'm not born female i need more protein.

along with this i will train for at least one hour a day besides the bike cycling i do for at least 40 min. each day. Sundays will properly be my day off maybe just a walk. 

If you want to know more just 

I will be very thankful for any comments or suggestions to help me become lean and more femme like, not interested in building huge muscles.  
To make sure that I'm strong enough and slim enough for everyone I'm beginning to take crossfit classes in the new year. I wish to be on my best to be able to take anything you want me to experience and do.
For new years eve I'm currently alone there for I'm willing to go out with you if you in or around copenhagen of course if you send a plane after me you can come from anywhere in the world. The only thing is that I'm on work the night before and would like to be taken good care of.
Hello all, a little more on the private side I'm a veteran of the army from Recce units just to let you all know so you understand that I'm real if you were doubtful about me.
Just bought myself a pair of lacquer gloves of size larger and love them but would love many more as well as other gifts so if if you buy me something i would dress up in it take it on use it anything you like show you how much i appreciate it on cam or in person and let you get something yourself too i love to serve Dommes but also anybody else.

love Jasmine 
Have just seen a episode of criminal minds where people were abducted and auctioned off to various buyers not knowing whom is buying them or what will be to them. Of course this is illegal, but I found to be aroused by not knowing what is going to happen and be sold that turned me so much on more than anything else, very strange 😕😍.
hm just thought that it would be fun to be dressed up like the girls in Bollywood movies 
Have realized that I need to have my oral cavities (mouth) filled with cock as much as I can or be liking pussy. Fill this tranny slut up will take anything in any size alone or in a bukkake/gangbang.
i just saw an image with high heels with the text

"Life is better in high heels" 

and i must say, yes it is life is better in high heels, so if you want me in high heels then give me call and lets see what i can do for you. and how to proceed from here on. 
i won't be much on here the next couple of weeks as i have broken a  bone in my right arm 

I'm in the midst of planning a trip next year either during the spring for a week or a couple of weeks next summer, don't were to go yet but if you want to have me coming to you let me know so I can see if it will happen
A new session with a Master, almost 2,5 hours of simi to hard spanking as well a pump plug training have filled my bum really sore, red, pink and blistering and even though it hurts a lot right now i'm glad we did it it was like a powerful training session at the gym crying and sweating but also moaning a lot, have found out that i don't get much pleasure from cumming anymore as i was told to rub my clit and though it got hard it just bursted out with seamen but i felt no joy in only shame and as i spurted without permission i was spanked really hard it made me cry, and spasmen maybe i just need to be tied down and plug in either end so unable to move and cry out :)

Love you all, but you daddy that made me go through it all, i love you the most ;)  
an almost two hour session with a Master is over my bum is hurting by having had a pump plug inflated three times to maximum, the last time it slide out by itself leaving a huge hole inside my bum, together with a severe beating leaving it all red and bruised i'm now allowed to sleep before heading for class and work in the morning will be very painful i guess.

Hope you all have had a great weekend i know i had one looking forward for the next one soon it will arrive and together with it hopefully some new and joyful experiences ;)

Love you Master's, Daddies, Mistress's, goddess's, switches and fellow sub and slaves hope we can all into december with joy in the heart and peace around us, lets rejoice and sing 

"War is over 
if you want it 
War is over 

from; So this is christmas 
how to get the look that i desire;

1) diet and exercise - to a lean, muscular physique. Working out accompanied by strict penalties for not sticking to schedule.

1.1) if anyone have a great diet that i can follow to get all nutrients and minerals needed to archive the bimbo look please let me know.

1.2) if anyone has ideas on exercise routines to follow that will shape my body into that of a bimbo please let me know i will do them and let you know about the progress

1.3) i'm not seeking any regime that will take forever to get me there nor a regime where i don't have the ability to do anything else, but still have me think about it every single day of the year. this also have to be something i will need to follow in the future

1.4) if you're interested in offering training session to me they are most welcome as i seek to become the best shemale masochistic bimbo in the world, this is no joke for me this is something i really want to do.     

2) corset training down to 16" to 18" preferably 

3) increasingly lengthy times wearing femme clothes, sexy outfits even in public, high heels, etc.

4) cosmetic surgery to achieve oversize breasts and appropriate facial appearance 

5) removable of cock and balls to get a working vigina 

6) live the rest of life as a bimbo masochistic shemale slave  
Have met a wonderful Master, which makes me feel wonderful and able to push my limits far have tonight stretched my bum to take a 10" inflatable dildo that dialated my bum to an inner size of 2" it hurt at first until i got relaxed and think i had it in for about 20 min. the weird thing now is that i'm feeling empty and that i don't get so excited anymore to rub my pussy, so have asked for the ability to have a it inverted to a real as a vigina can get on me.

After almost two weeks he just told that i wasn't needed anymore two weeks of nearly daily sessions hard spankings and anal training, i never saw him live. that will not happen anymore, in the future i will need to see the master at least once during each training sessions as i need to know if the master or mistress is real. 
i recently came to the understanding in which i'm to be seen as. 

i'm Jasmine your extreme masochist and, hopefully one day soon, shemale slave to be used, abused, humiliated, to endure any pain/pleasure you like me to endure and so much more, be with you either online or in real life "i prefer the last" 

so if you like that what are you waiting for message me and lets find out how i can be your slave for a couple of hours to a weekend or even longer. pimp me out to increase your income as well as mine so i continue to develop my skills and become even a hotter shemale with huge boobs and a tiny body ready to endure anything you like to do.

if you like to know what i like to become just see this comic

I've got my webcam to work again found that a problem in the sound manager was the bad guy. was completely confused yesterday of why it didn't work.  

So just found out that my bike had to be repaired for around 500$ not the best right now as i means i'm not able to buy new clothes or gear unless i find something really cheap or otherwise get some :( :( 

So i can't change who i am, but i can change how i look, how i feel, how to make you better, how to become a better slave/sub, how to act, ect. 


if you don't like what you see you can always put me in a full body suit with a hood included and have me endure the tightest of corsets and remember you can't change what's on the inside but you can change the look of the slave/sub in to your wishes maybe not instantly without magic but over time i will look the prettiest in your eyes, to act how you desire and even begin to feel what you like so that i'm just as what you have ever wanted. just remember everything takes time and is nothing you can change immediately unless the use of magic.


Well appearance could change over night, if the right actions are taken, here i mean i'm knocked out, taken to a place where the changes will happen have me kept in total narcoses or in a state of coma operate on me, have me healed up. 

have me endure training then medicate me with a drug that will erase my memory over the day and put me down to sleep, have this happen until i'm fully trained then transport me to the place i last saw when i was "my self" and let me wake up to what have happened to me and let the new reality set in would be rather fun for a master/ mistress, couple or group to watch.  

So i have begun on the Catching Fire Training a week ago, and today decide to take a step further to reach my goals and that my muscles are burning like (well as hell). i decide to get the nutrition and meal guide also from the Catching Fire program to help boost my determent in this and that training is only 30 % of the way to loose excess fat i think it will do me good. and have me reach my goal faster though i know that I have to follow this plan and to eat what it says and not less as that won't work.  

So decide to try something new, so went to Dailyhiit, to try out there all amazing Catching Fire training, and wow that is hard but the results should be mind blowing so think i will buy the nutrition guide too to look the best that i can be this summer in front of my master. ;)


maybe i should after completion, start over and and do it times two and then do it times 3 until 6 months have passed or i have reached the ultimate goal to become as lean as a size small to medium women ;) yeah who will give me support to reach this goal could just be telling me great going and so on ;) kisses to you all ;)   

Just thought about a cool thing to do while in the woods or desert, somewhere out in the wilds with a really long way to the nearest city. 


i walk in close range to my masters house, it's my comfort zone, when i notice a black van moving in on me. i decide to cross the road but the van changes lane too. i begin to panic a little i walk a little faster beginning to run hope master will be outside to help me. i turn the corner it's just there a hundred paces yet, out of the blue two men grabs me a third approaches from behind chloroforms me, i pass out it all becomes a blur. 


i wake up, only to realize i have been put in a full rubber body suit, a very tight leather corset, a rigid neck collar, a mono glove, a pair of ballet anklets locked together with only a few feet of chain between them and a leather hood with only a pair of very small peek holes. i try to get my vision and get my barring to see where i am, when i hear a voice i look around but can't see anyone. the voice says i'm wearing earphones and is only able to hear this voice nothing else.  


i'm being told that my master decide to sell me off, but to get some fun out of it he's letting me chose for myself to which should have me or let me win my freedom. 


the rules are simply to win my freedom i just have to avoid being captured for the next 48 hours or if i can get within a area of just 5 sq. meters i have won my freedom, a beacon will guide me with a beep if i'm on the right track if every 10 minutes if not i will get a portion of sperm from my dildo gag or a quarter of liquid up my bun. 


there are five teams after me to help me or them with the muffles of my scream, they have each a controller that will affect various parts of my body, they are always switched on and can easily work for 48 hours but when the teams get closer the effect will increase from a scale from 1 to 100 when they will be just besides me. team one is from Africa, they control the eight electroplates on my boobs. team two is from Europe they control the electroplates on my waist line four on the front and four on the back. team three is from Asia the control how tight my corset and collar is as well as my cock cage with spikes. team four is from Russia they control the electroplates on my arms and legs four on each arm and eight on each leg. team five is from America they control the 10 electroplates on my buttocks along with the size and vibration of both the dildo gag and butt plug. 


so who will capture me and be able to keep me or sell me on a auction or will i win my freedom no matter what i will be in for a couple of painful days.

who will cheer for me or who will take me on this little trip, i know what i would like ;) 


i'm into a wide range of things from friendship and love to the most extreme scenarios you can dream up, only one hard limit, death. other than that anything goes. 

As You see i don't have a pic on here i do have a profile on imagefab with pics of what i'm interested in though not limited to, just ask me for profile name. if you requires a pic of me i will send one to you, to show i'm real. 


my goal is to become a full time shemale/women with or without a cock is up to my Domme to decide.