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Thank you for your interest and curiosity in my profile. My name is Mark. I am a very caring, friendly, sweet, honest, loving, and funny submissive, who truly idolizes and adores women.
It is my honor and pleasure to serve women and to be used and even be degraded by them. I can be very extreme, but to me, I am truly happy when a Goddess would be open to receive the ultimate in servitude.

My specialties in servitude include:

Doormat/Carpet For Goddess to step, stand, walk, dance, jump on-all over me from my face on down-shoes on and off.

Shoe licker My honor to grovel and lick the dirt from your shoes tongue clean the soles.
Foot Worshipper My honor to kiss, smell, lick, massage, and adore your tired feet.

Spittoon My honor for you to spit in my mouth and face-regular spit, chewed food etc...

Full Toilet My honor to serve as your complete toilet. Use me ANY way you would use a toilet.

Ass Worshiiper. My honor to kiss, lick, and worship your ass and have You fart in my face

Oral Servitude My honor to worship a Goddess from head to toe including underarms, ass, etc..

And any other way Goddess sees fit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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7/27/2003 8:18:19 AM
Please walk all over me, Mistress until I beg You to use me as Your toilet. Use my mouth however You wish.

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