Vertical Line



travellertoo - photo 1
Lost in the 9 to 5 vanilla world, but with so much potential, and searching for the intense and reassuring darkness of blissful torment. Very eager to please and will do almost anything to avoid disappointing the Priestess who guides me to the altar of worship. Tentatively seeking the lead that will drag me out of the harsh sterile light into new deeper realities.
Despite my trepidation, I can think of nothing more appropriate and more desireable than to be marked as property and accepting all that being property entails.

I am sure You will find me adaptable and easily shaped to meet Your requirments. The interests listed in this profile are only limited by my own imagination and the exceedingly short list provided for submissive/slave males.

In the stark outside world I have a range of interests, ranging from wood work to sailing and scuba diving. I am permanently employed. I enjoy my work and would hope to be able to continue with it.

I am a non smoker and social drinker only.
I am working towards a Masters degree in biostatistics.