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Hi there and how are you there today i am MasterFireWings im a have black hair, brown eyes, im 240 pounds, 5`10, Strict, Bold, Bossy, Blunt Master. What im searching for is Sub/Slave Girls or tg perhaps if passable. I am a Hypnotist been doing it for a very long time if ur curious about it or just want to talk about it im free if u are. Dont waste my time if ur not going to talk, and im not looking for local, just online for now would love to see girls on cam or willing ones on mic so i can see who im speeking with. I do have a Mic and Pics of myself as well and no i dont have any nudes of me. I do go on yahoo, and i do have skype, and gmailvas well if u like to chat feel free to chat to me i dont bite to hard, If i do u will know it. If u want to talk to me i will be here xoxoxxoxoxxo if u have yahoo messenger that would be great to talk on as well if ur free. If your local thats fine as well. Im not into paying for a slave if she is owned. I dont like to play mind games, i want to talk if you dont then there is the door. have a wonderful daY-night

6/6/2017 3:16:46 AM
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happy pride week lbgt

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