Vertical Line


Communication, Exploration, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Trust; Safe, Sane and Consensual Always. Seeking one who is willing to please and serve me completely, with her heart, mind and soul. Seeking one who is willing to share herself completely, no games, no players.

What I seek is real, an unmarried/divorced tall articulate, professionally employed Lady. One who has no visible tattoo's when dressed, and no body piercings with the exception of the ears. A Lady who dresses like a Woman at all times in public, and looks her best to please her Master. A True Submissive, do you fit the bill? For what is a really true submissive, so many make the claim, yet only very few truly understand.

Do you truly believe in the following traits: honesty, integrity, trust, communication, respect, caring, responsible, exploration? Do you believe in the words safe, sane and consensual. These traits which I mention are very important to me. Unfortunately, not many can actually live a lifestyle by these traits, can you?

I believe that trust and communication are key to any relationship and without them you have nothing. I am not looking for someone who wants to play head games with me or is out looking for nothing more than a good time or the proverbial piece of tail for the night. I want something more real and substantial. Something with the potential for growth together as a couple. I love affection and crave to "spoil" someone else. I find that I am a compassionate and caring person and I desire the same in my future life partner to not only be my lifes mate but my best friend as well. Someone I can laugh with, share the good and the bad with, be a part of my life, my dreams and goals, someone I can support in her life as well. I want to be able to know that no matter what happens that we will always have each other. I may sound a bit hopeful but I see nothing wrong with wanting everything I can get out of life and trying my best to achieve those things.

My limits are few, I dont do blood, animals, kids, scat, scarring, electricity, needles, breathe games and playing with others unless discussed ahead of time. Willing to try anything once trust is established. I enjoy using blindfolds, tight restrictive bondage letting you experience the complete loss of control. I also enjoy breast bondage and clamps, clothespins, denial and self release of orgasm. I do have pics and would be happy to trade. Have relocated to Tallahassee, Florida.