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? i am the girl who can't say no. "Borrowed" sister's panties since quite young. The first time i saw a nude man (high school gym locker room) i knew what i was - a sissy girl. An involuntary erection gave me away. He saw. Nothing happened immediately. however, he made an effort and we became close. We both secretly knew where it was headed. So when he made an advance - there was anticipation - surrender. ? so that introduction should give an idea where i am. rest of the story - is i have managed - so far - to remain discrete ? Please do not ask for photos.
CD Friendly Club:


I would take you to the parking lot of a CD friendly club. First we go in for a couple of drinks. You are wearing a short skirt and too small thong panties and heels, full make up and a camisole top. I am sliding my hand up and down your thigh. I lead you by the arm out the door to the parking lot. I parked in a quiet spot in the back. I lead you around to the trunk of the car and, as you face the trunk, I put my hand on your back and push you down until your chest is against the trunk and your ass is in the air with your skirt riding up over your hips. Several men have followed us from the club and  are watching. I slip your pantie down and unzip my pants. You feel my rigid erection against your soft, smooth ass. I lubricate my cock and your tight hole and slowly press the tip of my shaft against it, slowly entering you all the way until my pelvis is firmly against your ass. I reach around and begin to stroke you as I slowly thrust in and out of you. The men who are watching move closer. You can see the bulges in their pants and know that they will be ready, willing and able once I have cum in you.

As you finally withdraw, i am all gaped - unable to pulse my anus closed - i know the men have their eyes on me - i feel so exposed - i see one of them already has his massive cock out of his zipper - dont know if i can or want to handle this - i try to get my thong back up from my ankles - as i bend down - he is already there - head of his cock nestled snug against my pussy - he dont need no lube - your cum is his lube - for a minute we are still - head of his cock touching my anus - i feel he holding me by the waist real firm - feels so good i buck back to receive his shaft - slowly entering me - i swear i could feel his cock veins throbbing - ooooooooh
Not this weekend. This weekend i will watch the fireworks. But other weekends, i am enemad and plugged, wearing a thong, skin tight bike shorts, bra and camisole. thigh highs, 4" heels, make-up kit and wig in a shopping bag. i slip on jeans (for camoflage - lol) and head to the porno movie place.

it is dark and cool. different rooms have different videos. men are pacing - cruising - scouting and hunting. all ages, races and forms - the unifying thread - love of the perverse. it is as i like it.

i have to dress now. preferably with an old voyuer watching and stroking. first the jeans come off - folded and stuffed away. i am in my bike shorts. the thigh highs - midnight mist - great feel as i put them on - the shirt is taken off. the A-cup bra fits perfectly then the camisole. i put on my high heels and head to the women's room. i need a mirror and lights. the mascara, eye shadow and blush - gloss lipstick - and very carefully i don the wig.

i feel so woman.

i stand against a wall in a room with tv/ts movies - men are sitting watching and stroking.

I am very interested in understanding/experiencing the transition of Dom/sub interaction from social, polite and respectful to lustfully violent and sexually aggressive behavior. The point of melt-down, where the civilized masks are dropped and the true nature of the Dom and his submissive are laid bare. The moment when the sub is commanded to shed clothes - to submit to bonds - to accept spanking on bared buttocks - to perform acts on command.