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What I'm looking for is going to vary by the person. It isn't a cookie cutter type deal. Not every person is made for everything and to pass on talking with somebody who might actually be perfect seems a bit crazy. Latex and Bondage are a must however. After numberous Fakes and Liars going forward ALL potential people that correspond will be required to verify they are in fact the person from their photo(s). Sorry for the inconvience but others have ruined it. I am MtF Trans. if you have a problem with that, move along. I'm done getting ignorant messages from folks. == Results from == 100% Degradee 100% Pet 100% Rope bunny 100% Submissive 100% Exhibitionist 96% Slave 93% Primal (Prey) 80% Non-monogamist 79% Voyeur 75% Masochist 72% Experimentalist 58% Brat 15% Vanilla 12% Primal (Hunter) 11% Daddy/Mommy 9% Sadist 7% Switch 3% Rigger 0% Ageplayer 0% Brat tamer 0% Degrader 0% Dominant 0% Boy/Girl 0% Master/Mistress 0% Owner 0%

Woohoo! Simon O shipped my latest latex order!

I shouldn't have to say this but I will just to put it in plain english....



After some conversations this evening, well one in particular I'd really REALLY like to cut... Or get used hard and repeatedly by a owner and others... Something to silence what's in my mind...


Side note... Reassemble my cage this weekend.

I haven't needed a cage to retreat to for a long time...

Since it takes days and days and then more days to update your profile again, I offer this:

Here's a rough idea of what I'm searching for if you're interested. Ive got a list of kinks Id like explored, some are on the more extreme side. Im hopeful to find a owner who wants to take the direction Ive long dreamed of going, and guide me to what they desire in that area. So to that end because Im sure its confusing, I would like to explore long term permanent pet play or be essentially conditioned and physically modified to basically be a living latex sex toy to be used and enjoyed by many...


There's more but you're welcome to message and ask if you'd like.

Really wish CS would get back on top of approving profiles ... 4 days is a little much with adding a type of relationship searching for. *sigh*

I fail to see the purpose of 'scamming' somebody on here. If you were trying to get money that would make sense. However only pretending to be interested in soembody only to ghost them before the meet date seems ... Pointless.

3 of the last 4 people I've talked with on here have done this.


Going forward anybody whom I talk with (male or female) is going to have to verify that they are who they are.

Please read the profile fully. I get so tired of messages from those who don't... Then find out what's mentioned in the profile and turn ignorant

Don't waste your time sending stuff like this ....



  Hotel room to myself Sat April 9 in Lexington and Sat April 16 in Louisville

Want blowjobs


4/1/22 9:16 AM