Vertical Line


After the last few months of talking to a few subs and a few masters I have deiced that I dont seek this lifestyle anymore the only slave I want to collar has deiced that I am not what she wants and has told me that I will never have another chance at her. and since she is the only one that truly made me happy in this lifestyle I have deiced to get out of it I have a bunch of toys Thank you all and I have enjoyed talking to most of you bye.

I am a 5'9 white/ ital master who has been in the lifestyle for about 3 years now and yet to find my the right sub for me. I am not to picky just very old fashion and like thing my way am not willing to change on some things. I want a sub that we can truly grow together as one. I live in FL but travel a lot for my company. I am looking for a relationship with a slave/sub that will lead to a 24/7 one day but has to start somewhere. If you want to know more ask because I am really bad about talking about me and just tell me more about you. and yes I love the simpsons.
I have found that it is hard to find what I am looking for in life and hopeing that I will soon becuase I am tired of the game players and the fakes