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What I seek in a slave to own or train is one whose primary purpose is general and complete service, not play, not romance, and not to be their One. For more than that you will need to read the bottom of my profile or ask me.


I have my first book about how to think about and do Masterslave relationships and specifically how to do consensual enslavement of another person. It is "I Can Do This" and can be found on Amazon. Do a search for "Malkinius".


I am Gorean. If you dont know what that means, I am always willing to talk to those interested in what being Gorean is about, both for the Free and for the slave. I am also willing to help others along the paths that people follow whether free or slave. I work to support the Gorean community online and offline through teaching, sponsoring and supporting offline gatherings of Goreans.

I do my best to support Goreans through helping people understand what we are and what we do via the many online mailing lists and forums I have posted to over the years and by email and in person. I am one of the better known and more traveled Goreans. That does not make me a spokesman or leader, official or unofficial, to speak for other Goreans. I pass on and teach what I know and believe. Not every one likes that.

The other main interest of mine is the training of slaves and studying the science and practice of consensual enslavement. I am not speaking of sex, pain or even just service, but in helping females reach a level of submission to the will of another and doing so usually within the cultural context of the Gor books and within the possibilities of consensual slavery. I am not into pain. I am not into a BDSM lifestyle. I have much more knowledge of BDSM than most may think because of my studying how someone can be enslaved from a psychological as well as a neurological basis. I research where the sources lead me and those are sometimes BDSM sources and sometimes cognitive neurology papers. I am trying to understand the how and why, not just follow a cookbook approach that others may do. I definitely dont assume that just being a dominant male or even a Gorean man means that I know to master or enslave someone. I am working to understand the process well enough to write the best book(s) on consensual enslavement.

What does all this mean for people who read this profile? It means that I am someone who will talk about what living as a Gorean offline is like or how consensual enslavement works in practice. I also help those who wish to become a slave or kajira, or who wish to improve themselves as a slave or kajira. These days I mostly work on an online basis. I have owned several in-house slaves over the years but do not currently own an in-house slave. What I dont want to do is online only training. I use the net, but I do not confine my training to the net. I can do in a day or two offline what would take months online. I will provide details on what I do to anyone interested.

Right now I am mostly limiting myself to on-line conversations with slaves who wish ination or help. If you are geographically close to my location, conversations offline are possible.
If you are interested in being a Gorean, not just playing one online, talk to me as well.
This is the first time I have been back here in years. I don't plan on coming back here on a regular basis at this point. If you wish to talk, you can find me on FetLife as Malkinius.

I have written a fair bit over the last two decades on things Gorean and consensual enslavement and some of it is still available online, here on CollarChat before it was removed, and especially on FetLife. Most of it is worth reading. You can find years worth of my writing there on the message boards mostly in the Goreans forum. Most of my current writing is on FetLife or on Details on request and you can use search engines to find out more on your own.

For those who have made it this far down my profile, I am not currently looking for a slave. I moved a few years ago and now that CS is working, I am updating my profile. If I was looking, I would be looking for primarily a service slave who can also help train others AND who wishes to be owned by an irascible, curmudgeonly Gorean...namely me. One other thing. My sense of humor is to kill in kill me for. I love making bad jokes and worse puns.

I have worked with slaves who have no experience to some who have very much experience. My speciality is training and teaching both enslavement and, as above, living Gorean. I have something of an academic view of the subject and of myself so I will go into lecture mode at the drop of a question. About half of the slaves I have worked with offline or have owned, have been under 30. Given my age, I find that interesting. I will freely answer questions and give the occasional advice to people who are interested in either things Gorean or dealing with consensual slavery and enslavement. All you have to do is ask.

One last point. I only own or actively work with females who are US citizens or permanent residents of the US. I will talk with anyone at any time but you must be able to come to me to be trained and legally live here to be owned.
I am placing this here for those, unlike myself, who don't read all of someone's profile. There is more information in the profile towards the. 

It looks like I will be wanting a second slave in house by late summer of 2015 at the latest, probably earlier. I do own one right now and have for three years as of December 2014. What I am looking for is a slave whose primary purpose is service to me, not play, not romance, and not to be their "One". Also, someone who is not a child, lover, girlfriend, future spouse but a slave who will maintain my home and serve me in a drama free fashion. I much prefer pleasure and inflicting pleasure than pain. I want someone in-house 24/7 unless other arrangements are made. This does mean your relocating to me. So, I am opening up a place in my home once more either for a slave in training or one who would wish to be owned by an irascible, curmudgeonly Gorean...namely me.

Just a quick note here where it can be seen. I don't mind people, especially subs or slaves, emailing me without any sort of permission. I have had that come up a number of times and if someone wants to talk to me, contact me. I don't do chat here, just mail.