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I am a practicing Dom, living in Sydney's Inner West and have been involved in the scene since 1980 - although I think I have been interested in BDSM for a little longer than that. I've been involved in the professional side of the scene as well as the non-professional side of BDSM and find both exciting. I am currently self-employed in the computer, security and event-management areas. Whilst that may seem a little vanilla, it just supports my preferred lifestyle. I 'earnt my leathers' in the early 80's and believe that if you are to be a Dom, you need to seriously consider what your sub wants and needs in all aspects. I have also been involved in the running of clubs in Sydney such as Hellfire (where I worked security and performed) and Threshold, which I helped co-found and still work security at whenever it is on. I also provide the security guards for No Holes Barred and work there when I can :) I keep fit - although my current job doesn't allow me the luxury of training as much as I used to. I have skill and interest in areas such as restraint, sensory deprivation, caging, pony training, obedience training and 24/7. In fact, 24/7 (TPE) is my preferred submissive, although I have had subs that have not been full time and I have no problem with that at all. I have been known to be into more extreme scening as well and have had training in quite a few aspects. I have catered for light submissives as well as total 'pain-junkies'. I am happily in the process of training a new sub, who shows a lot of promise and has a lot ohusiasm, and things are looking very good in that respect. Of course, this does not change that I am open for the right complementary addition/s to the household. one of the most important things to remember is that we all make mistakes and the journey is learning from them. I am happy to chat about the scene and am also happy to be contacted regarding the scene either by email.

My Ideal Person: I believe that a sub/slave is a most prized possession and should be treasured above all things. In this regards should a slave submit totally to her Master and in doing so deserves the iron rod of training and molding her into the prize that is displayed with pride and to the envy of others. I appreciate a person who looks after herself and keeps fit - as at times I can expect strenuous sessions.

Also, I believe that a sub should be her own person as well - have interests to stimulate discussion and interests outside that of the Dom so that the she has things to occupy her mind when not explicity 'otherwise occupied'. A sub needs to bring flavour and subjects into a relationship not just sublimate herself to the Dom's will. That, of course, should happen, but I find no stimulation in having a 'yes-woman' as a submissive. She, of course SHOULD say yes, but should also understand why. I am happy to chat about the scene and am also happy to be contacted regarding the scene either by email or by ICQ.