Vertical Line


I'm a 49yo married professional man living in southwest Ohio.

Altho married, my wife and I have worked out an arrangement that allows me to take a submissive, part time. I'm experienced, and have guided a number of submissives to their first r/l experiences. I am sensitive, compassionate and fair. I'm very willing to listen to your wants and needs, and work with you to fashion a relationship that respects the limits you set and nurtures the trust you desire. Altho I know what I want, I do not 'demand' respect or obediance.....rather, these are things you will choose to give when the time is right for you.

That is the only way they have meaning for me.

I'm interested in putting the theory of D/s into practice, and enjoy bondage/restraint, spanking in all its glorious forms, and party play. If you're an experienced or curious female submissive who desires a r/t relationship, part time only, please contact me. You can be married or single....I will be discrete in either case. Generally, I am available every workday for chatting (training, etc) as well as one full weekend per month, more if you live very close to me. I'm willing to travel, but if you are terribly far away, I would ask you to meet me in the middle somewhere. Bi is a definate plus, but not a requirement.