Vertical Line



I have been around this lifestyle since I was 14, My Mother was a Dominatrix, (old name for a Dommes) I am looking for the slave I can retire with. I am retired from the US Army and I am also a retired Sheriff. she must be intelligent, witty, petite to average sized woman. if this is you, lets talk.
I met an alleged sub from here, she is an unemployed lawyer,  I have never been put in the situation I was with this woman, demanded my full name and date of birth so she could check me out, I gave that information to another sub once and somehow she got my social security number and tried to steal my identity. I am NOT stupid enough to give it agaqin, I offered references (that wasnt good enough) she said she needed to be able to trust me. well folks my word has always been my bond. I do NOT like being in the position of having to defend myself from an alleged sub. I had to do that when I was a sheriff, One of the joys of not being a cop anymore is I dont have to put up with lawyers asking the same questions 5 different ways.  told this bitch GOOD DAY

it has been a very long week, I had this slave that I was unable to meet as often as I would have liked. I told her to find herself a Master she was so unhappy being alone when I was gone, well she found a vanilla man, and she came to me last friday noght to say good bye. she served me very well. I hope she is happy with him, if he mistreats her I will rip his lips off

Gonna miss her wish things could have been different

iots sunday, I am in Connecticut, stuck here till tomorrow

got a call from a sub I know

planning on meeting her later and using her

she is into humiliation.