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In the interest of streamlining my search for a single submissive male who would be the right fit for me, I shall keep this fairly simple as to what I require as Mistress-Owner. -- I like having a man at my beck & call to attend to my needs, apart from your work schedule and other important commitments. Ideally, you should be no further than 30-45 minutes away from my vicinity. -- My submissive's primary role is to provide me with (virile) masculine companionship as more than just a sensual sub, and to help make my life run more smoothly and seamlessly, not make it more complicated than it already is. -- We should enjoy one another's company whether we are together or keeping in touch while apart, so it is important that we have as much in common as possible in connecting on multiple levels. I would prefer your not being more than 10 years younger than I am, and not much older than 5 years in age. -- If we both share sustained interest in developing a D/s relationship match, then your status would shift from that of trustworthy friend to that of a devoted supplicant under consideration of ownership. You may or may not be the only supplicant I have under consideration at any given time. ⚡️ Do not expect a reply if your introductory message does not contain the key words "Desert Rose." ⚡️ (However, forum posters are always welcome to leave a friendly note.) ⚡️ Any screen name, main profile pic, and/or message content, including form letters, which I deem objectionable will also not warrant a response. ⚡️ ⚡️ Please show the gentlemanly courtesy of introducing yourself by name.... If you have a pictureless profile, you should attach some sort of [non-sexually graphic!] recent photo of yourself by your 2nd or 3rd message without being reminded. ⚡️ {Rev. 10/17}
10/15/2016 9:17:33 PM
I am a Sensual Domina who is NOT into S&M, looking for a sensual sub who is not ashamed of his innate submissiveness to his Lady Love, who knows that his heart's desire is to be owned by a special Mistress who is into inflicting erotic pleasure, not pain. 

Keeping lines of communications open is key.  Open and flowing organically.  The closest type of D/s dynamic which fits what I have in mind is an FLR.  Not all Female Led Relationships are conceptually the same, but there are still two vital components.

One is ownership, and until we have made that mutual commitment, I am not officially your Mistress (and neither is any other Domme) and you did not suddenly become my pet submissive-slave.  This goes part and parcel with a bilaterally negotiated Power Exchange where the sub accepts the Domme's authority, and she agrees to "collar" her partner, which means your Mistress is in charge and control of the partnership as your protective Owner and you belong to her.
9/16/2015 4:01:34 AM
For those of you who do take the time to read through profiles and journal entries, I commend you for your efforts.  It shows that you're not just on this site to perv photo galleries for sexually provocative pics.  However, if your message gets routed into my Bulk Mail folder, it is because you don't meet certain age & location parameters I have set. 

You don't ask for all the junk mail you receive, nor do you reply to every credit card offer you have no interest in.  So here's a recap:

-- My interpersonal relationship baseline is friendship, but I'm not looking for a casual relationship, nor for a play partner, and I'm not here to make more friends.

-- I don't do on-line D/s, I don't IM or do "chats," and I don't cam.

-- If you are young enough to be my son, you have no business contacting me.

-- If you are over (60+) my preferred age range, you would have to be an exceptionally well-suited match for me as a life partner in EVERY OTHER WAY.

-- If you are not a fellow sapiosexual, you probably won't stand much of a chance with me in the romance dept.
12/9/2013 8:04:17 PM
I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand
I dream of fire
Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire
And in the flames
Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire
This desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this
And as she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems
I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain 
I dream of love as time runs through my hand
I dream of rain
I lift my gaze to empty skies above
I close my eyes
Her rare perfume, is the sweet intoxication of her love
I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in pain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand
Sweet desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this
Sweet desert rose
This memory of Eden haunts us all
This desert flower
This rare perfume, is the sweet intoxication of the fall 

Desert Rose
by Sting

♪Layli ya layli ya♪
✫Oh night, Oh night✫
♪Hada'i mada tawila♪ 
It has been so long a time
♪♪♪Wa'na n'hawes ana wahala ghzalti♪♪♪
I am looking for my soul mate
♪Aman aman aman aman'ah...♪
♪Omry feek entiya♪
My life is for you
♪♪Ma ghair entiya♪♪ 
No one other than you
♪Ya lili ah ya leel♪
✫My night, Oh night✫

 (Official music video, Sting featuring Algerian singer Cheb Mami)

Enigma4: "Between Mind & Heart" The Screen Behind the Mirror

Madonna: "Future Lovers" Confessions Tour (2006 Full DVD)

 Age: 41
 Dallas, Texas