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Tie me up and spank me " has its place and can be fun :) but shouldn't be confused with a real exploration of yourself - life is a much better place to be when you really understand yourself and self-awareness comes through challenges and overcoming them. For some this comes through life changing experiences and others through a more subtle period of growth. Through a childhood disease that left me at deaths door and in hospital for a year I learnt a lot about myself then and in the years that followed. As part of the process of rediscovering myself I came to refuse peoples preconceptions and liked to astound them. I also worked out that society had a lot of "rules" based on Christian norms and mores that were just plain stupid - life was to short and precious to give up on desires just because of some silly attitudes.

Do I need to be a dom/ master? Really don't know - I register on but struggled to know how to describe myself - not complete yet. As always I'm still learning. I love intelligence and really enjoy this in a woman and i like indepedent thinkers who push at society. So whats my motivation? I like to explore and help others do so. But I also like a woman who has a sub nature, likes to be controlled and wants to explore herself using this a conduit but can still think for herself and won't take crap of a bloke - I hope that makes sense to at least one other person out there:)

for fun:

I’m a big movie fan and prefer fast action or funny films, got far to many DVDs, I like most kinds of music, love eating out, drinking wine, and long lazy duvet snuggles J

my job:

Great job in Business Development linked to helping people with disabilities – fits with my values, means I’m very happy in it, successful and work from home – so very mobile.

favorite hot spots:

I like wandering around shops, coffee and cake, pub lunches, holidays and the sofa. I like eating out and strolls on the beach (when its warm J ), i enjoy live music and occasionally clubs to do the bloke shuffle :) i love travelling nd been loads of places inc Malawi, Kenya, Oman, Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, Philiphines, Australia, Greek Islands, Gozo, Turkey etc – still got places to go and things I’d love to do!

favourite things:

Food, Cake, Chocolate , Women in corsets, anal hook, British Humour, Hitachi Magic Wand, Silliness, Intelligence, Internet, Mp3 players, Free Porn, wine, Jack Daniels, Gadgets, Water, Big seat on airplanes, pay day

last read:

Love reading – focused on Roman empire and Ancient Greece a the moment – those Spartens were quite something J i

oh and i like intelligent women who love being in a submissive role