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as of Fri 11th Sep 2020

Our search continues and discussions continue to be held.
We know one day at least one of those discussions will turn in to a real life connection.
It has happened before, and it will happen again,
but will that be with you ?

Sometimes, especially during the week, we only have time to read your messages, so do not get impatient about the time taken to reply as we will reply eventually, but it may take a day or so, even a few days, before we have the free time to make write back.


We live in the UK.

During the winter months we are at home in Bedworth, North Warwickshire, i.e. just 5mins drive from J3 of the M6.
In normal times we enjoy the West Midlands Fetish BDSM scene as and when we can, so, if you are interested, do feel free to ask us about the kinky play venues in the area.

Regular visits to Builth Wells in Powys, Wales, commence each spring and continue till the autumn, so if you are from around that part of the country, match who and what we are seeking (see below), and fancy meeting for a drink and a chat, and may be more if we find were compatible, please feel free to send us a message.


First off, we are not seeking applications from single sub, switch or Dom, gents.
We will look for you if we do decide to make a connection with such individuals, and, if you send us a Friends Invite without us first messaging you then your invite will be deleted and you will be Blocked.

Being Admired by us, i.e. if we add you to our Favourites List and we will appear in your Admirers List, that means we want to be able to find you again as we saw something in your profile to interest us and we may sent you a message sometime soon.


We are interested in finding are like minded non judgmental ladies, and suitable couples, i.e. people with whom we can develop lasting friendships and may be a lot more for those with whom we find we have a special level of interpersonal chemistry
various types of kinky intimate relationships, such as a suitably respectful niece or ward for us to look after and for whom we will seek to provide appropriate training, mentoring and guidance,
a sexy lady BDSM plaything and sex toy for use by Babs, or both of us,
a full-time sub consensual slave position for the right lady, or ladies and gothy girls especially welcome,
ownership of a girl puppy or kitten,
a living latex or leather girl doll,
and a rope bunny.
Other types of role are open for discussion.


If you want to know more about us, and who and what we seek for our future, then do write to let us know, and of course to tell us about yourself, but please be aware, you SHOULD NOT smoke, or you should be willing to work towards giving up as part of developing a connection with us, and you should be able to travel to our home in Bedworth, or host a visit from us.
Also, you should be happy to be in a house containing dogs, i.e. be free of any pet related allergies.

So, if you can identify with us and what we are seeking, then please get in touch as would love to hear from you.

Oh, and yes, there are activities that we will and will not get up to, our No, Never, or Hard Limits, list. Please write if you want to know the content of that list.

Status update in mid May 2023 :

We are still very much grieving for the loss of Babs' youngest son in 2022, so still not looking for any sort of real life connection at this time.

However, I know that that will eventually change, and, when it does and we do feel like we could be ready to make a new real life connection, we will almost certainly only be focusing on finding a suitable women whom we, and especially Babs, can develop a connection with.

Hope all our readers & viewers manage to keep themselves safe & well and enjoying a fun filled kinky life whenever their other life commitments allow.

All the best.    David ... for David & Babs

We hope all our readers have had a lovely festive holiday, and will have a great New Year to come.

Happy New Year to whomever is reading this.

It is mid June 2022 ...
... and we are currently in morning for the death of Babs' youngest son in mid April
e was taken unexpectidly at just 41

So ... I hope you can understand that we are not currently looking to have any face to face meetings in the very near future ...
... but we do remain happy to make a connection now ready for when we will again welcome a change in our circumstances and who we are connected with
... so long as you realise that you will only be chatting to me, David, for now.


as of Sun 14th Nov 2021

Our search continues and discussions continue to be held.

We know one day at least one of those discussions will turn in to a real life connection.  It has happened before, and it will happen again, but will that be with you ?

Merry Christmas to all on here.

We hope you have a great time over the festive period.

David & Babs

Oh ...
... and in case you were wondering
... no  ToyHelen  didn't progress in to real life training  :-(
... so our search will be continuing in to 2018

Happy New Year to all our readers & friends ...

... and hopefully new friends to come in 2017   ;-)  ;-)

Update on Mon 28th Aug 2016 :

Our search has been continuing ... and we have made a connection with a second young lady who is in need of our guidance & training.

That young lady is   ToyHelen
She has agreed that she would like to be placed "under consideration" by us ... which we have agreed to ... hence this journal update.

Her face-to-face training will commence in 5 weeks time when she relocates to live near to us.

Update on Sun 21st Aug 2016 :

Babygirlclaire18  let us know that she was unable to attend our planned meeting due to illness  :-(

~ the others who planned to meet us today also didn't arrive, but without any explanation

Hey ho ... their loss !

So our search continues ...
... and we look forward to meeting with Claire when she's better.

Well ... a strange couple of weeks just gone by.

Babs' accident has resulted in her being diagnosed with 1 cracked & 3 displaced in her lower back ... but the pain meds are working so she isn't confined to a bed just yet  ;-)  ;-)
However, "active play" isn't possble at this time  :-(
... so we're enjoying lots of kisses, [gentle] hugs & cuddles   :-)

On a positive note, our search for suitable others is looking up with  Babygirlclaire18  and  Plainjane1   confirming that they will be meeting with us for lunch next Sunday [i.e. Sun 21st Aug 2016], which is to be followed by us hosting them to a visit to that Sunday's BBB [].
Oh ... and accompanying us on that visit should a 3rd girl who is not on here.

... and, after lots of chat via Kik,  Babygirlclaire18  has said she already considers herself to be owned by us  :-)
    and we of course are happy to have taken on such a responsibility for her  :-)
Just a note to those who we may be swapping messages with ...
... this is one recent exchange
... which was after 4 days of multiple contacts per day :

DavidnBabs on 8/2/16 at 6:54 PM:
We are going to have some dinner in a bit ... will you be around a little later for a Chatstep chat ?

 on 8/2/16 at 7:11 PM:
Yes I will be what time

 on 8/2/16 at 7:12 PM:
Probably about 9pm.
Dinner is now cooking ... which we should be finished with by 9pm  :-)

 on 8/2/16 at 7:17 PM:
Love to chat then hopefully both of you

 on 8/2/16 at 7:31 PM:
Ok to chat just you then David

 on 8/2/16 at 9:27 PM:
David are chatting to tonight

From:  Victoria18
Dated:   8/2/16 11:43 PM
[You cannot respond to this message because the account no longer exists]
So you are not interested in me , that's ok Victoria


If we for some reason don't connect as planned ...
... it doesn't mean we are not interested, or have lost interest
... it means something in our off-line life has arisen and we can't connect as planned.

We will always get back to you as soon as we can.  Just have a degree of patience !

Happy New Year to all our readers.

We wish you all a healthy & happy 2016 to come ...
... and of course a sexy & kinky one too
... and we hope you all find the people & situations you seek.

As for us, we continue to get out & about as & when we can.
We continue to make connections as & when we can ... and one new connection has started since Christmas which has the makings of a long term fun connection  :)

We also continue with discussions which we hope will shortly turn in to real life meetings, then cherished memories, and even some "new lives"  *big grin*

Oh ... and in case you were wondering  timetolive16  has now "gone silent".
Hey ho ... her loss !
Good news  :)

The lady with the timetolive16 profile has continued to keep in touch off-line from CS, so we remain hopeful that we will have a first real life meeting with her soon  :)
Well ... the end of September, and the start of November 2015, seemed promising in terms of making some real life connections.

We even got to the point of agreeing to amend our profile with these updates :

~ Tue 17th Nov 2015 ~
We hope to have found our second consensual young lady for a live-in position with us.
timetolive16 has agreed to be placed "under consideration" by us. We hope to have a first real life meeting with her soon  :)

Now looking for our final "3rd" for a live-in life with us ...
... and of course a few more "visiting kinky special friends" ... read below for the sorts of "special friends" we are seeking  :)

~ Mon 2nd Nov 2015 ~
It looks like we may have found our first consensual slave for a live-in position with us.
Openmindedchloe has agreed to be placed "under consideration" by us. We hope to have a first real life meeting with her soon  :) 

... but the two ladies seem to have had 2nd thoughts, and contact has not been maintained ... so these comments have been placed here rather than in our main profile.

If they do turn out to be real, and meet for real for the future we discussed with them, we will then update our profile.

In the mean time, we will continue to search for suitable others who don't just want some on-line fantasy but who want to have real life experiences, and may be even an interesting new life with us.
Well ... we're back home now ...
... dealing with the insect bites, the clothes washing, etc., etc.

... and of course wondering if this autumn is when we will get to connect with those special people who match who & what we are seeking.

If you think you could be one of those "special people", then do write to introduce yourself
... or of course respond if we write to you.
A very quick update ...
... we're off to sunny Spain for a week's vacation  :)
... so we will have little opportunity to reply to any message till we get back next weekend
... but don't let that stop you writing as we will reply to all message as & when we can.


David & Babs  xx
Thought it was time for an update.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas, which is just what was needed after the hectic pre-Christmas party season.

This morning we are waking up after a great New Year's Eve eve kinky party at Xtasia last night ...
... and, after a lazy day today, we'll be off out to a kinky New Year's Eve party at The Facility.

Totally the best way to end one year and to start the next, surrounded by kinky people and our kinky friends    *big grin*

Our "Happy New Year" best wishes to you all.

We hope you have a healthy, happy, prosperous & kinky 2015 in the offing.


David & Babs
Wow ... what a great way to end a weekend ... 6 kinky pervy hours spent on a Sunday afternoon & evening in the company of around 200 other kinky pervy people at the last "Cirque de Chaos" event at Xtasia.

So looking forward to the next Cirque in March 2015 ...
... and now set up for all the other kinky parties scheduled between now & the start of 2015  :)
Spent a very pleasant evening last night at the opening of a new play / party venue in North Nottinghamshire ... Oasis Image Studio.
Lovely people and a really great location ... would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in such play spaces.

Going to have a restful day today so we're ready for tomorrow's Cirque de Chaos  ...  the last Cirque till March 2015 !
At the end of another weekend where we got to spend a very pleasant Saturday night at Mr G's in north Derbyshire ...
... yet again enjoyed a good play in their great dungeon
... had fun watching others have some good play as well
... and of course got to socialise with our friends, and some new acquaintances
Spent a very pleasant afternoon at the BBB ... google  brumbazaar
... enjoyed watching the "Ready ... Steady ... Top !" Demo  :) 
... bought a couple of things  :)
... chatted to some friends  :)
Just home from the "Embargo" party @ Liberty Elite.

The party was quite busy, so lots to see 
... and a few of our friends from around the Coventry area were there as well
[it's our "local" after all].

We didn't actually play ... just chilled out and chatted [and had a little "power nap"]

So ... just a relaxing Sunday afternoon really ...
... but just what was needed after a few stressful weeks at work.

Going to have an early night ... and cuddles 
Having a relaxing Sunday morning after a lovely evening out at Mr G's in north Derbyshire ...
... enjoyed a good play in their great dungeon
... had fun watching others have some good play as well
... and of course got to socialise with our friends, and some new acquaintances

All-in-all a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening  :)
Yes ... the profile does look familiar ... we've been on here for many years under the  DSC2006couk  profile name ...
... but we've decided to move to this profile name as it's who we are, and it matches our profile name [well ... almost matches the  David_n_Babs  name] on other scene related sites.