Vertical Line


Male ooking for discreet Domme in Maine - Portland -Augusta area? I am aware of strengths and limits and open in disclosing self. There is so much to discuss here and space is quite limited. So, I would enjoy answering any questions via discussion through e-mail.

Being a conventional man with a grown family puts me on the edge of any BDSM community. The "submissive me" was awakened during a business trip to Germany. I was the last businessman to leave dinner at a quaint guesthauf. The lady who owned the house sat by herself and as I passed by her table she simply said "Sit Down." Her demanding eyes startled me and I was surprised to find myself sitting down at her table. She said "So you do what you are told!" I was embarrased so much! Yet did not want to get up from the table. That evening I learned from her wisdom and experience and nothing frightened me other than the depth of my submissive desire. I saw a dungeon for the first time! I wish I could talk to someone about this and everything that happened. Perhaps a person like me can only find this in Germany? It is so confusing to be a family man in a vanilla and conventional world yet who experienced so briefly another part of my soul.