Vertical Line


I am a 42 year old man who easily passes for younger due my outlook and demeanor. An employed professional for now, I have an entrepreneurial streak, and always in charge of my own destiny. I am looking to build a relationship with an attractive, privately submissive female interested in the whole d's dynamic. You will be smart, intelligent, articulate and looking for a life partner. You will be treated as a complete lady in public, socialise well and then often be service orientated when we are alone.
I do have the odd sub role I'd like to play out but I am very much the Dom. ( I have added this to my profile as it is the truth and the biggest complaint I hear on CM are about fakes)
I am very sane, safe and 100% trustworthy. I also have a truly wicked imagination.
PS If we can't laugh well together then were probably not suited.