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I am a 52 year old bisexual Domme. I require honesty and obedience. Both will be rewarded. Breaking those rules will be dealt with swiftly. I am firm but reasonable and will listen if there are problems. However, I will not tolerate any bull or feeble excuses. I will consider male subs over the age of 35 to teach manners to online. ** applications now closed, thank you ** I am not into extreme pain, pee or poo. However I do enjoy a certain amount of impact play which may include (but not exclusively) hands, flogger, paddle, crop or cane. I will also use clamps, restraints, gags, bindings and blindfolds as I see fit. There is also the possibility of strap on use, if you are fortunate enough to be suitable. If you are not prepared to be used in this way then move to the next profile. You will only be wasting my time otherwise. I will update this as necessary, so read to the very end. How else will you know what updates I have added?
Polly LaVie ************************************************************************
It is irritating that I have to do this so MALE SUBS PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Applications to be my ONLINE sub/slut/boy/worm have now CLOSED. DO NOT send me messages offering to prostrate yourself in front of me. I now have what I want so read this and take note. ************************************************************************ Update 22 Nov 2013: If you are a male sub and local to me then I may consider you for real time training. However, you must have your own place as I do not generally allow subs into my home. You must be clean, well mannered and obedient. I will consider different types of subs, all have their own merits. If you wish to be considered then make a well written application to me in a message. I don't care if you have a 2" cock or a 10" cock, I just need your obedience and sense of adventure! Also well shaved genitals - no hair allowed!
********************************************************************** Are you a housework service sub/slave - NOT a sissy maid please. You will not be paid but will be expected to work hard. You must be able to be discrete when my daughter is present but be prepared to be punished if your work is substandard (unintentional pun but I will leave it in) when she is not. My partner may be present at times and you will be respectful to him at all times. I am open to negotiation of duties, times and days but once set they will be difficult for you to amend. You MUST live in or near Coventry and be reliable. If you feel you have something to offer me then message me. ********************************************************************* Update 28th April 2014: I now have a housework sub and he is undergoing a trial starting today. Thank you for all the applications submitted, I will keep your details should my sub fail me. Applications now closed. ********************************************************************* UPDATE December 2014 : My housework sub (a novice) was not able to attend Me at suitable times therefore we have parted ways. I am NOT interested in novice subs now so please do not contact Me unless you have a decent amount of experience. Even My husband thinks I should stick with experienced ones. I will reiterate - to even apply you MUST live in or VERY near to Coventry. Also, I have been getting a lot of messages asking for long term relationships along the lines of a D/s partnership (akin to a married couple). I AM MARRIED! It says so quite clearly in My profile. *********************************************************************
Life is crap atm so I will not be visiting the site for the foreseeable future. 
My houseboy is doing well and learning how to behave.  I didn't think this site was going to last so haven't been on it for a while but as it seems stable I will visit every few days.

My latest toy is a delicious 3 dildo strap on set.  I'm going to have lots of fun with that!

Added two new photos today.  One is of all the lovely new toys I bought at the BBB yesterday.  One is a close up of the handle on my gorgeous new flogger - good weight and deliciously stinging rubber tails mmm.  Can't wait to try it out hahaha.

Update 28th April 2014:  I now have a housework sub and he is undergoing a trial starting today.  Thank you for all the applications submitted, I will keep your details should my sub fail me.  Applications now closed.



Wanted:  housework service sub.  Must be hardworking and intelligent.  Must absolutely be discrete in front of certain family members (offspring) but be prepared to be treated as nothing more than a sub when they are not present, including working naked. 


Apply with details of your expectations and any information you think may be appropriate such as hard limits, your skills within housework, etc.

Well my laptop survived although had to have major surgery!  I have two lovely subs on here and was missing being able to see them on cam.  My novice sub is not on here often.  I will have to increase his training beyond texts!  My lovely property wormslavex is very good at completing his tasks and keeping his journal updated regularly.


I'm back now and loving it :)


Ok, last chance to make a journal entry before my poor laptops are ripped apart. 


Happy New Year to all out there.  As it is also my birthday tomorrow I will be double celebrating and having a great time :)



My main laptop has died so am on an old one which will be cannibalised tomorrow for it's hard drive! I will make a journal entry when I am back online.

Although still far from healed, I am still actively setting my sub new tasks, using messages, texts, and cam where possible.  I am happy to say that his training is coming along quite well although he tends to get ahead of himself sometimes, for which I have had to punish him.


It is good that he is eager but I have a set plan for his training and it irritates when he tries to jump the gun!  He is learning to follow my instructions now and with the introduction of some very painful nipple clamps he is less inclined to rush.


I am proud that his virgin ass now accommodates my plug.  His training will continue over time.  wormslavex is my property and I will continue to mould him to the sub I require.

My lovely worm has been very caring whilst his Mistress has been injured.  The healing will still take several weeks but I will still set him tasks and expect them to be carried out.  He seems very willing to do so which pleases me :)

My worm had a birthday a few days ago - happy birthday worm xx



I am very happy with my lovely worm.  He is proving to be obedient and versatile.  His rope skills are questionable though which will have to improve as he is an online sub.  When I say I want a cock mummified with rope I mean properly! Other than that I made the right choice in taking him on.

Thank you for the on-going interest in becoming my online sub, but I have chosen now so do not require any further applications.  I will delete any further new ones.  Do not waste my time by continuing to send applications to me.


Mistress Polly La Vie


Thank you for the get well wishes.  I am feeling much better now.  My two online students are doing very well and I am pleased with them.  My little worm in particular is worthy of my attention.  He's being a very good boy.

I am overwhelmed by the number of subs contacting me.  Thank you all for your interest but I am closing applications now.  I have what I was looking for.


Mistress Polly x


I will now consider male subs as online subs ONLY.  I expect you to be well mannered although I will teach manners to those who show promise.  I am a writer so expect you to be literate and reasonably intelligent.   I have a boy already for my physical amusement so don't ask if you can be anything other than an online sub.  Should that change I will write a journal entry to say so.


Mistress Polly x

I am sad to see that literacy is not at the top of the list for male subs on this site :(  Please let me make this clear again - NO MALE SUBS PLEASE!  As much as I could easily whip your sorry asses and make you beg for mercy, I am NOT looking for a male sub at this time.  All female subs in or near Coventry UK are most welcome to contact me though. 

Hello, I am new to the site and am seeking local female subs.  I am in Coventry in the UK.  I am not looking for male subs at the moment and any messages from such will be blocked, no messing around!  So if you are a BBW fem sub, live in or near Coventry, and fit the criteria listed in my profile then contact me.