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Hetero Male Submissive, 28,  Sheffield, United Kingdom
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For close to a decade, ive been having?strange?regular?fantasies that ive done nothing about becauseI simply assumed these fetishes would one day vanish. As these daily and weekly fantasies are now approaching a 'decade-long' period, ?i have now realised that it is unlikely that these fantasies are going to vanish. In fact it is in fact clear that ive been in denial and there is something out there i crave but keep blowing away.
Today, I make my bold move, to live my life and refuse to live in denial. Because we all have only one life to live, continuously blowing these fetushes away would be greatly deveiving myself. Today, I have decided to explore my fetishes, life feels incomplete without them!
Joining this community and finding thousands of similiar minded people scattered all over the world has had a remarkable effect on me, it has truly opened up something in me and i suddenly feel like ive found or uncovered a missing side of me. Im particularly interested in older white dommes that i can completely submit to. It would be an added benefit to find older white dommes that are into younger black men.Im looking to be a 24/7 sub and houseboy.I have a passport and im very willing to travel if need be. I should emphasise that im looking for a life partner, and being with that person would be my ultimate priority, absolutely anywhere in the world. The idea is that even if i was in hell with my other half, i.e. my soulmate, id still somehow be happy
About me, Im a good looking, athletic and intelligent(i hope) yound black man. I was raised in the UK but have now decided to go back to my country to participate in contributing to my society. I have exceptional interpersonal and public relations skills which I believe give me a very good outgoing character when im out but also the ability to easily get cosy, soft and sincere in private.?
I believe in sincerity and loyalty. Life can be quite challenging and the burden of betrayal is the last thing i would be looking for.
I am looking for someone like minded, somebody thats comfortable with me and vice versa, somebody to share good times with, and bad times, a life partner, a companion, a soulmate, my true other half, somebody that makes bad situations look wonderful just by being there. I believe that life is simply a result of how we think, I believe that how we think is a result of how we see life, I beleive that sharing life with the right person may inject such optimism into 'how we see' life that even if we were in a war zone, we would somehow find happiness.?
I am looking for that special person If you are that person, then lets take the chance and cross all boundaries to be together. This is, without doubt, something definitely worth fighting for.
I can go on talking but then there would be nothing left to find out about me. And what would be the point of getting in touch with somebody with nothing more to say, absolutely no point!
So feel free to ask me absolutely anything, i look foward to hearing from you.
Much love xxxx

Pls Pls Pls, no bullshit













 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 130 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female






 Bird Watching



 Art Galleries



 Horseback Riding



 Curious About:


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