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I am a very nice looking sub that is untrained..I am a natural sub and have just come out of my shell a few months ago. I never knew what a sub was till that time.
I have been on my own for 10 yr.s now and have 1 son left at home.
I am looking to find a gentle Dom with a firm hand but alot of love to give too... I have exsperienced some bondage...It was awsome.
I have good friends married and living a lifestyle I know i would love to have.
I enjoy pleasing my man in anyway that is not humiliating or harmfull. A little pain but no marks. The Dom to get me will be a Very lucky man...I can be costom trained and have not submitted to any one yet. What my dream is to meet my Dom and submit to only one. I am excited about my new discovouries and am eager to move forward in my life.
Please NO Masters wanting slaves. I am not Slave material but to only my Dom will i find my satifaction in pleasing and learning what i can do and how far I can go. I love a sence of humour and affection is essential. Just for the record , i have and will be bringing no old baggage from my past into my future. I am just itching to find that # 1 man...other than my son.

Ah yes a fine search it has been...I have met some very interesting and intelligent people in this site and continue to do so. I am getting a little annoyed with being told what and who and how by wanna bes that think they are convincing....Hey not to say that I don't have Alot of respect for those whom I feel to be honest enough to tell me where my qualifications can resort or be molded into if i allow that to happen.
I am told there are as many individual types of relationships as there is in these sites that the personals not be used to humour ones below average behavior on new members, and look for what they are looking for...not what they predict others to be. This is my journey..not to judge others or be judged...I am off to look for what I came for  He is here
 Thank-you for your attention and interest in reading I am really not into cyber or the relationships based on it ...Not to be rude Sir but i am a sub very needy, not trained and have  to have my priority close by. I am not trained and am looking for my soul mate to step up and claim his asset of a natural sub just ment to be his alone, to teach me how to be the best i can be...there is 1 lucky Dom out there ..potential costomizing gaurentees a sub that will fit.....and please to no end with love and all else to offer... 
 This new sub on the block thing is getting it's point across wrong by what responses I have been getting. Not to be rude but I have made it very clear I am not looking for 24/7 Master's or Master at all at this point. I anticipate a Dom to be first and foremost. I am not sharewear so that should narrow it down a tad..
 Now what do ya got left? A sub who would like to find her Dom in shining armour. Waiting to be swept away for an intense rescue waiting back at the toy

         In all due respect...give this new sub on the block a break and she will possibly give you the what you are looking for in a sub now...BUT potential slave after traing is in tact.

Being unexsperienced is not all that fun at all...I sure am eager to get moving forward..the ultamate thought of the day....."I wonder what it would be like to have a male and female Dom in a room alone with me......Lead me to a bench or bed blindfold me..each take a wrist and fasten it to the post bind me to bed and tell me 'Everything is going to be just fine....Slapp across one ass- cheeck  the thought of the sting the thought of pleaseing my Doms to the ultamate of their pleasure needs...  show me what to do? Show me how it is done....      yes indeed quite a thought
 But that is just a fantacy today.........

There is one lucky Dom out there in his 40's looking for a natural untrained submissive , to mold teach and costomise. He must be a Gentle Dom with a good sence of humour But a firm hand *wink*. Relationship would be the answer to my be held...trained...tied and honoured for her worth. I have never submitted and have very little exsperience. Some friends that are D/s and very happy with life and what they have to offer each other. I am not a possesive person within reason and don't want a long distance relationship. Please no Masters...I am not slave material to anyone but my TRUE Dom.  Are you out there? Please do step up and let our journey begin........