Vertical Line


Single, and looking for a LTR with an erotic female slave that eventuates 24/7 TPE (no kids). I tend to be a bit complicated. However, I don't smoke nor take drugs, and only drink on special occasion. I'm well-educated, young-looking, athletic and disease-free. Aside from my BDSM proclivities, I'm quite normal. You, on the other hand, will be my craven slut and sex slave, wear certain vestments and acouterments, tight-fitting latex or leather such as corsets, waist cinchers or harnesses, and metallic adornments for neck, nipples and pussy. Being in trust with your mind and body, I will nurture your sexuality, exquisitely attend to your libido, and methodically test your limits along with any other needs in a well-appointed dungeon. Feel free to discuss this with me and reveal yourself.

Three days, then I cruise

Aparently, there're a lot of fake females here who wouldn't know a real witty Dom even if He were to slap right dab  into their faces.
I'm about to embark on a two-month journey across southern USA to Florida and back.  Then cruise to Mexico.  Any female who wants to meet me along the way, give a hollar.
Going to make a luscious, succulent pot roast tonight.  At least I'll have something to nibble on for the next few days.  (I do hope CollarMe approves)  You slaves, eat your hearts out.
Caught a lot of fish.  Now if I could only collarme a sex slave.
I'm going to Cabo to meet some real flesh and blood, catch a fish or two, too.
A collar and cuffs have nothing to do with sex.   Nor a good cigar, according to Clinton.