Vertical Line


Dominant Man, realizing that to be a Dom requires someone willing to submit to the dominant of their desires.
Been into bdsm for many years.

Just looking for some friendships in the realm of bdsm. Should a woman see me as someone worthy of thier submission then we can take that where it may go, but it is not the goal.

TES member, occasionally actually attend a meeting or party.

Very much in the sensual and erotic aspects of D/s and bondage.

I'm not going to post a photo, but will describe (acurately) myself; 6'1", 230lbs, short blond hair and blue eyes.

I'm an " iNTj " if you know that system. Personality type "Observer". Quiet in a crowd and deeply introsepective with friends.

This system has very limited selections of interests. Not many interest me, so I'm just leaving it be for now.