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Hetero Female Submissive, 57,  Wichita, Kansas
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Ever notice how all the profiles seem the same over time.People list what they think are their good qualities and accompany that list up with characteristics that they either want or dont want to find in others.Yet frequently those qualities and characteristics seem rather generic, even though Im sure the individuals are not.

Id like to learn of and meet the individuals behind the screen names and profiles.And hopefully in doing such, I will find that one who compliments my own uniqueness.Of course, the only candidates for that one, are those who will take the time to become friends first.Friends can come in all colors, sizes, sexes, locations, ages, and marital status.However, to move beyond the friend status, there is one requirement, that you be single. From that point on, a relationship is whatever we may choose to make of it. What I seek is not merely a satisfying bout of sex, flogging session, or dungeon play, but a rounded relationship that blends items inside and outside the bedroom.Im selective on those I let get close and if you are that one, you are also.

What makes a person unique?It is the blend of the little things.Like, I bet you didnt know I adore remodeling old houses and while Im doing that, there will always be at least one room where I swear I can visualize what it must have looked like when first built.Or how, if my golf and bowling scores were switched, Id be on the pro circuit for both. Or that fire mesmerizes me when I gaze in to it, that even a touch there, in that spot which normally sets me quivering, wont register.Or that the most submissive thing I can think of doing is to disobey if I feel that the one Im with really needs something different than what he has verbally requested.

I invite you to tell me something unique about yourself











 Submissive Female



 5' 8"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male


 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales




 Coffee Shops




 Renaissance Faires


 Going to the Opera


 Bar Hopping


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Journal Entries:
7/6/2010 4:01:17 AM

Funny how when we say the same thing over and over we never realize that perhaps we are not saying the right thing or stating it clearly enough.

With that said ....

At this time I am not relocatable. I elected to give up my career about 3 years ago to provide care to my mother rather than placing her in a nursing home. While I do not live with her and only assist her part time now due to a partial recovery, it does place time limits on where I can go and for the duration of such.  Obviously that also means I hold a variety of part time jobs so that I can support two households.

Needless to say my online time is extremely limited.  I promise not to waste yours and hope you will grant me the same privilege. 

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