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I had a very strange date recently. It ended in the middle of a dance with this girl, I was wanting to try a bisexual relation. Anyhow we started gyrating our hips and every now or again touch. The touch that led me fleeing the nightclub was I fely a erect penis. Now i am very curious and would really like to meet a shemale. Possibly as pretty as the girl in the nightclub. hi, i am now 21, thin, blonde hair, blue eyes, near sacramento, california. I HATE CHAT! i am interested in ideas such as abduction and hostage and bondage and maybe spankings.

july,21, 2008

back on.dont know why i got thrown off. also been tired and sick lately.

june 4, 2008

still recovering, been sick with some virus for like 3 months.

may 19, 2008

ok yahoo unlocked my profile.

may 19, 2008

my yahoo account is locked. plz try same (mistidenton87) on hotmail.

february 10, 2008

2 weeks to my 21st birthday!!!!

february 1, 2008
i came up with idea of slave corner in my room. every day, i spend 15 minute there reading slave stuff or doing things to help me focus on what i should be.

january 15, 2008
finally making some progress on my idea, with several serious guys.

december 30, 2007
no, i am not interested in doing an adult video unmasked, and have sex unprotected.

august 8, 2006
i am getting so many messages it is ridiculous. when i come on to answer them, even more come in then i answer.

so here is what i am learning.

i don't wanna be a slave 24/7 or relocate now.

so i need someone who lives near sacramento or travels here.

i also have this idea to be kidnapped for like 12 hours. so if you have experience in that, it's a +.

thank you, misti

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