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Been involved in casual affairs but have found nothing binding. Rejected by my family I am try
Transgender Submissive, 20,  NearNewBern, North Carolina


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Been involved in casual affairs but have found nothing binding. Rejected by my family I am trying to establish myself on the path I have chosen. I do have an aunt who is willing to help me and provided some hormone treatment that is helping me. In a way I suppose I am a slut as I have a need for someone who will use me as I wish to be used.

Journal Entries:
5/9/2017 3:46:53 AM
A knowledgable friend has suggested castration which has been confirmed by a medical professional.  Evidently it has many advantages that will advance my feminine being.  It is scary but I am ready to go ahead toward my female adventure..

5/8/2017 12:23:09 PM
Girls night out with my sister and her friends.  Lots of guys wanting to date us and take us out.  Had a couple of necking sessions but the girls kept a close eye on me.  Never thought being a girl could be so much fun.

4/13/2017 9:46:05 AM

I had been looking forward to summer camp, mainly to escape the constant rows at home and the bad atmosphere there. Dad was always working and, I suspect, my step-mom had a boyfriend somewhere. Summer camp was the lesser of two evils. I was relatively small, although not fragile, but I did not care for the boisterous games the other boys played and the fact that they tended to pick on me.


At the camp, true to form, group of lads quickly cornered me but a bigger boy came to my rescue. It was made very clear that I was to be left alone, or else. My new hero, Dave, took me over to the counselor's office and signed me up for his assignments. We were to plot and mark out the trails throughout an assigned area, living rough for the time we were there. It sounded like fun and I was very keen to get started.


After our evening meal, we packed into an SUV and were driven to a remote location. The plan was to to work our way back to the main camp with maps of the trails, camping locations and a deion the terrain. It was getting late by then so Dave pitched our small tent while I cleared the area of any debris.


When I got ready to turn in, I found that Dave had joined our sleeping bags together to form a double bag. He said it would enable us to share each others warmth. It also turned out that Dave slept naked so, feeling a little embarrassed, I got naked too. Lying there, on top of the sleeping bags, Dave made no secret of his erection; the fact that I was mesmerized by it seemed to amuse him.


He asked me if I got erections, to which I shook my head. He assured me that I would and get the greatest pleasure from it. He moved over and lay close to me, the warmth of his body did not feel unwelcome and I was surprised at the thrill I felt when he thrust his hips against by buttocks. He explained how the Spartans used to get together with their younger friends and stick their erections in the younger one's ass for relief.


That's what I want to do to you”, he said, reaching over and stroking my limp manhood.

Something happened at his touch and I noticed that my penis started to grow slightly. I made no comment, hoping yet fearing the next few minutes. He pushed himself against my anus. When he entered me I tightened up at the pain and he coaxed me into relaxing – as I relaxed, the pain diminished and continued to diminish as my excitement grew. He continued to gently stroke himself into me. The feeling inside me was strangely revolting yet I found myself getting more excited, my penis was growing, getting stiff even. By now he was stroking in and out of me and, while part of me was still rebelling against the intrusion, I was enjoying the sensations that came with it.


He began stroking faster and I could feel my penis had become quite hard and erect. I was getting more and more excited and when I felt his sperm shoot inside me, I gained a wonderful feeling myself. The feeling that enveloped and filled my body was magical, it was way beyond anything I could have imagined and I felt somewhat disappointed when he finally withdrew from me.

Waking up next morning, I found my anus was sore. Dave was lying there wide awake with another erection showing proud.


You ready for your next lesson”, he asked. ….. I looked at him dumbly.

Well, you're probably sore”, ….... I nodded

If you're not going to say anything, you might as well wrap your lips around this”, indicating his erection.

Its OK I have washed it off and it is clean”

I licked tentatively, and gagged but I finally put it in my mouth and started to suck him. He worked his hips, stroking in and out of my mouth.


This is face-fucking”, he laughed, “your not very good at it but you'll get better”. Later

Dave got a fire burning while I cleaned myself up. I started packing and getting ready while he cooked some breakfast. After that we set about plotting our course for the day.

All day I could not stop thinking about that sensation I had the previous night and wanted to feel it again as soon as I could. The day went uneventfully, we plotted the trail and made sure we were on course for the main camp.


That night, in the tent we repeated our performance, although the sensation was not what I had remembered from the previous evening. Wonderful though it was, I was a little disappointed. As the week continued, I looked forward to the evenings more strongly wanting Dave inside me.

By the start of the second week, I was totally enamored with Dave and I willingly even eagerly submitted to his advances. I was hooked and so happy that I had a friend and a lover. By the end of the second week I was begging him to fuck me, I wanted him so badly.


Finally, when we got back to camp, our stay was over and Dave went his way. I didn't see him again. I was devastated – but my journey had begun.


Things had got worse at home. My dad had gone off to work abroad and I was faced with my step mother and her boyfriend. I did not feel welcome and after a backhander from the boyfriend I decided to get out and head for my dad's cousins. They were distant cousins, an unmarried, older couple, brother and sister, and were said to be a little eccentric. It took me a week of walking and hitch hiking to get there. They were faced with a dirty, bedraggled me, with tattered clothes and shoes. Traveling had taken quite a toll on me.


I told them my story of my home life and how my dad was nowhere to be found. They were genuinely concerned and got in touch with dad's company and told me that he was now in Africa and would be there for quite some time.


I called them aunt and uncle which seemed to please them but told me Rob and Kate would do. Kate insisted that I take a bath and Rob went off to run it for me.


Your stepmother will probably be looking for you”, she said, “it would save you a lot of trouble if she didn't find you, right?”

I nodded agreement.

That means we have to hide you. What do you think?”

I guess you're right” I responded.

We can hide you in plain sight, if you like”

How do you mean” I was puzzled.

How do you feel about being a girl?” She didn't wait for me to respond. “We can make you look like a very presentable young lady, nothing fancy, but it would put them right off the track”.

I suppose we could,” somehow I liked the idea. “OK” I nodded.

That is settled then. Off you go and get that bath and I will join you when your done”

In the bathroom, Rob gathered my clothes as I took them off.

You wont be needing these for a while, if at all” he said as he took them away.

I settled into the bath, almost falling asleep at one point but it was good to feel the warmth of the water on my skin. I was drying myself off when I Kate walked in and I hurriedly covered up.

No need for that”, she said, “I've seen more naked men than you've had hot dinners. I was a nurse for many years”.

I dropped all pretense of embarrassment and carried on drying off. She rubbed an ointment of some sort on my chest – to eliminate hair growth I guess. She gave me the once over and handed me a girls shorty pink nightie and a pair of matching panties. I looked at them skeptically but she insisted that is what I was to wear and remarked that I should get used to it if we were to succeed in our plan.

We'll go over your outfits in the morning” she said as she left - “Oh, there's some warm milk on the nightstand, make sure you drink all of it. I have given you a light sedative to help you sleep and a couple of tablets to help quiet relax”. She bid me good night an left.


The light was on and the door open to my bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I took the tablets, washing them down with the milk, got under the covers and was soon asleep. I was vaguely aware of someone coming into the room and stand beside the bed, maybe just a dream.


I awoke to Kate's call next morning. “There's a dressing gown there, put that on and come down for breakfast. The dressing gown was pink and fluffy, I felt a little embarrassed wearing it but I was supposed to be a girl. There was a smell of bacon in the air and I followed the aroma to the kitchen cum breakfast room. Over breakfast Kate explained that I should wear skirts, blouses and dresses for, at least, the first week or so. We have to establish you as a girl to all the locals. It may be a good idea if one of us escort you when you go out.


The next few weeks went by uneventfully except for a cursory call by the local sheriff looking for a runaway. I stood there in my frilly dress and barely got a glance from him. Kate smiled at the way I had behaved and gave me a big hug. Curiously I had been feeling quite calm and quite at home in my new roll. I even blushed when some of the local lads whistled at me. Kate and I had smiled, shared knowing glances. Some time had passed and Kate expressed surprise at the way that my breasts were developing so quickly. She suggested that we go shopping for a bra that afternoon. At this point I had forgotten about being a boy and was perfectly happy to develop into a girl. It was a realization I came to as I tried on the trainer bra. In fact, I was a little disappointed that my breasts were not larger.


Rob had made a point of coming to my bedroom each evening, making sure I was comfortable. This evening, he stopped by and seated himself on my bed, he seemed a bit fidgitty like he wanted to talk about something.

How do you like being a girl?” he asked finally.

Fine, I even had boys whistling after me yesterday”, I replied, “I think I blushed, well, Kate said I did”.

So, you like the way you are living right now”.

I nodded my assent “I'm enjoying it”.

Has anyone ever touched you sexually?” It was such a sudden statement or rather question that I was taken aback.

I nodded shyly

girl or boy”

boy” I said, remembering Dave

Did you like it”

Once more, I nodded my assent.

would you do it again”

Again, a nod.

with me?”

I finally found my voice, “if you wanted me to”

Good” he said “because I want to do it with you”

The memory of my craving for Dave and his attentions flooded back into my mind and I wondered just how this would pan out.


OK, he said, “First let's go into the bathroom and I will give you an enema to clean you our”

I silently followed him into the bathroom

Its nothing drastic”, he explained, “I will pass this tube into your anus and then pump this warm water into your colon. You will hold it in for five minutes and then dump it into the toilet'

I nodded and waited for him to get things ready. He slipped the tube in my ass and I felt the warm water filling inside me. While we were waiting he removed his trousers and pulled out his penis. You and he are going to be good friends, he said, you can hold it if you wish.

I reached over and held his hardening manhood, I had to admit to myself that I had missed such contact. I stroked it gently as it hardened and kissed the head as it emerged from his foreskin. As I raised my head from the kiss I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing it back toward his cock. “That's it”, he said, “kiss it and suck it more, I liked that.”. Closing my eyes I sucked on his manhood, enjoying the, now familiar, feeling of a growing erection.

The enema done, we returned to my room where he had me lie face down on my bed. He came up behind me, spreading my legs and sliding himself into my anus. He was bigger than Dave had been and it hurt. I remembered to relax and as the pain ebbed, the enjoyment I knew returned.


From that day on, Rob became more and more familiar with me. He would stroke me. Touch me privately, play with my ears and breasts. In the barn one day he had me take off my panties and fucked me over a bale of hay. He had become a sexual animal and I was loving it.


According to Kate, I had begun my female development much faster than she had expected and felt it was time I thought about schooling again. There was a special school for girls like myself and my name was on the list to go there. An acquaintance of Kate's was prepared to sponsor me and help me with my development as a female.


I hadn't really given it much thought but being a girl was very much to my liking. It was a much more gentle life and I felt quite at home in my role as a girl.

2/17/2017 8:38:05 AM
I suppose my month at summer camp was a deciding factor in my fate.  I shared a tent with an older boy who became my lover and pointed me in my true direction.  Things had not always been good at home and, on my return, I found that my father had gone and I was left to the tender mercies of my step mom and her boyfriend.
I ran away hoping to find my father's distant cousins and, hopefully, my father.  When I found them and told them my situation, they agreed to hide me, all be it, in plain sight.  My aunt had the idea that they would present me as their niece until such time they located my father.  Those were the most fabulous weeks of my life and, to cap it, I got the benefit of my uncle's erection.

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