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Pan Female Dominant, 61,  Lafayette, Indiana
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I'm mostly here for the message boards and to meet like minded people. If the ideal submissive fell into my lap, I *probably* wouldn't push him (or her) out. What would this ideal submissive be like? They would be locally based (close enough to drive back and forth from their place to mine), intelligent, open-minded, have a great sense of humor, and be fairly service oriented. Looks in the traditional sense don't matter much to me, good hygiene does. Who am I: An intelligent, well-educated, intense, demanding, extremely creative, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes silly, female. I enjoy reading, writing, music, film, cooking, and many other non-kink activities. I don’t do everything, but what I do, I like to do well. I am hetro-flexible and polyamorous. My poly family includes a male submissive (a long distance one) and the male dominant who is my husband. Although you would be my submissive, you would be expected to be polite and cordial on the rare occasion you interacted with the male dominant or my other male submissive. Please be aware that I am not looking for a sexual relationship (though I do love CBT !!) The right male or transgendered submissive *might* interact sexually with my current male submissive on the rare occasion, but only if the dynamic between the three of us was conducive to such. I will not under any circumstance entertain an online relationship or extensive online courtship. If you are interested in me, I strongly suggest reading my posts on the CM message boards. Click on “View Forum Posts” to read what I have to say. Then chose a topic of discussion and write me an email here on CM. This is the best way to get to know me and to get my attention.
~I cannot stress this last statement strongly enough. ~










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