Vertical Line




Following a recent encounter, I was reminded of what I enjoyed, where my skills lie and where I need to focus my search for a female submissive.

I am looking for a submissive, slave or any female one who wishes to experiment with an alternative lifestyle one who has a mind of her own and is able to express her thoughts succinctly and enjoys those feelings and emotions that the lifestyle offers.

I enjoy everything about spanking - from the pleasure of feeling my subs soft bottom under my hand, caressing the cheeks, using my hand to give pleasure and pain, and finally holding and cuddling her afterwards.

There are other areas of BDSM that we will explore together but over the knee spanking with both hand and a variety of paddles, floggers etc. will be main but not the only focus of our Ds relationship.

I expect you to be articulate in expressing your needs and limits and, in return, your limits and safe words will always be respected.

I enjoy dining out and having a social drink with friends and would enjoy the company of a submissive woman who fits naturally into the vanilla side of my world.

I am not adverse to meeting like-minded people for conversation and when the opportunity occurs, play, but ultimately wish to be in an exclusive relationship.