Vertical Line


I’m married to my wonderful Master Marc. Everyday is better than the last and i never thought it possible that anyone could be this happy. He is my soulmate, my Master, my best friend and i love him so much.

You can probably guess by all the above I’m no longer looking but always pleased to chat and make new friends.

A message to all subbies  even if your on your honeymoon don’t collapse in hysterical  laughter  when the hire car your Masters driving has indicators on the opposite sides  to his own car and we go around the corners in bright sunshine with the windscreen wipers on full pelt and no one having the slightest idea where we are about to go. Yet again im so sorry Master xx

i went to Brighton on holiday with my Master, we had had what i thought was a perfect day and ended with a lovely meal and bottle of wine  then while walking along the beach back to our cottage we stopped for a moment to look at all the lights twinkling along the coast and he asked me to marry him, i said yes and then cried, all this thanks to collar me, i love him so much and im so excited. Thank you for making me so happy Master xxx  
I kind of don’t mind a little private humiliation at times but it’s so embarrassing when you have to wake your Master up at three in the morning by banging on the bathroom door when the knob for the lock comes of in your hand and you get stuck in there. Fortunately only he and not the rest of the household woke up and he managed to let me out from the outside. So thank you for letting me out Master and im glad i caused you some amusement.     
I?ve just been on a wonderful holiday with my Master. We?ve been to museums, castles and loads of interesting place, then done the beach, pier and even shopping. Its been the best holiday  ever ..Thank you so much Master xxx  
And i always thought that BDSM would lead me to the depths of depravity (which isn?t a bad thing he! he!) but now my Masters ordered me to accompany him to a garden party at Buckingham palace  that?s so cool, you don't get orders like that very often. Time for a new frock and maybe a hat i think.
When your laying in your Masters bed it kind of makes you smile and think yep this is the Dom for me, when you notice one of the books on his book shelf is The History of Torture, it gives a subbie a nice warm feeling inside.
My masters a real romantic at heart, he ordered my collar but didn?t tell me it had arrived, He was waiting to give it to me in the exact spot where he?d asked me if I wanted to be collared. Unfortunately not knowing this and as it was raining I showed him a short cut so we never actually made it to the right place. So instead he surprised me and gave it me at the munch we were attending. That?s so sweet thank you Master?
Last night i had a very special evening with my Master, walking back from the munch he told me that i could go and look for a collar (big smile)

 my Masters taking me to see a Alice Cooper gig next weekend how cool is that. Dom's are just the best xx

 All Masters jokes are funny... thank you for the lesson Master xx