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Pan Female Submissive, 54,  Portage, Indiana
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Im a 54 yr old fat piggy slave. I love to be humiliated and called names. I love to have my udders slapped and punched. Also my belly. I love being fisted and spanked. I take phone calls from men over 55 in the USA and drain their balls. I used to do real time, but not right now. However Im looking for someone prefer a fat female that lives nearby and can host, I need a place to go to so I can be nude and around my own kind. I love some taboo things, light pain,Im not into shit play,pee play or anything that will cause perm damage. If you would like to talk more, please let me know. Again..WHITE MEN,OVER 55 IN THR USA only, others will be ignored. NO SCAT OR PISS PLAY












 Submissive Female



 5' 5"

 310 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

Domme/Dom Couples

 Lives For:

 Erotic touch




 Masks (Wearing)



 Vacuum Stimulation




 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops

 Electrical Play

 G-spot Stimulation

 Rear End Play

 Hair Pulling


 Medical fetish play

 Sensation Play


 Wax Play


 Curious About:





 Modern Primitivism

 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

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Journal Entries:
4/8/2018 8:50:59 AM
I can take a call or two

8/27/2017 12:03:48 PM

8/27/2017 10:41:09 AM
Who needs balls drained I will b on in a while

8/27/2017 5:58:44 AM
Morning. Piggy is on

8/26/2017 7:11:40 AM

8/26/2017 7:10:44 AM
Piggy is on now

8/26/2017 4:25:27 AM
Had to block someone again. If im not on..than Im not on. I have a life beyond this . thats why I announcetbw times. If u call and u dont pick up...then im busy

8/26/2017 4:08:48 AM
Piggy is on

8/25/2017 12:38:19 PM

8/25/2017 9:20:40 AM
Im on for like half hour right now. Its 11:15 central time. If you call after that Im not able to take with it. We all have lives besides here.

8/24/2017 4:00:51 AM
Will be on for use in an hour

8/23/2017 9:14:43 AM

8/23/2017 6:27:51 AM

8/23/2017 4:53:13 AM
Ok...piggy is on and ready !!

8/23/2017 3:58:40 AM
Ok....if this stupid phone lets me..I will be on in about an hour.

8/22/2017 7:33:45 AM
Pig is on

8/22/2017 3:46:26 AM

8/22/2017 3:45:09 AM
Pig is on for a bit

8/21/2017 4:18:52 AM
Pig will be on a bit later incase u need balls drained

8/20/2017 4:21:04 AM
Oink oink oink

8/20/2017 4:17:16 AM
Piggy is. So horny. Phone is screwed up..but we can always try to call

8/19/2017 4:04:04 AM
Morning...pigs on

8/18/2017 11:16:11 AM
Piggys horny

8/18/2017 11:14:01 AM

8/18/2017 11:10:55 AM
Im on

8/18/2017 10:39:43 AM
Drained a few sets of balls this morning

8/18/2017 3:39:35 AM
Ok...pig is on. Dropped phone so its really screwed up. But can try to take calls .

8/17/2017 8:00:35 AM
Ok pig is on

8/17/2017 8:00:35 AM
Ok pig is on

8/17/2017 3:59:12 AM

8/17/2017 3:50:10 AM
Anyonw up

8/17/2017 3:48:05 AM
Oink oink

8/16/2017 12:33:31 PM
My phone is down Maybe better to

8/16/2017 6:09:16 AM
Pig is on

8/16/2017 1:26:44 AM
Im up

8/15/2017 3:55:21 AM
Pigs on

8/14/2017 12:11:19 PM

8/14/2017 11:56:33 AM
I want this to be me

8/14/2017 11:44:33 AM

8/14/2017 11:43:31 AM

8/14/2017 11:41:51 AM

8/14/2017 11:37:11 AM
Back on. Draining balls

8/14/2017 5:23:35 AM
Just drained two sets of balls. Just live hearing them beat that cock hard.

8/14/2017 5:06:15 AM
Now this is how to fuckna pigs ass

8/14/2017 4:58:05 AM
Pig is back for about an hour..oink oink.

8/14/2017 4:33:11 AM Pig will be on later

8/14/2017 3:50:01 AM
Piggy is on for a bit. Anyone want to call?

8/13/2017 8:59:08 AM
Everyone must b at church

8/13/2017 7:05:10 AM
Ok..piggy is back. Drained two sets of balls on the phone this morning. Anyone else over 50 in the states needing them drained for free

8/13/2017 4:42:39 AM
Pig is on

8/12/2017 7:45:59 AM

8/12/2017 7:24:40 AM
Drained a few..looking for more

8/12/2017 4:09:06 AM
Oink oink Piggy is on.

8/11/2017 11:35:38 AM This is what i need

8/11/2017 11:31:01 AM
Pig is ready to drain ...

8/11/2017 11:19:21 AM
I was just used on the phone by an older Master. He jacked off while I fucked my peehole with a sharpie marjer. Had a candle up my ass..and bounced on my shampoo bottle up my cunt. He had me cum...then rub my face and hair in it. Tven lick it.

8/10/2017 11:13:55 AM
Drained another set

8/10/2017 10:58:56 AM
Drained sime valls..nut always want more

8/10/2017 7:34:00 AM
Just drained someone on the phone. Now my cunt is wet

8/9/2017 10:52:08 AM

8/9/2017 10:52:05 AM

8/9/2017 10:23:09 AM
Plz call and humiliate me

8/9/2017 9:55:42 AM
I really need to be humiliated

8/9/2017 9:51:20 AM
Wish i could find soneone local

8/9/2017 9:50:28 AM
Oink oink im on

8/9/2017 3:52:34 AM
Pig is on. Just call. If I pick up I will drain

8/8/2017 2:16:18 PM
For some reason im not able to get on. So if u need balls drained just call. If I dont pick up Im not able to do it.

8/7/2017 3:57:30 AM
Oink oink

8/7/2017 3:57:11 AM
Oink oink

8/5/2017 5:22:58 AM
Piggy will be on later

8/5/2017 5:22:34 AM

8/5/2017 5:16:41 AM
Pig needs too be beat

8/5/2017 5:15:14 AM
Kink ounk

8/5/2017 4:07:30 AM

8/5/2017 3:56:38 AM

8/5/2017 3:44:01 AM
Pig is on

8/3/2017 11:30:33 AM
Pigs on for a bit

8/3/2017 5:04:55 AM
Ok..piggy is off until later. Enjoy tge movie clips oink oink

8/3/2017 5:03:45 AM

8/3/2017 5:03:10 AM

8/3/2017 5:02:35 AM

8/3/2017 5:02:35 AM

8/3/2017 5:01:25 AM

8/3/2017 4:41:31 AM
Pigs on for a few mins. Wil drain ur balls

8/2/2017 8:26:29 AM
Pigs on ..oink

8/2/2017 7:00:24 AM
Drained a few sets if balls but would like to drain more

8/2/2017 4:58:44 AM
I do hope everyone likes the vids I post

8/2/2017 4:58:44 AM
I do hope everyone likes the vids I post

8/2/2017 4:48:40 AM

8/2/2017 4:47:48 AM

8/2/2017 4:46:12 AM
Some of my favs

8/2/2017 4:20:53 AM
Piggy is on

8/1/2017 11:44:58 AM
Pig will be on in about an hour

7/31/2017 3:18:42 PM
Oink oink oink

7/31/2017 3:17:34 PM
Thinking maybe I will give myself a nice deep enema. Wish someone nearby was able to do that for me

7/31/2017 8:28:56 AM
Drained a set of balls..whos next

7/31/2017 8:13:58 AM
Piggy is back on

7/31/2017 5:16:47 AM

7/31/2017 5:00:00 AM
One of my fav videos

7/31/2017 4:44:56 AM
Pig is on

7/26/2017 12:53:41 PM

7/26/2017 12:48:53 PM
Oink ..piggy needs to drain balls

7/26/2017 12:48:20 PM

7/26/2017 12:35:41 PM
Pig is on

7/26/2017 9:15:49 AM
Piggy is nude and ready

7/26/2017 4:25:04 AM

7/26/2017 4:00:47 AM
I just love being a fat najed piggy. My belly hangs down over my cunt. My udders hang down. When im sitting my udders rest ontop of my fat belly. Love humiliation and being ass fucked nice and hard

7/26/2017 3:57:41 AM
Oink oink. Who needs nuts drained? Please read profile before contacting me.

7/26/2017 3:53:54 AM
Piggy is up and ready to drain

7/25/2017 5:55:59 AM

7/25/2017 3:48:55 AM
Piggy is ready to drain balls

7/25/2017 3:41:29 AM
Piggy is on.

7/24/2017 4:07:56 AM

7/24/2017 4:04:48 AM

7/24/2017 3:56:31 AM
Piggy is on

7/24/2017 2:39:01 AM

7/24/2017 2:26:39 AM

7/24/2017 2:09:26 AM
Anyone on

7/24/2017 2:06:13 AM
Pigs on

7/23/2017 12:03:33 PM
Oink oink

7/23/2017 11:58:50 AM
I just love being nude. Love the way all my fat just hangs down over my cunt. And my floppy udders jusr hang. Love being humiliated and groped by older men. The older the better. Love getting my udders smacked..cunt fisted. .

7/23/2017 7:26:55 AM
Piggy is on

7/23/2017 6:54:09 AM
Piggy willbe on in about half hour#!

7/23/2017 3:17:23 AM
Piggy is on

7/22/2017 6:31:19 AM
I have to say it again. It really sucks not gaving anyone local to play with. I mean I would love to be over at their place on a reg basis..nude. Either serving them or with another slave just hanging out nude. I love being nude. Belly hanging over my cunt..udders flopping around

7/22/2017 6:28:22 AM
Piggy will be on in about an hour

7/21/2017 7:51:36 AM

7/21/2017 7:26:24 AM
Just drained a set....whos next

7/21/2017 7:24:14 AM
Piggy loves draining balls

7/21/2017 4:05:29 AM
Its time to be used

7/21/2017 4:02:58 AM
Oink oink

7/21/2017 3:50:33 AM

7/21/2017 3:48:43 AM

7/21/2017 3:29:54 AM
Piggy is on

7/20/2017 12:17:59 PM
Piggys back

7/20/2017 11:27:22 AM

7/20/2017 11:10:08 AM
So..still have not found any female slave within my area to hang out with

7/20/2017 8:04:51 AM
Piggy really needs somw abuse

7/20/2017 8:01:41 AM
Piggy is on

7/19/2017 2:30:39 PM
Still wanting an older man or woman..maybe couple to have me over. Love to be nude and humiliated

7/19/2017 2:28:48 PM
Was watching some porn clips. I just love when a fat slave is getting pounded. Udders and fat belly flopping all over. And then having a fist getting rammed up her cunt was hot. Its been years since Ive been fisted

7/19/2017 8:26:45 AM
Oink oink

7/18/2017 3:39:35 AM
Piggy is on

7/16/2017 3:48:59 AM
Really want someone nearby to use my udders in the car. Slap them..pull punch. Then jack off on them. Oink oink

7/16/2017 3:48:53 AM
Really want someone nearby to use my udders in the car. Slap them..pull punch. Then jack off on them. Oink oink

7/16/2017 3:43:53 AM
Piggie is on...

7/15/2017 11:44:23 AM
Thinking of maybe meeting with an older man to just beat my udders and call me names.

7/14/2017 1:12:20 PM
Pigs on for a bit

7/14/2017 5:25:51 AM
Why is it so hard to find a single woman slave..over 50 ..or a couple ocer 50 near me to play with

7/14/2017 5:20:07 AM
Oink pigs on

7/10/2017 9:27:12 AM
I love having this done

7/10/2017 9:26:09 AM

7/10/2017 4:29:57 AM

7/10/2017 3:53:04 AM
Piggy is on

7/7/2017 4:41:19 AM
Wish something like this could be done too me

7/7/2017 3:52:37 AM
Pig is on

7/4/2017 9:24:10 AM
Perfect would be a couple over60..having me come over atleast once a day. I would be nude and they would abuse me. Humiliate me.gist my pig cunt..stick items in my holes..rape me

7/4/2017 9:21:40 AM
Wish there was a older couple nearby that could use me on a reg basis

7/4/2017 9:19:58 AM
Piggy needs to be used

7/3/2017 4:01:55 AM

7/3/2017 3:59:21 AM

7/3/2017 3:48:13 AM

7/3/2017 3:33:07 AM
I need to be humiliated..need to be called names

7/3/2017 3:29:33 AM
Piggys on

7/2/2017 12:41:14 PM
Pigs on for a bit

7/2/2017 2:50:04 AM
Piggy isup and ready to drain

7/1/2017 2:55:56 AM
Piggy is on .....

6/30/2017 7:36:04 AM
Pig is on

6/30/2017 3:27:17 AM
Pigs on

6/29/2017 3:23:03 AM
Pig is on

6/28/2017 6:25:16 AM
Draining balls..must be white..over 55 and in the states

6/28/2017 3:15:53 AM
Oink oink. Im on

6/27/2017 4:02:03 AM
Piggy is on

6/25/2017 3:23:41 AM
Piggy is nude and ready to drain

6/25/2017 3:22:03 AM
Oink oink

6/23/2017 12:17:57 PM
Pigs on for a while

6/23/2017 7:22:06 AM

6/23/2017 7:09:42 AM
Drained two sets

6/23/2017 6:42:36 AM
Piggya back on

6/23/2017 3:34:44 AM
Im only on for pig fun

6/23/2017 3:32:38 AM
No older white men need balls drained

6/23/2017 3:28:30 AM
Pig is up

6/22/2017 8:29:35 AM
Piggy is draining

6/22/2017 8:12:40 AM
Pigs on

6/22/2017 3:09:17 AM
Piggy is on

6/21/2017 5:05:40 AM
Pig is very horny

6/21/2017 4:59:25 AM
Anyone over 55 the USA need to be drained

6/20/2017 6:35:47 AM

6/20/2017 4:08:16 AM

6/20/2017 4:06:35 AM

6/20/2017 4:06:08 AM

6/20/2017 4:05:57 AM

6/20/2017 4:02:58 AM

6/20/2017 3:59:45 AM

6/20/2017 3:54:39 AM
Pigs on for a little bit

6/20/2017 3:52:44 AM
Ounk oink

6/19/2017 3:19:38 AM
Pig is on.

6/19/2017 3:19:38 AM
Pig is on.

6/18/2017 7:58:09 AM

6/18/2017 7:40:00 AM
Piggy is on

6/18/2017 7:38:09 AM
Oink oink

6/15/2017 8:07:40 AM
Piggy is on

6/13/2017 12:59:34 PM
Piggy is nude..fat belly just hanging..udders flopped to tge side

6/13/2017 12:55:24 PM
Pig is on

6/13/2017 3:24:17 AM
Oink oink piggy is on

6/11/2017 12:31:43 PM
Oink oink

6/11/2017 6:50:27 AM
Piga on

6/10/2017 7:47:41 AM
Piggy is draining

6/10/2017 6:51:29 AM
Pigs on

6/10/2017 3:57:59 AM

6/10/2017 3:50:08 AM
Ready to drain

6/10/2017 2:25:21 AM
Piggy ia up

6/9/2017 6:22:33 AM
Pigs on

6/9/2017 3:59:41 AM
Drained one set

6/9/2017 3:59:03 AM
Oink oink

6/7/2017 4:41:54 AM

6/7/2017 4:26:45 AM
Oink oink. Who over 55 needs balls drained

6/7/2017 4:18:55 AM
Oink pig needs to drain

6/7/2017 4:18:01 AM
Oink oin

6/7/2017 2:33:11 AM
Who is up ?

6/7/2017 2:28:01 AM
Piggy is up

6/6/2017 8:04:44 AM
Gyess i will just watch some porn

6/6/2017 7:55:08 AM
Pig needs to be beat

6/6/2017 3:55:57 AM
Pig is nude

6/6/2017 3:50:06 AM
Piggy is on

6/4/2017 9:18:52 AM

6/4/2017 9:03:41 AM
Piggy needs to be draining

6/4/2017 9:02:10 AM
Oink oink

6/4/2017 3:49:38 AM

6/4/2017 3:45:40 AM
Piggy is on

6/3/2017 4:12:49 AM
Oink oink

5/31/2017 10:10:56 AM

5/31/2017 10:10:37 AM
Now this is how a fat pig should be fucked

5/31/2017 10:01:55 AM

5/31/2017 9:55:24 AM
Love this.

5/31/2017 9:49:53 AM
Piggy is on. Oink oink

5/30/2017 12:31:53 PM
Piggy is so warm. Laying nude..udders flopped over..big belly hanging.

5/30/2017 12:28:00 PM
Oink oink

5/29/2017 7:56:55 AM
Pigs on

5/28/2017 4:26:28 AM
Pug needs to bw called names

5/28/2017 4:21:20 AM
Taking calls

5/28/2017 4:05:44 AM
Piggy is back on

5/23/2017 4:27:59 AM
Piggys up

5/22/2017 12:10:19 PM
Piggy is on

5/22/2017 3:58:10 AM
Must be a slow day

5/22/2017 3:54:34 AM
Piggy is laying here nude...waiting to drain balls

5/22/2017 3:42:42 AM
Who wants to drain Over the USA

5/22/2017 3:32:39 AM
Piggy is up

5/20/2017 7:31:46 AM
Piggy is on for a bit

5/20/2017 4:04:34 AM
Piggys so horney. But wont be on this weekend. Maybe Sunday?

5/18/2017 6:09:53 AM
Piggy is on for a bit

5/18/2017 2:26:42 AM
Anyone there

5/18/2017 2:26:13 AM

5/17/2017 9:46:41 AM
Piggyis on

5/17/2017 3:00:26 AM
Piggy is laying here nude ..

5/15/2017 4:10:46 AM

5/15/2017 4:02:57 AM

5/15/2017 3:44:31 AM
Wish I could find an older couple that can use me here locally. The older the older the better

5/15/2017 3:38:36 AM
Piggy is on for a bit. Oink

5/13/2017 11:12:21 AM
Where is everone

5/13/2017 10:56:50 AM
Pig is on

5/10/2017 11:34:07 AM
Pig is on

5/9/2017 7:09:11 AM
Pigs on

5/9/2017 5:50:28 AM
Pig is on

5/9/2017 4:00:07 AM
Pig will be back on later

5/9/2017 3:37:32 AM
Pig is on for a bit

5/9/2017 3:36:18 AM
Oink oink

5/5/2017 3:29:12 AM
Piggy is on for a few mins.

5/2/2017 11:14:38 AM
Piggy is on

5/2/2017 11:13:45 AM
Piggy is on

5/1/2017 11:18:38 AM
Ok.pig is on

5/1/2017 10:45:28 AM
Oink oink

5/1/2017 5:57:33 AM

5/1/2017 5:57:05 AM
Pig is on

4/29/2017 10:48:34 AM
Piggy loves being humiliated

4/29/2017 5:48:10 AM
Getting ready to cum. Got a candle in peehole..candle up ass..and a large bottle in cunt. Bouncing. Anyone want to hear pig oink and cum

4/29/2017 5:42:19 AM
Piggy is bouncing

4/29/2017 5:04:01 AM
Oink oink oink Piggy is up

4/29/2017 4:00:58 AM
Oink oink

4/29/2017 3:47:37 AM
Oink piggy is on

4/28/2017 10:06:25 AM
Any while Doms over 55 in the USA need their balls DRAINED

4/28/2017 10:01:06 AM

4/27/2017 6:28:05 AM
More balls plz

4/27/2017 5:04:06 AM
Piggy is hoping to get a new ISP soon. if pig does..I MAYBE able to video chat with certain Masters

4/27/2017 4:58:32 AM
Ok. Piggy is in..nude..legs up ready to drain some nut sacks!! over 55...white and in USA

4/27/2017 4:23:53 AM
Pig will be on in about an hour So any whit men over 50 . Needing their balls drained I will be on ! Also. Be in the USA..over 50...and white

4/27/2017 3:44:29 AM
Piggy will be ready to stst#

4/26/2017 11:25:34 AM
Drained two more sets Piggy needs more to drain. White men over 55 in the states. Pig is nude fucking peehole

4/26/2017 11:06:50 AM
Waiting for more balls to drain

4/26/2017 9:59:16 AM
Ok..piggy will be on agaun in about an hour. So any men over the USA..and u need ur balls drained. Let piggy know

4/26/2017 5:28:55 AM
Ok. Piggy us back on. Oink oink

4/26/2017 4:58:32 AM
Piggy deained two sets of balls already....who is next

4/26/2017 4:51:17 AM
Oink oink oink 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

4/26/2017 4:09:48 AM
Ok. Piggy will be back in a while

4/26/2017 3:35:49 AM
Oink oink..piggys ready

4/26/2017 3:32:48 AM
Good Morning..pig is on for a while

4/25/2017 8:07:24 AM
Clearly in my profile it states the age of the person Im looking for. Also says in my Country!! But yet Im getting people from all over the world and guys around 20 contacting me. READ THE PROFILE

4/25/2017 7:52:39 AM
Pigs back

4/25/2017 5:18:54 AM
Oink oink

4/25/2017 4:59:14 AM
Ok. Pig is on.

4/25/2017 3:58:25 AM
Thinking of updating my profile. Needing someone real

4/25/2017 3:56:57 AM
Ok.pig willbe back in about an hour

4/25/2017 3:42:27 AM
No one is up

4/25/2017 3:29:28 AM
Piggy is on for a bit

4/24/2017 2:34:35 PM
Piggy will be on a little bit later. I drained anout 5 sets today Just wish there was an older couple or man over 65 put here to rape me.

4/24/2017 10:32:09 AM
Drained a few sets of balls..looking for more

4/24/2017 6:07:10 AM

4/24/2017 5:40:05 AM
Oink oink. Pig is on

4/24/2017 5:31:16 AM
Pigs on

4/24/2017 4:00:19 AM
Piggy will be on in about an hour. Oink oink

4/22/2017 1:56:08 PM
I do love being nude. Walking around in front of a Dom as he is looking at my fat hanging. Udders sagging down. I love the humiliation

4/22/2017 8:06:28 AM
Oink oink pink

4/22/2017 4:29:40 AM
Oink oink

4/21/2017 5:06:43 AM
Pig is just laying here nude...

4/21/2017 5:04:54 AM
Piggy is up

4/20/2017 12:00:41 PM
Its been a slow day

4/20/2017 10:21:48 AM
Wish I had a. Older couple to use me on a reg basis nearby here. I would love to be nude in their house..having them use me.

4/20/2017 10:21:40 AM
Wish I had a. Older couple to use me on a reg basis nearby here. I would love to be nude in their house..having them use me.

4/20/2017 8:28:42 AM
Oink oink

4/20/2017 6:43:02 AM
Oink oink oink

4/20/2017 5:50:42 AM
Piggy is draining

4/20/2017 5:30:56 AM
Oink oink oink

4/20/2017 5:12:29 AM
Piggy is on

4/20/2017 3:56:14 AM one is up

4/20/2017 3:40:30 AM
I have 20 mins til I go

4/20/2017 3:39:15 AM
Piggy will be on on about an hour

4/20/2017 3:35:56 AM

4/20/2017 3:33:00 AM
Oink oink

4/19/2017 9:07:54 AM
Piggy is draining

4/19/2017 9:01:40 AM
Piggy is on..oink

4/18/2017 10:37:46 AM
Piggy ia on

4/18/2017 4:33:27 AM
Oink oink

4/18/2017 4:30:38 AM
Drained two sets

4/18/2017 4:03:57 AM
Piggy is on

4/17/2017 9:03:43 AM
Pig is draining

4/17/2017 5:08:06 AM
Ounk oink

4/17/2017 4:51:56 AM
Pig is on

4/16/2017 8:02:54 AM
I really wiah i were able to find someone nearby to use me on a reg basis

4/16/2017 8:01:02 AM
Piggy is horney..oink

4/16/2017 7:43:35 AM
Piggy is ready to drain

4/16/2017 7:42:01 AM
Pig is on

4/14/2017 5:19:56 AM

4/14/2017 5:12:37 AM
Piggy is on for some abuse

4/14/2017 5:12:31 AM
Piggy is on for some abuse

4/12/2017 10:08:18 AM
Mmmm piggy is draining balls

4/12/2017 9:56:22 AM
Piggy is on

4/12/2017 6:20:41 AM
Oink oink. Call if balls need draining

4/12/2017 5:30:39 AM
Piggy is nude..laying with udders flopped ..

4/11/2017 8:58:48 AM
Piggy needs to be used somemore

4/11/2017 8:55:50 AM
Just got a call from Master. He called me wonderful nasty names. Like fat pig whore. He had me slap my pig cunt..and ram a candle up my peehole...

4/11/2017 8:40:27 AM
Piggy is on

4/11/2017 8:36:09 AM
Pigs on

4/8/2017 5:50:16 AM
Pig was just used on the phone nice and hard. He had me stuff my fat cunt with a shampoo bottle..and a water bottle up my asshole. Also a marker up peehole..clothes pins on nipples. Very painful. As I bounced hard he was calling me cunt .and demeaning me which made pigs cunt more wet. As my holes stretched open I had to cum three timez. Squirting on my bed. He told me e evytime he uses me I must post. Thank you Sir

4/5/2017 11:51:50 AM
Piggy needs this

4/5/2017 10:42:44 AM
Draining balls

4/5/2017 10:32:52 AM
Pigs on

4/1/2017 1:58:24 PM
Pig is on

3/31/2017 4:55:37 AM

3/31/2017 4:55:32 AM

3/31/2017 3:54:05 AM
Piggy is on

3/29/2017 7:01:18 AM

3/28/2017 9:05:58 AM
Piggys on

3/28/2017 6:17:42 AM
Pig is on

3/27/2017 11:58:55 AM

3/27/2017 8:42:03 AM

3/27/2017 8:40:43 AM

3/27/2017 5:19:32 AM

3/27/2017 5:07:33 AM

3/27/2017 5:06:54 AM

3/27/2017 5:06:28 AM

3/27/2017 4:47:55 AM
Just laying here nude..udders hanging off the side. Belly just hanging too. Cunt all ready for abuse.

3/27/2017 4:42:09 AM
Oink oink

3/26/2017 12:40:19 PM
Oink oink

3/25/2017 8:56:44 AM
Pig is bored

3/25/2017 8:51:20 AM
Oink oink

3/24/2017 9:10:11 AM
Oink oink

3/23/2017 5:49:46 AM
Oink oink

3/22/2017 4:27:45 AM
Piggy will be on in an hour

3/22/2017 3:49:56 AM

3/21/2017 10:50:58 AM
Pigs on

3/20/2017 5:36:14 AM
Oink oink Piggy is on

3/20/2017 5:23:13 AM
Pigs on

3/19/2017 12:37:21 PM
Pigs on

3/19/2017 12:11:04 PM
Oink oink

3/19/2017 6:36:21 AM
Pig is on

3/16/2017 6:21:42 AM
Piggy is on

3/16/2017 5:00:45 AM
Oink oink

3/13/2017 11:59:14 AM

3/13/2017 4:10:39 AM
Piggy will be up for use in about an hour

3/12/2017 12:45:42 PM
Piggy is on

3/12/2017 8:09:43 AM

3/11/2017 12:25:11 PM
Piggy is bored

3/11/2017 9:53:00 AM
Oink oink

3/11/2017 9:13:16 AM
Piga on

3/9/2017 5:00:42 AM
Morning !!

3/9/2017 3:25:01 AM
Cant sleep

3/8/2017 3:53:37 AM

3/7/2017 6:16:09 AM
Piggy is on

3/7/2017 6:03:22 AM

3/7/2017 5:19:42 AM
Oink oink

3/6/2017 12:39:01 PM

3/3/2017 7:28:57 AM
Pig is on

3/3/2017 4:00:19 AM
Good morning!!! Piggy will be draining balls in about an hour . 7 a.m. central time

3/2/2017 12:30:46 PM
If ur over to get balls draunes

3/2/2017 12:24:10 PM
Piggy is on

3/2/2017 4:34:14 AM
Piggys up

3/2/2017 3:02:50 AM
Oink oink oink

3/2/2017 3:00:04 AM
Oink piggy is on

3/2/2017 12:52:57 AM
Piggy ia up

3/1/2017 4:31:52 AM
Oink oink

2/28/2017 6:06:37 AM
PainMaster D just justed me very well on the phone. Came hard

2/28/2017 5:19:59 AM
Piggy is on

2/27/2017 5:28:24 AM
Oink oink. Draining balls over 50

2/27/2017 5:28:24 AM
Oink oink. Draining balls over 50

2/27/2017 5:03:12 AM
Piggy is on

2/27/2017 4:29:33 AM
Piggy will be on in about an hour

2/27/2017 4:08:20 AM
Good Morning. Oink oink

2/26/2017 6:15:49 AM
Piggy is draining ..but must be over 55

2/26/2017 3:51:26 AM
Anyone over 55 awake thst would like their balls drained

2/26/2017 1:54:31 AM
Piggy is up

2/22/2017 6:51:21 AM
Im draining

2/22/2017 6:05:31 AM
Ok. Piggy is on

2/22/2017 4:28:21 AM
Pig will be back in an hour

2/22/2017 3:53:37 AM
Oink oink

2/21/2017 6:40:01 AM
Piggys on

2/20/2017 6:48:18 AM
Wish I could find an omder couple..over 60 nearby for real use.

2/20/2017 5:18:54 AM
No one over 55 need balls drained

2/20/2017 5:12:06 AM
Oink oink

2/20/2017 5:07:02 AM
Amyone o er 55 need to drain balls

2/20/2017 4:11:38 AM
Fat piggy ia up. Anyone over 58 want to play

2/20/2017 4:08:32 AM

2/20/2017 4:06:41 AM
Wish I could find older couples localy. I cant seem to findcany one

2/19/2017 2:04:50 PM
Laying in bed nude with a bottle stuffed inside

2/19/2017 7:22:15 AM
Piggy is on now. Any older men needs balls drained

2/19/2017 4:23:59 AM
Piggy is up oink

2/18/2017 12:13:25 PM
I dony know why Im not able to upload pics or even vid chat...I do it on kik

2/16/2017 1:44:26 PM
Piggy is bored

2/16/2017 8:57:37 AM
Pig is on

2/16/2017 5:34:24 AM
Piggy is on

2/16/2017 5:26:46 AM
Oink oink

2/14/2017 9:02:41 AM
Piggy is nude. Legs up ..pee hole stuffed with a sharpie marker. Any dirty men over 55 need balls drained

2/14/2017 6:51:26 AM
Anyone over 55 need balls drained

2/14/2017 6:32:55 AM
Piggy is super horny

2/13/2017 4:27:15 AM
Oink oink Good Morning!

2/13/2017 4:23:15 AM
Oink oink Good Morning!

2/13/2017 4:23:07 AM
Oink oink Good Morning

2/13/2017 4:22:54 AM
Oink oink Good Morning

2/12/2017 2:43:02 PM
Piggy is bored

2/12/2017 5:13:06 AM
Oink oink

2/11/2017 12:11:35 PM
Piggy is bored

2/11/2017 5:50:17 AM
Good Morning

2/9/2017 7:00:32 AM
Piggys on

2/9/2017 6:36:00 AM

2/8/2017 9:43:54 AM

1/16/2017 7:38:33 AM
Piggy is on oink oink

1/16/2017 5:06:52 AM
Oink oink. Piggy is up and will be draining in about an hour.

1/15/2017 11:06:49 AM
Oink oink

1/15/2017 8:12:34 AM

1/15/2017 8:12:26 AM

1/15/2017 7:47:55 AM

1/15/2017 7:32:25 AM

1/15/2017 7:24:49 AM

1/15/2017 7:08:59 AM
Oink oink

1/15/2017 7:04:05 AM
Piggy is bored oink oink

1/15/2017 6:44:54 AM
Piggys back

1/15/2017 5:56:22 AM
Piggy will be back in about an hour. Maybe less . oink oink

1/14/2017 11:42:01 AM
Wish I could find a slave or sub nearby that I could hang out with. ..just be nude tv. Or aomething like that.

1/14/2017 11:42:01 AM
Wish I could find a slave or sub nearby that I could hang out with. ..just be nude tv. Or aomething like that.

1/14/2017 11:42:01 AM
Wish I could find a slave or sub nearby that I could hang out with. ..just be nude tv. Or aomething like that.

1/14/2017 11:35:45 AM
Pig is bored

1/14/2017 9:41:17 AM
I just Love being nude. Walking around with someone watching me. Calling me names. Knowing all my piggy rolls and udders are out where he can see.

1/14/2017 5:29:54 AM
Oink oink

1/14/2017 5:14:08 AM
Drained some balls yesterday..loved it

1/13/2017 11:24:07 AM
Oink oink

1/13/2017 5:37:06 AM
Piggy is on

1/13/2017 3:51:39 AM
Piggy will be on in abput an hour incase balls are heavy

1/12/2017 1:15:00 PM
Just got off the phone with a Master. He had me fuck my piggy ass with a bottle. Put clothespins on my udders and cunt. Then my clit. Felt so good! Slapped my fat udders around for him. He jacked off to ramming my ppig ass. Oink

1/12/2017 12:40:48 PM
Any old men over 58 need balls drained

1/12/2017 11:45:13 AM
Piggy is on

1/12/2017 7:05:35 AM
Piggy really would love to have my udders milked with a goat milker. Wish I had one. I think it looks nice on all fours..big floppy udders getting yanked and milked hard. My fat belly hanging down. Big fat cunt and ass just waiting for some use.

1/10/2017 8:10:53 AM
Oink oink

1/9/2017 10:53:50 AM
To men over 58..i have kik

1/9/2017 5:16:46 AM
Oink oink

1/9/2017 5:16:25 AM
Oink oink

1/8/2017 3:25:47 AM
Piggy is up oinknoink

1/6/2017 9:33:56 AM
Piggy is back for a while

6/22/2016 7:06:42 AM
Piggy is fucking its peehole....burns ..but love that feeling

6/21/2016 7:49:11 AM

6/18/2016 2:57:32 PM
Pig is on

6/18/2016 3:48:12 AM
Been pretty busy draining balls. But had things to do at home yesterday. But im back for now

6/16/2016 4:19:12 AM
Again it amazes me that I still get people that just dont read my profile. I cannot get ANY clearer. NO ONE UNDER 50..NO ONE OUT OF THE COUNTRY...ONLY WHIITE....AND NO IM NOT DOING RT. But I take phone calls

6/16/2016 3:45:05 AM
Piggys on

6/15/2016 5:00:23 AM
Piggy is on...draining balls..must be over 55 ..white and in the US

6/15/2016 4:05:15 AM

6/11/2016 5:50:26 AM
I really hate the heat and humidity.

6/10/2016 2:07:02 PM
Piggys bored

6/10/2016 9:14:15 AM

6/8/2016 4:24:51 AM
Ok....remember.... Only contact if ur over 50...white...and in the States

6/8/2016 4:22:50 AM
Piggys on

6/7/2016 5:00:00 AM
Piggy is on

6/6/2016 3:51:25 AM
Oink oink

6/5/2016 5:20:46 AM
Piggy is in

6/5/2016 4:57:50 AM

6/3/2016 6:02:59 AM
Pigs on

6/2/2016 5:27:34 AM

6/2/2016 4:10:32 AM I need this

6/2/2016 4:08:44 AM

6/2/2016 4:06:47 AM

5/31/2016 10:24:57 AM
Piggy is on

5/30/2016 3:52:16 AM
Piggy is awake

5/29/2016 4:25:30 AM

5/29/2016 4:21:52 AM

5/29/2016 4:14:16 AM
Laying nude...legs open..

5/29/2016 4:13:06 AM

5/29/2016 3:42:49 AM

5/29/2016 3:36:10 AM
Piggy is on

5/28/2016 3:11:58 PM

5/28/2016 3:07:26 PM Love this

5/28/2016 10:19:55 AM Love this

5/28/2016 10:10:45 AM
Piggy is on

5/28/2016 5:31:26 AM

5/28/2016 5:28:50 AM

5/28/2016 5:07:06 AM LOVE THESE

5/28/2016 5:01:08 AM These are the perfect kind of balls to have hanging in my mouth

5/28/2016 4:56:28 AM Love this

5/28/2016 4:44:29 AM
Ok..anyone else ??

5/28/2016 3:58:26 AM
No one is up yet ? Over the States....let me know

5/28/2016 1:41:02 AM WOW

5/28/2016 1:32:32 AM

5/28/2016 1:26:05 AM
Laying here nude..legs wide open..udders flopping to the side..oink

5/27/2016 1:16:31 PM

5/27/2016 7:50:10 AM

5/27/2016 7:09:21 AM

5/27/2016 7:04:08 AM

5/27/2016 7:00:02 AM

5/27/2016 6:39:08 AM

5/27/2016 3:57:11 AM
Oink oink

5/27/2016 3:43:35 AM

5/26/2016 5:42:44 AM

5/26/2016 5:34:19 AM

5/26/2016 5:15:55 AM
Piggy is on

5/26/2016 4:14:14 AM
Piggy loves laying nude. Legs spread wide, udders flopped to the side. Fat belly ready to be punched..oink oink

5/26/2016 4:10:16 AM
I have things to take care of today..wont be on alot..but will be on in about an hour to drain some balls . I love draining older nens balls in the morning. Mostly when they are humiliating me and calling me names !!

5/26/2016 4:06:47 AM
I hope you like the vid clips , I love them

5/26/2016 3:48:04 AM

5/26/2016 3:46:57 AM

5/26/2016 3:41:46 AM

5/26/2016 3:36:33 AM Love the tail

5/26/2016 3:33:10 AM

5/26/2016 3:31:14 AM Still one of my fav ones

5/26/2016 3:24:47 AM

5/26/2016 3:21:09 AM

5/26/2016 3:19:44 AM

5/26/2016 3:15:20 AM

5/26/2016 3:12:23 AM
Its early...piggy is on for a bit

5/26/2016 3:02:21 AM LOVE THIS

5/25/2016 5:37:34 AM One of my fav the sound of his balls slamming as he rams her asshole

5/25/2016 5:23:16 AM
Piggy is on

5/25/2016 4:25:50 AM
Piggy will be on in about an.hour

5/24/2016 12:46:42 PM

5/24/2016 12:44:18 PM

5/24/2016 11:35:34 AM

5/24/2016 5:11:57 AM
Piggy is on..

5/24/2016 4:15:44 AM

5/24/2016 4:12:10 AM

5/24/2016 4:05:25 AM

5/24/2016 4:02:53 AM

5/23/2016 6:11:19 AM

5/23/2016 5:32:46 AM

5/23/2016 5:21:13 AM
Piggy is on

5/23/2016 2:59:07 AM
Oink oink

5/23/2016 2:57:19 AM

5/22/2016 8:20:01 AM

5/22/2016 7:43:33 AM
Ok..once not contact me if your not the age im looking for. I block you . Also be white abd in the USA

5/22/2016 7:17:30 AM

5/22/2016 7:04:21 AM
I guess all the older men r in church

5/22/2016 7:02:22 AM Loveca good fisting

5/22/2016 6:58:49 AM this

5/22/2016 6:51:53 AM

5/22/2016 6:50:11 AM

5/22/2016 4:46:02 AM
No one on ?

5/22/2016 3:33:12 AM
Oink..pigs up

5/21/2016 11:02:43 AM

5/21/2016 5:04:32 AM
Ok piggy is off for a bit

5/21/2016 5:02:22 AM Love this

5/21/2016 5:01:00 AM

5/21/2016 4:59:07 AM

5/21/2016 4:57:13 AM

5/21/2016 4:54:56 AM

5/21/2016 4:33:53 AM

5/21/2016 4:08:05 AM
Pig is up

5/21/2016 4:05:07 AM

5/21/2016 4:04:55 AM

5/20/2016 6:28:16 AM

5/20/2016 5:54:08 AM

5/20/2016 5:43:35 AM

5/20/2016 5:39:33 AM

5/20/2016 5:31:39 AM

5/20/2016 3:55:30 AM
Piggy wont be on much today. But wil try,

5/19/2016 10:21:50 AM
Oink oink piggys back

5/19/2016 5:20:54 AM

5/19/2016 5:07:54 AM

5/19/2016 5:04:59 AM
Love this

5/19/2016 5:01:35 AM

5/19/2016 4:58:50 AM
Piggy is on..

5/19/2016 4:14:40 AM

5/19/2016 4:12:58 AM

5/19/2016 4:06:00 AM

5/19/2016 4:04:03 AM

5/19/2016 4:00:56 AM

5/18/2016 12:29:24 PM

5/17/2016 12:30:57 PM
Piggy is on.

5/17/2016 9:52:26 AM

5/17/2016 9:35:23 AM
Piggys on

5/17/2016 6:07:15 AM
Guess its a busy morning

5/17/2016 5:14:35 AM

5/17/2016 5:00:09 AM

5/17/2016 3:48:56 AM
This is my fav one..

5/17/2016 3:45:50 AM

5/17/2016 3:42:53 AM

5/17/2016 3:35:05 AM

5/17/2016 3:34:21 AM

5/16/2016 5:59:13 AM

5/16/2016 5:42:04 AM

5/16/2016 5:27:00 AM

5/15/2016 2:23:17 PM
And I STILL get youNG MEN. trying to use me. not happeing

5/15/2016 4:08:51 AM
Piggy is on

5/14/2016 3:32:18 PM

5/14/2016 3:29:20 PM

5/14/2016 3:18:45 PM

5/14/2016 10:54:49 AM

5/14/2016 10:51:47 AM

5/14/2016 5:12:07 AM

5/14/2016 4:59:07 AM

5/14/2016 4:53:01 AM

5/14/2016 4:42:07 AM

5/14/2016 4:36:17 AM

5/14/2016 4:32:32 AM
Piggy is bored

5/14/2016 4:28:14 AM
No one is up???

5/14/2016 4:20:26 AM
Oink.oink oink

5/14/2016 2:34:06 AM
4:30 am Central time. Fucking bird woke me up

5/13/2016 5:22:00 AM

5/13/2016 4:25:30 AM
Oink Oink

5/13/2016 4:19:33 AM This is one of my favorite videos

5/13/2016 4:08:56 AM
Good Morning 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

5/12/2016 12:54:49 PM

5/12/2016 12:35:44 PM
Oink oink

5/12/2016 12:22:22 PM

5/12/2016 6:41:33 AM

5/12/2016 6:38:22 AM
Oink oink

5/12/2016 6:16:30 AM

5/12/2016 6:09:16 AM

5/12/2016 6:06:28 AM

5/12/2016 5:33:58 AM
Oink oink

5/12/2016 4:05:01 AM
Ok..will be back in about an hour

5/12/2016 3:18:04 AM
Ok....Just because I do phone..I dont do it 24 hours a day. I ignore calls when Im not available. Just because u keep calling will not help. When I am ready for piggy time , I will post or text.

5/11/2016 8:21:17 AM
Be back.later

5/11/2016 8:18:14 AM For you

5/11/2016 4:26:30 AM
Took sinus med last night. It knocked me out.

5/10/2016 5:14:54 AM

5/10/2016 5:06:40 AM
I took some pics,,.wanted to.update the ones on my profile. But it just wont let me upload.

5/10/2016 3:46:12 AM
It is amazing. I post what I am looking for in my profile,.but STILL get men under 50..out of the States....and people that want to text instead of talking on the phone......

5/9/2016 12:40:08 PM

5/9/2016 9:09:40 AM
Why is it that people dont read profiles ? im only interested in men over 50..and in the States. Im not interested in shit or pee play at all. But yet,,here we go.

5/9/2016 4:00:57 AM
Piggy will be back

5/9/2016 3:45:32 AM
Im trying to add more pics but I cant upload them.

5/8/2016 2:46:26 PM
Long day working outside...Will be on later on

5/8/2016 9:19:34 AM
Feels great to be nude..window opened...

5/4/2016 2:44:23 PM
So sorry..been off a few probs..internet probs

5/2/2016 3:36:44 AM
I would love to be kicked in my cunt

5/2/2016 3:35:40 AM I would love this

5/2/2016 3:03:19 AM
Wish I had a ltr with a Master ...

5/2/2016 3:01:03 AM
Oink oink..piggy is awake...

5/1/2016 12:50:39 PM
Piggy is on

5/1/2016 10:05:08 AM
Piggy is back...

5/1/2016 8:14:10 AM
Ok..piggy will be back.later

5/1/2016 8:10:41 AM
Drained one more

5/1/2016 8:00:55 AM
Piggy will be on for 15 more mins...

5/1/2016 5:57:50 AM
Anyone need balls drained..must be OVER 50 IN USA

5/1/2016 5:31:29 AM
Drained two more sets. Where is everyone at ? Church ?? LoL

5/1/2016 4:53:07 AM
Drained one...laying here nude...fat belly laying to the side.,udders flopped over..

5/1/2016 4:38:57 AM
PIGGY IS ON !!! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

4/30/2016 1:09:25 PM
Pigs on

4/30/2016 8:44:44 AM
Piggy will be on for an.hour..

4/30/2016 8:27:41 AM
Piggy is nude...legs open ..ready to drain older mens balls. Must be in the USA over 50

4/30/2016 7:44:29 AM
Drained one more set

4/30/2016 7:02:18 AM
Piggy can drain

4/30/2016 6:01:17 AM
Drained two more sets

4/30/2016 5:32:01 AM
Oink oink

4/30/2016 4:46:27 AM
Drained one

4/30/2016 4:03:27 AM
What amazes me is the amount of idiots on here !! I CLEARLY wrote on my profile what im looking for. But yet STILL I get young people..or people out of the USA trying to talk to me. I will ignore you.

4/30/2016 3:39:23 AM
No one over 50 in the USA uP?

4/30/2016 3:34:17 AM
Piggy is on

4/30/2016 3:30:29 AM

4/29/2016 12:40:30 PM
Drained another set

4/29/2016 11:13:35 AM
Drained two sets

4/29/2016 10:46:10 AM
Piggy had someone cum FOUR times,,, .

4/29/2016 10:44:50 AM
Piggy is on for a bit

4/29/2016 10:27:05 AM

4/28/2016 9:34:17 AM

4/27/2016 5:31:22 AM
Mm piggys udders still have nice bruising on them. Love it

4/27/2016 4:17:46 AM
Piggy Loves the bruises on its udders..I keep playing with them.

4/25/2016 12:57:20 AM
Piggy is meeting someone tomm....If all works out he will be owning me. I did not plan this, it just happened. So for now im not draining balls. Will update after meeting. I am not wearing a bra so he can slap my fat udders around and do what he wants to them. Oink oink

4/24/2016 5:59:55 AM
Drained two sets off balls, Ok..please if you are under 50 or out of the not waste my time and yours. I do only phone as I just have a basic phone. But I drain very well,

4/24/2016 5:05:24 AM
Just drained daddys big heavy balls..he said he is very proud of piggy...

4/24/2016 3:43:18 AM
Drained one set. I guess Sunday is a slow day for draining

4/24/2016 3:27:34 AM
Piggy is up if u need ur balls drained. Over 50 in the states

4/24/2016 12:33:40 AM
Piggy is up

4/22/2016 5:57:44 AM
Oink oink

4/22/2016 5:31:52 AM
Drained one set..whos next

4/22/2016 5:03:48 AM
Ok...piggy is ready to talk on the phone or drain some heavy balls on the phone. MEN OVER 50 AND ONLY IN THE STATES..,NO OUT OF THE COUNTRY !!

4/22/2016 4:38:03 AM
It is amazing. Even though I wrote. ONLY PEOPLE FROM THE USA I still get people trying to talk from out of the country!! I am NOT interested in texting, emailing, skyping. I only do phone because I have a basic phone. I.cannot download aps. It is very simple. Not a scam. But yet Im still getting messages from out of the country. I now just block and delete them.

4/22/2016 4:10:03 AM
Im looking for a woman, prefer older, but any age will do. She has to have her own place so We can just walk around nude. She can can be Sub or Dom, no matter. She can use me or just watch me walk around. Mustvbe local in the portage or valpo Indiana area. Let me know.

4/22/2016 4:06:22 AM
Good Morninh. Piggy will be on in about an hour to drain some heavy balls !! Over 50 and IN THE USA. If your from a different country, dont bother,. This is phone...and im very good at this. I used to do RT, but now only phone.

4/22/2016 1:21:48 AM
Piggy is up for a bit

4/21/2016 6:42:39 AM
Drained two more...whos next

4/21/2016 5:24:42 AM
Drained one set..who is next

4/21/2016 5:13:47 AM
Ok piggy is on

4/21/2016 4:15:36 AM
Piggy will be on in about an hour. Dont forget...over the States. I can only do phone as I do not have a puter..and my cell is just a plain basic phone. But I have alot of men to tell you im real and good at draining them. So when im back I will post it here. Yesterday I drained 6 sets of heavy balls. Im going to try to do more today. Oink oink

4/20/2016 8:11:07 AM
Oink drained 6 sets...anymore

4/20/2016 7:04:21 AM
Mmmmmm piggy drained four sets of balls... Piggy needs more

4/20/2016 5:45:09 AM
Piggy is ready to drain balls or just talk on the phone. Older men over 50 the USA.Love other fatties. I am lookingfor a woman..local..or a couple..(older) in my area that I can go to and just be myself. Hang around nude..things like that

4/20/2016 5:31:45 AM
Piggie is on

4/19/2016 5:22:36 AM
Pig is on ready to drain balls. Must b over 50 and in the states

4/19/2016 4:03:54 AM
Pig will be on in about an hour

4/18/2016 10:51:21 AM
WOW drained alot today...Took a break but now im back. Men over 50 in the States

4/18/2016 5:58:48 AM
Drained more

4/18/2016 5:06:08 AM
Drained on set

4/18/2016 5:00:19 AM
Piggie is on...ready to drain balls,,have to older. Over 50 and in the States

4/18/2016 4:06:12 AM
Piggy will be on in about an hour

4/17/2016 3:03:33 PM
Of you are not over 50 plz do not contact me. If you are not in the USA plz do not contact me.. I do phone...I dont want to message back and forth.

4/17/2016 2:30:34 PM
Pigs on again for a bit

4/17/2016 6:36:24 AM
Good Morning .,,piggie will be on in about half hour . Will be draining Balls...must be over 50 and in the USA. Or women can call if they want me to do things too. Wish I could find a female ,.older is better around Valpo or Portage that woukd like to be friends. Would be nice to have a friend to go to their place and hang out nude.

4/17/2016 6:35:50 AM
Good Morning .,,piggie will be on in about half hour . Will be draining Balls...must be over 50 and in the USA. Or women can call if they want me to do things too. Wish I could find a female ,.older is better around Valpo or Portage that woukd like to be friends. Would be nice to have a friend to go to their place and hang out nude.

4/17/2016 4:05:13 AM
Ok..piggy only gets used by older men over 50 in the USA...thats it. I will happily drain ur balls..or will talk to you on the phone. Will tell you about past use and what kind of things my Master at the time had me do.

4/17/2016 3:49:26 AM
Piggy is up

4/16/2016 3:14:04 PM
Mmmm just drained another set

4/16/2016 1:25:31 PM
Ok..drained four sets this morning. Im back on for a while if you need your balls drained. Must be over 50 and in the USA. I do phone but I will drain ur balls well.

4/16/2016 6:54:43 AM
Pig drained 4 on for a bit..

4/16/2016 4:52:01 AM
Drained one

4/16/2016 4:32:27 AM
Drained a total of 6 yesterday..

4/16/2016 4:31:39 AM
Piggy is on for about an hour...anyone in the USA over 50 Need draining

4/15/2016 1:07:08 PM
Piggy drained 6 sets of balls. Will be on later for more

4/15/2016 7:28:50 AM
Drained 5 total so far...

4/15/2016 7:21:28 AM
Piggy is back..

4/15/2016 4:18:33 AM
Drained one set. Who is next

4/15/2016 4:09:33 AM
Piggy is on ,...I drained 7 sets of balls yesterday. Let me know. Older men over 50 in the USA only.

4/14/2016 8:56:27 AM
Drained 8 sets today !!

4/14/2016 5:16:37 AM
Ok..piggy is on and ready to drain some older men the USA...that are over 50 ...

4/13/2016 1:03:01 PM
Piggy drained 7 sets of balls today . Im on for a bit longer..than will be on after 9pm

4/13/2016 5:52:46 AM
Drained another set

4/13/2016 5:36:50 AM
Drained my first set of balls just now...oink oink..whos next

4/13/2016 5:19:50 AM
Ok..piggy is ready. If any older men over 50+ in the USA need their balls drained.,,im ready!! Just let me know. I only do phone right now as there are too many crazies out there for rt. But I have done rt and some on here can tell u . Oink oink..

4/13/2016 4:56:51 AM
Piggy will be on in about 20 mins. Remember..only mature men ..over 50 in the usa. Women are welcome to call too. Prefer back in a few to start draining !!

4/13/2016 4:18:25 AM
Piggy on in about an hour...oink oink,.its good to b back

4/12/2016 12:19:08 PM
Ok..pig is ready to drain balls....must be over 50 and in the ISA

4/12/2016 11:18:31 AM
Will b draining balls in about an.hour

4/12/2016 11:12:21 AM
Piggys back...oink oink

3/2/2016 1:47:48 AM
Ok..the crazy stalker has been reported. Although he has already posted lies and has been texting threats. This user is nuts. His name is dommaleforfemsub. If anyone wants to send him a message stating you have talked to me or gave met me in real time, please do. I have not had any probs with anyone on here. Its sad that crazy asshats like this ruin it for others. Thank You so much for any help.

3/2/2016 1:19:55 AM was a matter of time, but I got a stalker and a real nut !! He has been SO BAD that I Had to block him on my phone and on here. But has threatened to post lies about me lol. I have regulars that will post im very real. Im not worried. However, if are into talking or meeting up....let me know. There is a nutbar on here and will NOT leave u alone

3/1/2016 11:52:57 AM
Oink oink

3/1/2016 5:08:38 AM
Ok..piggys ready to drain some older white mens balls..oink.oink. remember white men over 55 in the States,..

3/1/2016 5:08:36 AM
Ok..piggys ready to drain some older white mens balls..oink.oink. remember white men over 55 in the States,..

3/1/2016 4:27:35 AM
Sorry piggy has not been on. Phone probs. But piggy will be back in about one hour.

2/27/2016 7:21:19 AM
Mmmmm just drained one more set of ballls. Up to three

2/27/2016 6:59:03 AM
Mmm just had a daddy use and abuse his fat sow whore. Piggy came three times im to drain as many balls as I can. Then call him back with a report of what a food fat whore i am. Oink oink. So far drained two sets of balls. More plz. Piggy loves being used

2/27/2016 6:07:18 AM
Ok..Sow is ready to take calls and drain. Please look at my profile.Only interested in white men over 55 in the states. White women the older,fatter the better. Also in the states,.

2/27/2016 5:03:22 AM
Oink oink...! Yesterday pig drained sets of balls!! So I will be on and ready to start draining more in about an hour. Maybe less.Since im STILL getting lots of messages from the "KIND" of people. I will explain again. I only drain men over 55 . White. In the States, Any women that want to use me thats fine. This is phone only. My computer crashed and I only have a crappy basic phone. Cannot upload pics. Im very good at doing this and have several regularsthat will attest to this. I used to do real time but not anymore. Im also descreet . I will not call or text without permission. I thrive on humilation. I do have limits but also ai have done lots of taboo. So again I will put a post up when im nude abd ready to drain. For the ones that send me a message 1st. I will respond to you in order. Im very ,very good at this. It is not a scam. Just my cell phone. I will be back within the hour.

2/26/2016 7:08:21 AM
Oink oink drained two more sets ..mmmm piggy loves getting humiliated

2/26/2016 6:39:04 AM
Ok.....drained 4 sets of balls. Im taking calls from white men over 55 in the USA... so if you need ur baLLS DRAINED..let me know

2/26/2016 6:26:42 AM
Drained two sets...any more white men over 55 want their balls drained

2/26/2016 4:26:28 AM
Oink oink

2/25/2016 11:37:09 AM
Piggy is on..,..

2/25/2016 3:18:01 AM
Sorry i wasnt on much yesterday. We got hit hard with the blizzard. But i will be on and off today.

2/24/2016 4:14:41 AM
Ok.who needs balls drained

2/24/2016 3:36:24 AM
Pigs on

2/23/2016 5:01:06 AM
Ok..piggie is ready to drain balls..OVER 55 WHITE AND IN THE USA... cant get much clearer than that. oink oink

2/23/2016 4:06:20 AM
Slow day yesterday,,only drained 4 sets, Pig will be on in about an hour if u need ur balls drained

2/22/2016 1:40:10 PM
Pig will b on later., Drained three sets of balls today...

2/22/2016 3:21:06 AM

2/20/2016 7:44:33 AM
Pig is on for a bit

2/20/2016 5:06:56 AM
Ok...will be back later

2/20/2016 4:17:22 AM
Draining balls..but must be over 55 ..,oink

2/20/2016 4:11:05 AM
Piggys on

2/19/2016 5:55:11 AM
Ok..pigs back to drain...or talk

2/19/2016 4:34:38 AM
Oink Oink.,pig is draining for a bit

2/18/2016 3:21:57 PM
Piggy wont be on until later tonite. Will post when im able to drain more balls

2/18/2016 7:04:27 AM
Any men over 55 need their balls drained?

2/18/2016 6:57:54 AM
Drained three sets

2/18/2016 6:22:57 AM
Oink oink...drained two sets......

2/18/2016 6:14:38 AM
Drained one set

2/18/2016 5:58:20 AM
Piggys ready

2/18/2016 4:04:48 AM
Piggy will be taking calls hour....

2/17/2016 7:38:44 AM
Oink oink...draining

2/17/2016 7:08:34 AM
Piggy is on..oink oink

2/16/2016 11:21:31 AM
Pigs back...,,,older mens balls needed to be drained

2/16/2016 9:54:59 AM
Will be back later

2/16/2016 5:48:24 AM
Drained two sets,...ready for more

2/16/2016 5:13:35 AM
Oink oink.....Piggy is ready to drain balls.oink oink. I drained 8 sets yesterday. Maybe we can break that record today.

2/16/2016 4:01:19 AM
Piggy wull be on draining balls in an hour

2/16/2016 2:59:03 AM
Wish there was a fat female slave nearby that I could hang out with.

2/16/2016 2:43:08 AM
Piggy did great. Drained over 8 sets of balls.

2/15/2016 12:42:13 PM
Drained another set of balls

2/15/2016 12:11:45 PM
I dont understand. If you read my profile you will see im looking for a certain age group. Also I prefer white men . Im also only doing phone right now. Not "looking" for a Master or to be owned. There are way too many people out there that act like they know what they are doing. But they really have no clue. So I am happy to drain balls over the phone. Or to even talk. But all men have to be over 55...white and in the USA.

2/15/2016 8:27:09 AM
Piggy is on....

2/15/2016 4:54:15 AM
Piggy is on..oink

2/15/2016 4:41:29 AM
Oink oink oink

2/14/2016 8:02:14 AM
Draining balls

2/14/2016 7:55:25 AM

2/14/2016 6:34:29 AM
Piggy is on

2/13/2016 2:02:30 PM
Will be on more later ....

2/13/2016 12:21:20 PM
Drained another set of balls

2/13/2016 12:12:13 PM
Getting ready to drain more balls

2/13/2016 9:41:45 AM
Piggy is on

2/13/2016 7:21:02 AM
Oink oink

2/13/2016 7:13:54 AM
Pig drained one more set

2/13/2016 6:41:58 AM
Oink oink

2/13/2016 5:10:55 AM
Drained another set of balls

2/13/2016 4:56:08 AM
Drained one set of balls. Im still on to drain more. Over 55 only. I love old balls hanging in my my mouth . Slap my udders.punch my big fat names. Ilove it

2/13/2016 4:46:01 AM
Pig is on..oink

2/10/2016 6:05:18 AM
Just dtained another set

2/10/2016 5:41:54 AM
Drained one set

2/10/2016 5:26:35 AM
Piggie is on...oink oink

2/8/2016 7:21:14 AM
Why is it that people dont read profiles ? It is perfectly clear that I only do phone. Im not looking to be owned. Or to move and live with someone. I want to drain balls on the phone. And Im good at it. I only am interested in older men. Over 55 . So Im writing this to make it clear.

2/8/2016 6:12:16 AM
Oink ..draining balls

2/6/2016 12:46:57 PM
Piggy is on

2/6/2016 9:15:55 AM
Piggy is draining balls..

2/5/2016 8:00:41 AM
Wish there was an older man that had a farm nearby

2/5/2016 7:51:18 AM
Drained two sets of

2/5/2016 7:35:24 AM
No one over 55 wants there balls drained

2/5/2016 6:03:07 AM
Older men..i can drain u over the phone

2/5/2016 5:49:25 AM
Piggy is on !!!!

8/22/2015 5:58:13 AM
Piggy needs abuse

1/29/2015 7:00:02 AM
I want to drain balls

1/29/2015 6:40:49 AM
Need to drain balls

1/28/2015 7:30:06 AM
Mmmm drained two sets of balls so far

1/28/2015 5:39:35 AM
Oibk oink

1/27/2015 12:44:01 PM
Really want to drain balls

1/26/2015 4:49:40 AM
Oink ready to start draining

1/25/2015 3:13:36 PM home to drain balls

1/25/2015 11:19:52 AM
Not sure if anyone can see this..but I will be home in a few hourse if your interedted in talking..plz drop me a line if you are seeing this

1/23/2015 4:19:17 PM
Ok..not playing on off til monday. Plz. Dont text or call until monday

1/23/2015 1:06:34 PM
Anything yet

1/23/2015 1:01:52 PM
Ok..plz let me know if you are able to see this. I have reg users saying my journal is not showing

1/23/2015 12:54:25 PM
Mmmm just drained onr more

1/23/2015 12:42:48 PM
So i drained lots if balls today. I really do enjoy it. Love thinking if people on here jackin iff to my pics. Will have to take more soon

1/23/2015 12:38:01 PM
Just got back..looks like it slowed down lol

1/23/2015 12:25:17 PM back

1/23/2015 10:47:42 AM
Mmmm i need a break. Be back later

1/23/2015 10:35:58 AM
He read what I wrote and got turned on..had to cum a 4th time. He loves cumming fir this pig. He is embarrested that he needs my fat cunt. Secretly looking at my pics..jacking off to them when no one knows. Fucking his sub..but thinking if my fat ass. He cant admit it to anyone..its our little secret

1/23/2015 10:24:50 AM
I told this last guy i would write it here. He is addicted to this pig. He hates that I can drain him so well. And that now he needs me. Just made him cum 3 fucking times. He is a Dom and has a sub..but no one knows of this secret addiction to me. He loves when i oink..and squeal. Loves when I describe things he wants to do to me. He HATES that he cant go thru one day without looking at my pics. But i just keep going..and i drain every drop.out of his balls. Knowinh as nuch as he hates my fat ass..he WILL be back. Because no one can drain his balls like this pig can

1/23/2015 8:40:46 AM more..will b back

1/23/2015 8:26:02 AM
One more

1/23/2015 8:10:46 AM
Mmm oink Drained two more

1/23/2015 7:25:30 AM
No one wants to call me

1/23/2015 6:16:30 AM
Ok guess no one wants to call. Then im going back to sleep

1/23/2015 6:07:16 AM
Drained one more set

1/23/2015 5:27:31 AM
Drained a set of balls already

1/23/2015 5:26:46 AM
Guess piggy will just go back to sleep

1/23/2015 5:25:56 AM

1/23/2015 4:42:21 AM
Awake now

1/22/2015 11:19:10 AM
Guess i will nap

1/22/2015 11:04:00 AM
Pig is bored

1/20/2015 5:35:46 AM
Im up for a bit. Will.need naps as I was up last night

1/20/2015 2:47:56 AM
I hate havibg a cold. Woke up coughing. Now im just laying here .

1/19/2015 7:01:56 PM
I have had a nasty sinus headsche. But im still around

1/17/2015 12:42:43 PM
Just drained one of my daddys cum filled balls..mmmm. oink

1/17/2015 11:58:32 AM
Im back if balls need to be drained

1/17/2015 5:43:40 AM
Hog is gonna lay down

1/17/2015 5:11:44 AM
Mmmmm just. Drained bslls.

1/17/2015 4:51:51 AM
Anyone up right now ..i can drain some balls

1/16/2015 2:15:52 PM
Just checking in...will be able too drain more in a few hours if ypur interested. Also feel free to just look at my profile pics and let me know what you think. Thanks

1/16/2015 2:15:40 PM
Just checking in...will be able too drain more in a few hours if ypur interested. Also feel free to just look at my profile pics and let me know what you think. Thanks

1/16/2015 11:31:49 AM back. If more balls need draining let me know. Or if you just like to verbally call me names..

1/16/2015 8:38:56 AM
Mmmm drained three more sets of balls this hour. Im done for now. Will be back later. If you are interested let me know

1/16/2015 8:38:54 AM
Mmmm drained three more sets of balls this hour. Im done for now. Will be back later. If you are interested let me know

1/16/2015 5:23:04 AM
Aahhhh just drained one of my daddys balls. Daddy came nice and hard fir his sow. I oinked..grunted and sqealed for daddy. He was very proud of his pig. So if anyone else is wanting their balls drained let me know

1/16/2015 5:07:00 AM
Ok..piggy is ready to drain some balls. Let ne know uf your interested. Im very good at it.

1/15/2015 1:48:33 PM
Will drain more balls later tonite. Please let me know if your interested

1/15/2015 1:37:08 PM
Played with my cunt. Took pics too

1/15/2015 5:33:31 AM
Mmmm just drained more balls. Mm love it. Whos next

1/15/2015 5:21:23 AM
Cant wait for daddy to call his piggy later. Love being a little girl with special places for daddy

1/15/2015 5:17:09 AM
Who is next

1/15/2015 5:16:54 AM
Mmmm just drained some balls. He needed it

1/14/2015 11:13:47 AM
Just drained more balls . If ur interested let me know

1/14/2015 10:49:08 AM
Just drained balls of three so far.

1/14/2015 7:38:27 AM
Drained more balls ...anyone else

1/14/2015 7:15:47 AM
Drained balls ...yummy

1/14/2015 5:17:02 AM
Still ready to start draining balls. Im a very good piggy.

1/14/2015 3:43:06 AM
I fell asleep. Its now 5:45a.m. if u want to be drained. Please let me know

1/13/2015 3:49:35 PM
Ok.will be draining balls later tonight. Will post hete when im.ready and taking calls.

1/13/2015 7:57:06 AM
Bored... Need to drain some balls

1/13/2015 4:45:24 AM
Ok.. Im.ready to take some calls if anyone wants their balls drained. Must be older .. Also if any females wanted to call plz feel free

1/13/2015 4:15:54 AM
Will be ready to tske some calls in about an hour from now. Only people from USA that speak english please. Thank You

1/12/2015 3:51:39 PM
Will be back later

1/12/2015 3:50:17 PM
Just got off the phone with daddy. He came and made me cum too!! I came twice and squirted for daddy. He was very proud of his piggy. Cant wait to serve daddy again.

1/12/2015 2:41:18 PM
Have more set up in a bit. Love being a naughty piggy and having daddy punish me

1/12/2015 2:31:40 PM
Mmmm drained i more set of balls it. Being called names..oinking. seems to make them cum.a lot with my oinks..grunts and sqeals

1/12/2015 1:35:52 PM
Drained 2 more sets of balls. Have a half hour to fit anyone rlse in. Then cant til.later

1/12/2015 5:54:08 AM
Ok drained another set of balls. Who is next

1/12/2015 5:16:26 AM
Just drained one if my Daddys cocks. I was a good hig he came alot. I need more balls to drain

1/12/2015 4:48:53 AM
Ok..ready to drain some balls fir older men or maybe oonk..snort for ladies. If you feel a need to call a piggy names feel free to let me know. I love humiliation

1/12/2015 4:22:24 AM
Will be ready tp drain some balls over the phone in about 1/2 hour . Will be nude layi ng down with my udders flopping to the side. Prob be working my peehole some more. Love having my peehole opened and stuffed. I picture ne nude in front of some older men and women. They are slapping my pig face..belly..they are all nude calling me names. Then having me stand up while punching belly and udders..using a belt on my ass..then having me get gang fisted..belly shaking as everyone punch fists my hog cunt

1/11/2015 7:22:45 PM
Getting tired..waiting for one more call then bedtime

1/11/2015 4:02:28 PM
Well Sundays must be slow. I was only able to drain I Doms balls sp far. I will be open to drain more later. This was a new daddy. He came alot. Loved my sqealing and oinking

1/11/2015 12:49:14 PM
I have about one hour to drsin balls. Then will be back lster on . If you are needing balls drained let me know

1/11/2015 12:45:42 PM
Feels good getting clothed off. Having all my fat hanging..

1/11/2015 12:41:54 PM

1/11/2015 11:56:23 AM
Im.home will start draining balls in about an hour. Cant wait to oink and be called names

1/11/2015 6:46:00 AM
I will be home in a few hours . Hope I get to drain some balls on the phone.

1/10/2015 3:38:51 PM
Bored. Wish i could just be nude but family is here. So have to wait until sunday night. Cant wsit. Hope daddy calls his good little girl sgain.

1/10/2015 12:13:37 PM
Just checking mail. Not on much on weekends..but Sunday nite i will be ready to drain more balls on the phone. I will be ur hog slit..pig cuny..naughty little girl..a fat whore...or an animal. Whatever you like. I will make noises..beg..just let me know. But must be at least 45 ...any again. Let me know

1/9/2015 7:30:01 AM
Drained two cocks over the phone

1/9/2015 7:16:12 AM

1/9/2015 5:07:37 AM
So I had several comments about my pics. They loved them. .

1/9/2015 5:01:41 AM
Up and able to take calls

1/8/2015 5:33:52 PM
I hope everyone enjoyed my pics. Please. Feel free to leave me comments

1/8/2015 11:21:27 AM
So just got home...and im.tired. im laying down..playing with my cunt. Waiting to drain some balls on the phone

1/8/2015 7:41:22 AM
Just added a few more pics. Nice and meaty

1/8/2015 4:58:45 AM waiting for calls

1/8/2015 1:59:12 AM
Im.SO SO TIRED of people from other countries trying to have me get them off by typing. I do phone. If you dont speak english then plz leave me alone

1/8/2015 1:56:30 AM
Awake. Its almost 4a.m. Just laying here reading some profiles. Maybe i will go to xvideo or xhampster..type in bbw pig fisting or fat pig humiliation. Love watching fatties getting fisted..abused or humiliated

1/7/2015 12:40:52 PM
I have a fantasy of having leeches put on my udders..nipples and clit. Has anyone done this?

1/7/2015 11:37:35 AM
Well got to drain someones balls on the phone. Cant wait for more

1/7/2015 8:44:13 AM
Really slow today.

1/7/2015 7:40:32 AM
Slow morning...oh well..guess i will go back to sleep

1/7/2015 3:58:51 AM
SsagingOk .if you out of the U.S. then dont bother messaging me. Reread my profile

1/7/2015 3:57:20 AM
Just went thru and deleted all my.messages..had way to many

1/7/2015 3:25:34 AM
Im bored. Laying here nude.

1/6/2015 5:14:27 AM
No one to play with or to talk to

1/6/2015 5:03:00 AM
Added a few more pics to my profile of my fat belly and udders. Wish i had a goat milking machine so i can just lay here in my bed nude getting my udders milked like a farm animal. Maybe stick one hose on my cunt . Love to just lay like that in front of people. Having them watch me. Wearing a piggy mask maybe a nice big curly tail shoved in my asshole.

1/5/2015 5:32:54 AM
Laying the way my udders and belly hang when I lay on my side

1/5/2015 5:26:45 AM

1/5/2015 4:54:42 AM
Laying nude in bed...freezing outside..but love being nude walking around. Had one Dom want yo fuck my belly fat as I sqeal and oink. Mmmm

1/4/2015 2:52:35 PM
Suks. Now im horney . No one to talk to.

1/4/2015 2:41:24 PM
Im nude and laying in bed. No balls to drain

1/4/2015 12:35:02 PM
Im.home..cant wait to get naked

1/4/2015 9:27:22 AM
Bored and horney

1/3/2015 1:52:34 PM
Oink oink oink Snort snort snort Grunt grunt grunt Squeal squeal squeal

1/3/2015 1:51:17 PM
There is something great about being a piggy. Just knowing with each oink..snort..or grunt that. Someones cock is getting hard or cunt is getting wet makes my sow cunt wet. I love the freeing feeling of being an animal. Treated like livestock. That humiliating feeling of being called names or laughed at. I cant explain it. Getting my udders slapped and seeing them flop around. Having to bend over and spread my hig ass. Feeling a hand being stuffed in my cunt.

12/31/2014 6:17:34 AM
Good morning. Hoping to get a few off this morning. I did a total of 6 by thw end yesterday. Im pretty sure they all liked it. One came twice

12/30/2014 9:25:30 AM
Bored..playing with my peehole

12/30/2014 7:29:34 AM
Not too bad. I got three guys off this morning via phone.

12/30/2014 5:44:54 AM
Nice morning for piggy. I got a guy off. On the phone. Drained his balls like a good sow!!

12/29/2014 12:33:55 PM
Ahh Just got home. Removed the two apples..feels nice and open. LoL.

12/29/2014 9:58:37 AM
Someone told me I should try to get a jar of vicks..peel the label..remove the lid. Stick it up my cunt. So when i remove it later is all melted and drips down my legs. So it looks like im a cum dump lol. Plus I love the way it burns.

12/29/2014 9:55:03 AM
AStill running errsnds. But im loving the apples shoved up mu cunt

12/29/2014 7:37:27 AM
Cunt is soaked. Have too much to do to do today. But maybe later I will try to get my self off. For shoving two apples up my cunt while I do my errands

12/28/2014 7:16:14 AM
Bored today. Nude in bed..playing With my fat cunt..wishing i could drain some balls on the phone. But no one wants to call.

11/28/2014 6:48:33 AM
REMOVE ANYONE ASKING FOR GIFT CARDS OR MONEY!! This site is not meant for this.

11/28/2014 5:41:51 AM
Finally got a few pics to upload..let me kniw how you like them.

11/28/2014 4:43:00 AM
Seems when I want someone to use me..or to text one is around

11/28/2014 1:27:56 AM
I have been reading journals today. I see LOTS of people asking and some demanding money..or even gift cards?? It amazes me that some actually do it!! Hell send some my way!!

11/27/2014 7:32:27 AM
Just put a bigger marker in my peehole..rubbed vicks all over burns. Was sticking some shampoo bottles up my cunt..trying to open it some more..feels great..but hard to keep my lefs up and do it !! Cant WAIT for my holes to be stuffed..and I can oink like the sow I am . Love being humiluated

11/25/2014 10:59:12 AM
Well i got someone off that i played with my fat pig cunt and came too...had my peehole filled..and a candle up my ass

11/25/2014 6:45:58 AM
.Ok..had a dream last nite..i was nude..and a master had put leaches on my nipples and clit. Never had one on me

11/25/2014 5:12:04 AM
I hate this..I have ppics of me nude..showing my fat belly..udders and one of my cunt. But I cant get them to upload onto this site or email. I can only text them wtf. I really wanted them on here to hear comments.

11/24/2014 6:28:58 AM
Im willing to do phone sex

11/24/2014 6:28:56 AM
Im willing to do phone sex

11/23/2014 9:30:06 AM
It suks. Im laying here nude..just slid a sharpie marker into my peehole. Put vicks on it so it burns. And i have no one over 55 that wants to call orr text

11/23/2014 8:58:37 AM
Just took some pics..cant seem to load them

11/23/2014 3:02:05 AM
Im sick of not having any friends

11/20/2014 5:31:54 AM
Plus my cunt really needs to be stuffed..maybe I will have to find sonething around the house to stuff it with?? It opens wide so I love to stuff things inside and leave them there for a while. I remember a few years ago..a Master that used me on a reg basis..He would have me come over. I was to be nude all the time I was with him. He had a snout..ears and a nice buttplug with a bright pink curly tail for me. Once he set me was to lay on my back..pull open my fat legs..and Master would get a can of crisco. Lube up and open my cunt. He then had a big fist dildo with a long arm. Master would stuff it deep in my cunt..but leave the arm dangle. I had to walk around like this for his enjoyment and my humiliation of course. If felt great. Loved it. I would do house hold duties while waddling around lol. In between sucking Masters cock and my fav..sucking and licking Masters balls... i loved that. He woukd beat me..punch mu fat belly..and hanging udders..slap my face.... Sadly..I had to move. Now I wish. I still had that done to me.. i miss it

11/20/2014 5:15:30 AM
..... piggy is so bored !! Getting a cold too...horney..could really use someone to beat my udders

11/19/2014 5:17:45 AM
Another morning for this pig to play with herself alone. Wish an older Daddy..Master...or Farmer would call so I could drain their balls and oink. I love to oink..grunt and sqeal..knowing someone is jacking off as I do it. Knowing I drained soneones balls is awsome. After we are done. We hang up and I torture myself until I cum..and sqeal like such a good piggy..

11/19/2014 3:26:56 AM
Just woke up. Its cold here. Started to play with my fat cunt and peehole. I just love having my peehole stuffed. Yanked on my clit for a bit

11/18/2014 5:33:20 AM
Im nude in bed..playing with my peehole. Horney. Wishing I could oink on the phone for an older Dom.

11/17/2014 3:00:05 PM
So...just took pics of myself nude. Belly hanging down..udders flopped out....sent them to a pld man. He called me..and had me oink..sqeal...ans grunt on the phone as he jacked off. Called me hog..pig..sow...humilated me. I loved it!! Dont understand why I love it. But I do. After we hung up...I watched some vid on xvideo...some BBW SLAVE FISTING..I stuck a pen in my peehole...and ended up cumming so hard I squirted!!

11/15/2014 6:31:12 AM
Just had a nice phone session with a Daddy. He had me oink..snort and squeal on the phone as I fucked my cunt with my fist!! I loved it..also had a pen in my peehole... All my fat shook abd my fat udders were flopping as my fist opened. Cunt. Daddy was very pleased. I sent him pics and he loved my hog cunt nice and opened. I love being a pig. If u want to leave comments..feel free to..oink oink

11/14/2014 6:05:45 AM
Just got someone off on the phone. I had my fist in my cunt oinking and grunting. Belly and udders flopping all over. He came and i was happy to drain his balls

11/14/2014 4:55:39 AM
Just laying in bed nude. Fat belly all spread out..saggy udders hanging to the side. Playing and yanking in my meaty pig clit...quietly oinking.... Thinking of being on all 4s..belly and udders hanging down. With a pig mask on..curly tail up my sow ass..while a pig farmer or Master milks me. Punches my fat belly..making me oink abd squeal

11/13/2014 12:22:08 PM
Well im back ..oink oink lol. Been a long while but still around. Have not been used in a long time..but gained weight so im even fatter than before. Hope to talk to some of my old fans soon

11/7/2013 7:17:12 AM
Just lahing in bed..nude.fat udders hanging...i have a smaller plastic bottle shoved up my asshole..just feelig it open. the jottle is about the size of a thick laying and rocking back and forth...watching all my fat shakw. wish i had someone to slap ky belly and udders

10/23/2013 7:00:51 AM

looks like im meeting someone in about an hour at a motel.. .. gonna get my cunt opened up.. cant wait..

10/23/2013 5:39:34 AM

OK.. got used last nite. pretty good.. he had his fist up my sow cunt pretty good.. ramming it making my udders shake.... punched my udders.. and belly flap.. making them flop around.. had to oink a little... then he flipped me over.. and probed my asshole.. he got like three fingers in it.. slowly opening.. it will take a few times to open my asshole up... but my cunt.. no prob.. it opens up after a while.. just takes a few... he pulled and yanked my clit..  put clamps on my nipples... clled me names.. i loved it..


Then agian. on all fours.. udders hanging down.. he milked me like the pig I am.. mking sure I oinked and squealed... he also got a nice plug up my ass with a curly tail .. I was SO next time.. I get a snout.. :) 


He then had me crawl on the ground..kicked my cunt and ass a few times....then came on my back.. but still kicked me.. he came a few more times... next time he is getting some apples.. one to stuff my mouth with.. cause Im a hog  and will stuff my hog hole cunt with as many as he can.. cant wait..

10/17/2013 10:59:56 AM

Im gonna be used good tonite.. this guy actually really works mypig cunt well...punches my udders.. and belly.. and opens my ass up nicely.. I love it.. he likes me to oink.. :)

11/24/2012 9:42:10 AM

well i was just used in someones car .. just my tits were slapped around .. nipps pulled ..then fingered my cunt and I could not get pants get fisted.  But he said he will be useing me again...jacked off on my tits....and then I finsihed my shopping tits were smacked and they would shake and bounce after every smack.  I loved it..I feel cheap and humilated...mmmm the guy was well over 55.. and that was perrfect...

11/17/2012 5:06:19 AM

Ok.. laying in bed right now.. with a hammer handle stuck deep up my fat asshole...I so love this pain....and the window shade is up.. hoping someone in the trailer park next to me sees me nude...oh how I need to be used..humilated and caled names.. but for now.. i guess I will watch some xhamster bdsm vids of fat slaves being used...and wishing it was me.? 

11/16/2012 9:27:57 AM

I masterbated this moring... nice and hard.. squirted all over the bed.. it was so great.. I was watching some porn on Xhampster...... they have GREAT clips.. I love the big fat BDSM ones.. where they are getting fisted hard.. and their fat is shaking all over.. and when they are humiliated and called names.. slapping their asses.. and tits.. I love it.. There is one I seen before.. I would love to have done.. Putting my udders in a the kind in a workshop..nice and tight.. then beat the shit ouf of me.. and fist me.. then fuck my ass... mmmm  I love that shit..I woudl really love to try.. SOMEDAY.. not now.. to have my nipples nailed to a board or log... that would look amazing.. and feel good too.. but I have to toughen up my udders...before that..

11/15/2012 11:43:07 AM

Well.. finally getting settled... cant wait to be used again soon.  I know some of you have used me in the past.. if yu have.. please feel free to post it on here so others know Im real..

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