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I am a 51yr old maleDominantMaster in the NW Indiana region. I have good job and make a VERY comfortable living, have my own home(dont live with parents), pay my bills(on time) and have an enviable credit rating. I have lived the BDSM lifestyle, in real time, most of my adult life and have the friends and acquaintances as references to back it up.

I function most effectively in a Master-slave situation, but I wont rule out a taboo Daddy-daughter relationship. High maintenance little girls baby girls who are just in it to be the constant center of attention and have their Daddy cater to their every need and emotional whim can pass me by. I am seeking one who has a hard wired NEED to serve and please another. I am open to a submissive, but she will need to be on the more extreme end of the spectrum to adequately fill the need. I seek the one who has that hard-wired drive to put her desires subsequent to her Masters. In other words, a girl who has the inner need to please others and SERVE.

Im open to a part-time slut(or two) for occasional fun, however my ultimate goal is to find a female(possibly a couple where both are submissive), for a 2-47, live-in, service-oriented, domestic servanthouse sex slave.

If, after reading this, you might be interested in getting better acquainted, feel free to email me. Slave subs who feel its inappropriate to initiate contact have my explicit approval to email me as I cant possibly screen all profiles, and I would be disappointed to miss a good candidate because she was too hesitant to reach out.

NOTE Ive been getting a lot of interest from new submissives interested in learning about the lifestyle. So, to all the new, green, untrained submissives Im a long-time Master with some extreme proclivities with respect to degradation, groveling, pain, punishment, kink, etc. If you dont have at least deep desire to dive into the deeper end of the BDSM pool or dont wish to live the lifestyle outside of the bedroom, I might not be the one for you to try to test the waters so to speak. If you harbor desires that are simply too kinky or taboo for the vanilla world, feel very free to contact me.
Wow, just wow, are there actually any REAL female submissives left on this site?! I just checked every profile on the first page of a search, and every single profile was provably fake. Not one single real female sub on an entire page view from a search. Every profile proved to be a prank or scam once a reverse image search showed all the pics were lifted from porn sites or other places on the web. This used to be a pretty decent site when it was Collate, now it's just a place for pranksters and internet scammers to place ads with impossibly beautiful girls all wanting to be used in the most degrading ways and they're all 5'6" native Americans and seem to weight 63lbs. I think some of the foreigners posting don't u derstand English weights and measures. What a waste of a site with tremendous potential.
I will add to my previous rant to any and all real people on here. Do NOT send anyone you have not met in person money! I don't care if they tell you they need bus fare, gas money, or they need to pay their former master money that they owe, or their mother is sick and needs surgery/medicine before they can come to you. Anyone asking you to wire money is a scammer!!
I think this site is 90%, or higher, fake, at least in the profiles for females. Most of the profikes on here are eventually going to lead up to trying to get cash oit of you. It's almost always the relatively same scam played by probably 75% of the so-called sub profiles on here. There are probably men chasing real girls on this site at a ratio of 1000 to 1 or even greater. Over half the female profiles on here are quite obviously fake, while at least half the others are discernable as fake once you go through one or two emails, and that's only if you actually get an answer to an initial email. I'm half convinced that the people running this site are in on the scam because there is no way in hell that they can be unaware of the high percentage of scam profiles on here. They either don't care about the integrity of this site or they're in on it.
I'm starting a new feature in my journal,? a list of fake or scammer profiles!!!? Remember everyone,?men and women alike, don't send ANYONE on here money unless you've met them in person first.? You would be safer to never send anyone money period, but at least make sure you've met them IN PERSON.? Don't rely on webcams or phone calls, they can actually be faked pretty easily.? Anyone?giving you a sob story about mom being sick and needs surgery or meds before she can leave to be with you-SCAM.? Any alleged slave who says they can't leave to be with you until they pay their current or former master money they owe-SCAM.? Anyone that says they're packed and ready to travel to meet you but needs cash for gas or a ticket-SCAM.? Don't send these people money, you will?never see them or your cash again!

Here is the list:

I need to get this off my chest, so I'm going to rant a bit. ? It gets very frustrating with all these ads up by submissives, and you offer them EXACTLY what they say they want, and they don't even bother to respond or even read the email. These profiles say they don't want one liners, so you craft a decent introduction, and the message goes "deleted unread". Out off the ones that actually show as read, over 90% can't even manage a decent polite response. ?How can any of you expect to meet or find someone when you won't even acknowledge the emails that you solicit to begin with? ?How rude is that?