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Dom/Domme Couple, 54/50,  Tiny Town, Nebraska
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Once again, seeking a slave. Female only. Natural, no trans. BBW is preferred by him, she tends to hold model types as her preference.

We are looking for long term ownership. Financially stable, but doing a bit of cleanup before comfortable retirement. So for right now, out working like few would, so later can live like few would.

former IT professionals, now team driving a truck. Will only be doing this less than five years. Slave may split time between truck and home, serving in both.

Odd placement for the first few years - be willing to work toward the end goal.

Previous profile

Seeking slave girl for domestic, sexual and various fetish use.

True Power whispers - it has no need to shout. We search diligently for our female (natural born, no pre or post ops) slave - but if Weve missed you - dont let being shy keep you from contacting Us if you feel that you would be what We seek.

We seek a overweight girl with perhaps a farm background - someone who sees herself as a slave in more than just sex. We put in a lot of work on our place - its not all fun and games, this is real life. No smokers - must be DD free.

We seek 247 TPE ownership - but will do shorter time as long as the goal is towards lifetime ownership.

One more thing - this is aimed at scammers, not true slaves. We will NOT send money to anyone. We may show up and help you relocate - but will not send money to do so.








 Tiny Town 





Gender Identity:










 6' 4"

 220 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 9"

 220 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Anal Play (Expert)




 Breast Play

 Cane / Crop Discipline



 Being Massaged

 Domestic Service


 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Sensory Deprivation







 Body Worship

 Corner Time


 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Public Exhibition

 Foot Worship



 Medical Play


 Sensation Play

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Speech Restrictions



 Wax Play

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Journal Entries:
4/7/2018 10:39:57 AM
We finally found our 'Cheerio' - had to go through a lot of Froot Loops to find her - but We've got her!  :) 

6/1/2017 6:50:00 AM
Amazes me what some people will put on Facebook.     But we are still looking for a hucow that can 'make the cows jealous'!

3/7/2017 10:39:28 AM
3/7/2017  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Would love have a slave doing this with my wife and I.

5/5/2014 2:08:47 PM

This post is Mike Rowe's advice on a guy searching for a career.    Mike first gives him some good advice... then rereads what the guy wants and has some other advice.


Advice that could be put to good use here as well.   Are you a slave looking for the 'perfect situation'?   Are you like 'Claire' looking for her soulmate but not willing to do ANYTHING different to increase the possibility of actually finding him?


We are not a 'perfect situation' (you'll search for years before finding out it doesn't exist) but we do have a position for a female slave.    Send us a message if you want to know more.

10/27/2013 5:06:10 AM
This is from softlysurrenders journal - but if you are a female slave wanting the same, you would fit serving Us. Things I want.... ?I want a man to desire me so much he cannot wait to fill me with his cock and only removes the clothes needed to get it done. ?I want a man to grab me by the? thorat and? say "mine". I want? to feel the fullness of being fisted. I want to? watch as the man who owns me fucks another woman. I want to lick his cum out of her body. I want to clean his cock of her juices. I want to sleep on the floor beneath them and know that I served well. I? want to feel objectified and humiliated. I want to feel loved and desired. I want to be 'forced' to masturbate? for his pleasure. I want ride his boot? and lick my pussy juices off after. I want him to look at me with pride. I want to share inside jokes. I want to cuddle.? I know all these things are possible.

3/26/2013 4:40:11 PM

Second posting from "slavegirljennife"  both of these entries have been edited for content.  View her profile for the full entries.   However, both of these entries have been approved by both my wife and I - we feel these posts reflect our position on owning slaves.





Although a lot of dominant people won't admit it to a candidate slave, I believe that the vast majority of dominants feel that the single most important thing they look for in a slave is a creature with an excellent body. It's all about the body. Nobody wants to own something cheap and second rate. Everybody wants possessions of quality. The first thing Dommes and Doms look at is a potential slave's body and they're looking at it in order to decide if it's lean enough, firm enough, strong enough, attractive enough, and desirable enough to satisfy their needs and desires. Like any commodity, it's the slave with the finest body that attracts attention, holds people's interest, and is snatched up and taken off the market first. And, there are three very good reasons why it's the body that slave owner consider first, and all of those reasons are related to why people want to own a slave in the first place.


The first reason is work. People bring full time slaves into their home in order to heap on their backs all of the mundane and boring housework and chores that have to be done on a daily basis. Dominant people value their relaxation, comfort, leisure, and free time. Why should they spend their own energy and waste their own valuable time performing manual labor that is beneath their dignity. A slave is a natural beast of burden, the same as any common plow horse or pack mule, so the advantage of owning one is being able to make it do your work for you. Owning a slave if one of life's greatest luxuries because, as a dominant and superior being, you can sit back comfortably with a cool drink and watch some naked creature sweat and toil on your behalf and for your benefit. Dominants don't want to bother cleaning up after a good meal. They want to lounge while they digest it, so it's the slave who not only cooks and serves the meal but scrubs the pots and pans used to prepare the food that the slave never even got to taste. Dominants don't want to scrub floors and toilets. They want to relax while their slave gets down on its knees like a dog to clean the floors, and plunges its hands into the toilet water to clean shit stains off the bottom of the bowl. Dominants don't want to make beds, sweep, vacuum, or spend time doing other such menial tasks when they could be watching television, reading, or going out for a good time. So, they give those tasks to lowlife slaves whose time belongs to them anyway and who have nothing more important to do than keep their owners home clean and tidy. Dominants simply need a body to do these things for them. But, it has to be a strong body that can be worked long and hard doing for dominants what they would otherwise have to do for themselves if it were not for the fact that they own a slave. It's the body that's important when it comes to performing slave labor. That body has to be of the kind of quality that it can tolerate having its back broken under heavy loads, and can be worked a good long time before it collapses from exhaustion. WORK! One of the only three reasons for owning a slave requires ONLY a good body.


The second reason is sex. People bring full time slaves into their home in order to have a body conveniently on hand to satisfy their sexual desires on demand and at any time of the day or night. But, sex between a slave and its owner is a different type of sex than you find in an ordinary vanilla relationship. Slaves are expected to satisfy their owners EVERY sexual desire. That means, the slave is subjected to sex acts that a dominant would never think of imposing on their own spouse because those acts are simply too gross, too vile, too indecent, too immoral, too vulgar, and too perverse to expect your lifelong mate, and a person on your own level and with your own status, to have to endure for the sake of your own personal pleasure. So, dominants impose these humiliating and degrading sex acts on their slaves instead. A slave, after all, is nothing more than flesh and body parts. A dominant doesn't have to be concerned about a slave's feelings. It doesn't matter if a slave feels violated, ravaged, devalued, and debased. Dominants don't have to ask beforehand if they can inflict a disgusting sex act on what is viewed as merely a piece of sexmeat. Dominants don't have to apologize to a slave afterward for doing atrocious sexual things to its body. And, dominants don't have to concern themselves about reciprocating or seeing to it that the slave gets any personal gratification out of the sex acts taking place. The slave performs for the dominant and not the other way around. But, what a slave needs to give the dominant satisfaction is a good body. Dominants want buxom slavegirls with tight ladyholes and slaveboys with a long, thick penis. When dominants run their hands over slave flesh they want to feel firmness not flab. When they snap their fingers and demand sex they want a female who will lubricate and a male who will go into erection on command. When dominants have sex with a common slave they want a body that's attractive, desirable, pleasing to look at, fun to touch, and of the kind of quality that arouses their own sexual urges. SEX! Another of the only three reasons for owning a slave requires ONLY a good body.


The third reason is torture. People bring full time slaves into their home in order to have a vulnerably naked creature on hand when they have the urge to vent their sadistic urges. It is not the least bit unreasonable for a dominant person to expect a slave to endure pain and suffering for no reason at all except the fact that the dominant gets personal satisfaction out of exercising power and authority over a helplessly restrained creature, and personal enjoyment out of being the only one who can grant or deny a slave mercy and relief. Slavery in a BDSM context is between a sadist and a masochist, so it is perfectly normal and natural for the dominant sadist to torture the masochistic slave merely for the sake of providing the dominant with some amusement and entertainment on what might otherwise be a boring afternoon. It would be evil to inflict torture on someone who didn't want to feel the pain it causes, but there is nothing evil about inflicting torture on a masochistic slave who can not only tolerate it but actually wants it. Sadistic urges, like masochistic urges, simply can't be denied or ignored. When they surface they simply MUST be relieved. So, dominants own slaves in order to have a thing on hand that they can hang from the rafters and whip to welts on a spur of the moment and whenever the urge to do something cruel tickles their fancy. Dominants have an unquestioned right to do this. But, it takes a good body to be able to stand the stress and strain of things like prolonged suspension. Dominants will do things like hang a slave in some twisted and contorted position, whip it severely, and then just sit back with a drink for a long time to look at that mass of welted flesh swaying back and forth from its ropes, listen to the sobs and moans coming out of it, smell the scent of its suffering sweat in the air, and swoon with sadistic delight at the overall impact of all those things on the dominant's senses. That body has to be strong enough not only endure the pain but also to just hang there for a good long time so the dominant can look at it, listen to it, and smell it. TORTURE! The final of the ONLY three reasons for owning a slave requires ONLY a good body.


So, that is my view of things. The only reasons for owning a slave are work, sex, and torture and the only thing a slave needs in order to give dominants what they want in these three areas is a strong, healthy, attractive body. Like I said, it's all about the body and nothing else. I think most, if not the majority, of dominants really don't want to be burdened with tending to a slave's wants, needs, and desires. Slave ownership is a totally selfish thing meant entirely for the benefit of the slave owner and NOT the slave. Dominants don't care about a slave's thoughts, feeling, hopes, or dreams. Dominants just want a creature's body for work, sex, and torture and that's all that's of any importance. I'm sure that if it could be done, dominants would have their slave's brains removed and discarded because what's left are the only parts worth keeping. A slave's worth and value lies entirely in its body and nothing else. Am I wrong? I don't think so.

3/26/2013 4:31:42 PM

I'm going to post a couple journal entries from "slavegirljennife"  I liked them so well that I think they are worth re-posting.


You have a relationship with your wife.  You have an arrangement of convenience with a slave.

A wife is the woman you make love to and the woman with whom you share orgasms.  A slave is that thing you drag out whenever you feel like sodomizing or skull fucking a female body without giving a damn if she gets anything out of it or not.

A wife is that woman you love and respect as an equal.  A slave is that thing you use, abuse, and mistreat for your own personally selfish benefit.

A wife is your companion, confidant, and best friend and her opinions and ideas matter to you.  A slave is that mindless animal crawling around your house that you keep around so you have a female body to exploit whenever you wish.

A wife is the woman you cherish and your relationship with her is the most important thing in the world to you.  A slave is that slab of cheap meat that means nothing to you and if she leaves you'll just find another piece of lowlife trash as a replacement.

A wife is an irreplaceable partner.  A slave is a disposable commodity.

When your wife makes you mad, a slave is the thing you whip and beat to vent your anger.

A slave is the thing that sweats and toils around the house so your wife doesn't have to do it herself and can truly become the queen of your castle.

Guys, I'm sorry but you shouldn't try to turn a slave into a wife.  A woman really can't be both and you shouldn't try to make one woman fill both roles.  Get a wife.  Have a serious and meaningful relationship with a life partner.  Then, get a slave who's there just to provide you with a female body you can do things to that you'd never dream of doing to that special someone to whom you're married.  Have the best of both worlds and forget that nonsense about having a relationship with the female you call your slave.  Let a wife be a wife and let a slave be a slave.  Don't try to mix the two or you're just going to end up with a hybrid species that won't really give you the very best of both roles.

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