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With over 16 years in the BDSM lifestyle I have much to offer. I am a no-nonsense, strict, but fair man and dominant. Be ready to serve in all ways, have fun and play hard. Be open to learning what this way of life is all about. I have recently released my slave and divorced her. She wass collared to me in 2002
What most people refer to as the “Lifestyle”, or “BDSM” is a way of Life for me. It’s much different than the weekend spank-me-tickle-me thing that some do (although, I have no problem with those that are just weekenders). I am serious about my way of life and its ideals, but am just as serious about our FUN. In my house there is a ton of love and fun. That being said though, there is also servitude in its purest form.

Don't be one of these onliner freaks who think that what you have to offer is some magnanimous gift that you can give and take at will. (I get tired of dealing with the ‘subbie mafia’ on alt as well as other venues). I get quite tired of talking to people that in the end, are either lying about who they are and what they want, or only interested in jacking off on their keyboards. If that’s you, take the train, I don’t have time.

I've been 'chatting' with folks on the internet and via other means, since 1990 (yes, I am a retired computer geek). I like this mode of becoming acquainted with folks prior to meeting them in real life....but that's the bottom line for me. As much as I love chatting, I am NOT into cyber games or drama and don't tolerate it well at all. If I like you, and you seem trustworthy, you're just as likely to get invited to my home.

Don't be intimidated or bashful to write to me.

I look forward to getting to know you.

I am seeking a female slave. Someone that knows they want to be a complete slave to me. The slave I choose will be my property and mine alone.

I seek a person who has the passion and fire for this way of life and know what it is that they seek. Be honest with yourself and above all, be honest with me, I can spot a fake a mile away. Be someone that has crossed over the vanilla bridge into the life of a slave.

I am kind and fair, yet firm as the Rock of Gibraltar. I am intelligent and humorous. I bring to the table the ability to teach and train you much about what it means to be in this way of life (as opposed to it being a 'lifestyle'). Another thing. Even though I’m middle aged, I seek someone younger than myself to train to my way of life I really don’t want to have to un-train someone just to train them again to what I desire. Have the ability to talk on one of the many messenger technologies. I prefer yahoo. I also want the ability, and will give you my number so that we can stay in touch by text. Let’s talk.

As of today (December 5th, 2013) I've made some significant changes in my profile.  If you've read it before, you may want to read it again for the changes.

As of today, I am still seeking that one who will help me define our life together.  You're out there somewhere, I just know it. :)