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Yes, Im married. No, I dont play with my husband. While not interested in this lifestyle he is very supportive of MY interest.

I am a biological female top. I use my real name.

I have been out since June 1999, when I attended my first Burghermunch workshop. I have been affiliated with the Burghermunch (now Pittsburgh Bridge) for nearly 20 years and seen the group go through many changes, including the name. I was an active, card-carrying member of the Burgh Bears for 4 years and Steel Valley Leather for the same amount of time.

I dont believe a person has to be domineering to be dominant. Having the ability to be kind, caring and compassionate does not make one weak.

I am looking for a bottom that is able to attend various local and regional scene-related events. Level of experience is not a deciding factor. If you want to be with me (collared or not) youll need to do a lot of thinking. I dont micromanage nor do I issue orders (much). I want a thinking, high-functioning adult capable of making decisions based on information given.

I do not accept tribute of any kind. I am in this for fulfillment, not profit.

Please note: I will be moving to the East of Cleveland, Ohio in late May. 

After 2 wonderful & fulfilling years, Michael has (at my urging) found someone with whom he can build upon and expand his life.  Living together, engaged to be married & saving to buy a house.  He's come a very long way and I am SO very proud of him. 

He has been released form his collar and our contract of service terminated.  If his brother backs out, I wanna be best man since it was all my idea.

But now I have to carry stuff myself again......
Alrighty, Jason in another state.  You send a message but have no active profile.  How am I to answer your question?
After many years of interviews, coffee dates, play dates and disappointment I have finally found someone that I find to be the perfect combination of challenge and comfort.  Welcome to my world, Michael.  Wear my collar with pride and may we have many years together.
Can people truly not count?  Is it so difficult to look on the screen and see just how far apart our locations are?  By 'easy commute' I mean within a 2 hour (+/-) drive.  Since I'm in SW PA, this means, oh...Erie.  Cleveland.  MAYBE Columbus.  Not OKLAHOMA, fer crying out loud!  Telling me "I travel a lot in my work" isn't gonna cut it, either.  I mean 'nearby' ALL THE TIME, not just a few times a year.  Sheesh.