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I am Mistress Simone, a curvy professional domina. I specialize in corporal,bondage and medical torment. My professional experience is over 22 years, yes this means PROFESSIONAL_DOMME! My talents are varied and many. My sessions can range from a playful spanking to a intense psychological mindtrip.I do enjoy a more ritualistic, spiritual session where there is an intense energy exchange between myself and the person I am playing with on an ethical note.
PLEASE note I do not often check CM due to high % of time wasters. If you are a sincere submissive inquiring into seeing me, please refer to my main site. www chicago-mistress dot com

Even in my professional play, I expect honest and open communication between myself and the sub. All levels of lifestyle experience are welcome to see me. Novices are encouraged to apply as I am adapt at assisting them become comfortable. Edge players will also not be disappointed as I enjoy my deeper, edgy fetishes.
My studio is private, clean and easily accessed via most means of transportation. I work with several other dominas if you seek co-domme sessions. I also have a female submissive and male master available.
I do provide specific fetish training to fellow dominants of both sexes,couples training and lifestyle mentoring.
Fetishes I particularly enjoy are: medical play, mummification, enemas, spanking, strict mannerism service , foot, shoe and boot worship,bondage,sensory deprivation, orgasm denial/control,feminization,play piercing,heavy corporal,caning,life schedule control,key-holding,chastity and cbt.
I will listen to your interests beforehand to insure your session direction. If you are seeking to definitely explore a certain fetish or aspect of your kink,please make sure it is clearly stated. You will be provided with a safe-word.
I am bisexual, so females are welcome to enter my tutelage. Sessions are discrete.
I will NOT acknowledge any requests for illegal activities, so don't ask!
And finally...if you do not like my curves, tough! Keep your narrow minded attitude of beauty to your self and go seek Barbie!

Visiting Columbus,Ohio from Sept. 12th to 17th.


Will be accepting sessions while there.


Medical, Spanking, Shoe and foot worship, Bondage.


All traveling sessions require a deposit. Visit my website for full session interests and details:


www chicago-mistress dot com

Visiting Las Vegas from February 29th to March 3rd.

Will be accepting sessions while there.

Medical, Spanking, Shoe and foot worship, Bondage.

All traveling sessions require a deposit. Visit my website for full session interests and details:

www chicago-mistress dot com

I will be visiting Edmonton for a convention I am speaking at from February 13th to 18th. While there I will be available for session with a few select boys. Limited session times. Bringing toy bag equipped with medical, corporal and bondage. Sessions available include:
foot worship
boot worship

Applications and screenings required.
All travel sessions require a deposit. Please PM for full details.
I look forward to possibly playing with you!

Visit my website for application and full details.

I will be visiting Atlanta for Domcon this year.October 11th to 16th.

While there, sessions will be available.
I will be traveling with full medical gear, including infusions;latex and darlex body bags, straight jacket,whips and much more.
Mistress Xena and AlexandraSadista
Double and triple sessions at a very special tribute rate are available.
Watch out Atlanta: the Chicago triple threat is heading your way!
Please call 773-991-3908 or email to arrange your time.

Upcoming travels:
Tulsa, Oklahoma: Sept. 14th and 15th for IPTC. I am honored to be judging the official return of the International Puppy and Trainer Contest.

Altanta, Georgia: October 11th to 15th for DomCon. I will be attending with my partner in crime, Mistress Xena. networking with other wonderful domme friends and meeting new ones.

In both these states, I will accepting sessions, especially Domcon. Please PM me for session details.

In honor of International Mr. Leather being in Chicago, this weekend, I am offering a special tribute rate for the next four days ONLY! If desire to take advantage if this offer, you must email me at my main address : mssimone@chicago-mistress dot com. All fetishes included, no sexual exchange.

I will be in Chicago for the next three weekends due to parties and sessions. Have some free time and would love to see some new fresh toys to play with.Come show me how well you can serve!



Class presented by: Ms.Simone
Topic: Female Domination 101
Date: Friday: April 27th, 2012
8pm-9pm (class)
9pm-12am (play-party)
Bring your own toys
$10 admission
RSVP: mistressxena_chicago  at  yahoo dot  com


Female Domination 101: So you found a male whom you desire to train. Now what? This lecture covers some of the basic concepts of female domination from intact interviews with males to training positions. Ms Simone will share her insights on the joys, trials and challenges of living life as a female dominatrix. She will show you how to develop control of the male submitting to you from different perspectives such as sensual, maternal and strict. A variety of male sub genres will be discussed such as sissies, cuckolds, pain sluts, crossdressers, sexual slaves and service boys. One of her goals is to enable the feminine audience to tap their feminine wiles, goddess energy and female eroticism to enhance the connection between them and their males.

She will answer questions honestly from her own unique point of view. No demo component, this class is geared towards open discussion, audience inquiries and the exchange of female power knowledge.

Ms.Simone's BIO:

Labels help define us when we first start out in this life and when first meeting someone new. However, I hate to place spirits in cages so I do not feel labels are all defining on who you are. But for those who desire to know some of mine(in no particular order):
*Leather title holder(International Trainer 2004, First Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2008,Ms. Great Lakes Olympus 2008,International Ms. Olympus 2009)
*Professional Dominatrix
At this point in my journey ,I seek to engage with those who desire to explore deeper into their submission,soul and psyche. My main focus is on my professional sessions and community education/activism. While I enjoy teaching on a wide array of topics ,my specialties are CBT, Female dominance, medical play,mummification and needles.

Am home in Saint Louis for the week, accepting sessions.

Again I say, if you are a narrow minded, shallow , egotistical person who finds joy in insulting those who do not fall into your narrow conception of beauty as my Momma said" It is better to say nothing than to say something rude, stupid and keep your mouth shut!" Submuscularboy ,this refers to you and your rude post.

If you are a sincere submissive who desires a talented, skilled domina with 20 years professional experience to session with ,please do contact me via my main website ,www chicago-mistress dot com. I do not often check CM due to the high volume of fakes, wankers and time wasters on here.

If you are sincere is scheduling a session ,I will be home in Chicago and Saint Louis for the next few weeks and love to see all sincere boys.

Home for the Holidays, accepting sessions.

I will be home in Chicago/Saint Louis for the next month. I would love to reconnect with my boys and see some new ones. Email my main address for session inquiries.

Atlanta travel dates : June 9th to 12th.

Will be accepting sessions while there.

Please PM for all appointment requests.

I will be visiting the West Coast finally! San Francisco look out!
The Ma'am Hand is raring to spank some bare bottoms!
Sessions will be available for the following:
Foot worship
Tease and denial

Please email or call me directly to arrange a time. Deposit will be required on all bookings.

My blog:

I will be spending the week-end in my second home of St Louis for one of the best Mardi Gras celebrations in the nation.What better way to celebrate then with some fun,vibrant scenes?
I have time till Tuesday to see a select few for bondage, crossdressing and other activities. Please email directly for time slots.

My blog:

Not seeking 24/7,relocatable, chat, oral service, body worship,cuckhold,forced bi or anything else along these lines.


I am seeking sincere, educated,polite and generous gentlemen for professional sessions ONLY>


If you seek to play with likewise in female form with 20 years of professional experience to draw from ,please message me here.


I greatly enjoy heavy bondage, feminization, corporal and medical.

Upcoming travels:


San Francisco, CA.


Cleveland ,Ohio


Atlanta, GA.




Will be taking sessions in all these locations. Book now, get your desired spot. PM for details.


My next scheduled trip is San Francisco from April 13th till 17th. I will be accepting sessions while there. Please PM for details.

Not seeking 24/7,relocatable, chat, oral service, body worship,cuckhold,forced bi or anything else along these lines.

I am seeking sincere, educated,polite and generous gentlemen for professional sessions ONLY>

If you seek to play with likewise in female form with 20 years of professional experience to draw from ,please message me here.

I greatly enjoy heavy bondage, feminization, corporal and medical.

Upcoming travels:

San Francisco, CA.

Cleveland ,Ohio

Atlanta, GA.


Will be taking sessions in all these locations. Book now, get your desired spot. PM for details.


Traveling to Boston January 14th till 17th. Accepting sessions while there. Please contact me via PM if interested.

Mistress Simone of Chicago will be traveling to LA to attend Pantheon of Leather. While there, she is able to accept a few select applicants for enhancing her visit to the city of Angels. Limited time slots available.
Will be traveling with devices to ensure your compliance.
Please contact directly via email @

to arrange your inquisition.
I am honored to be allowed to continue my service to the community in my new title role as Ms. Olympus 2009. I am available for events, fundraisers and education to events. Please PM for details.
Our Chicago chapter of ClubFEM , a femme domme/male submissive group is hosting its next party August 1st. Please PM me for details.
The next Chicago ClubFEM chapter play party is June 6th. I would love to see some new attendees ,both genders. It is held at the private play space, The studio. if you have any questions in regards to the party, please message me.
Also, I am home and have returned to accepting sessions.
I will be going to Australia in May. While there, I will be accepting sessions. At this time, I will be with the lovely Mistress Servelan. Solo and double session are available.
Dates in Sydney are :
May 14th to 17th
May 25th to 27th

Dates are subject to change as I will be traveling up the Coast to Brisbane and Cairns.

I specialize in bondage, corporal and medical.
Please feel free to PM if you would enjoy enhancing my trip.
Beyond Leather :April 24th-26th.
I will be attending this wonderful event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. While there I am accepting a few sessions only. I have time on Friday and Saturday. if interested, please PM me.
Chicago ClubFEm first gathering of 2009
The city's only group dedicated to female dominance and male submission invites you to join them for the first play party of 2009:

ClubFEM Play Party Saturday,January 31st
Location: Chicago Studio.
Start time: 9pm.
Lock down : 11pm.
End time: 2am.


You must have previously attended a ClubFEM party or coffee.

If you have not previously attended a CCF function:
You must be known IN PERSON to one female member of ClubFEM. No
onliners, no email exchanges, we must have seen your face!


You must RSVP on the Studio website event page.
TheStudioChicago dot com.
Ladies, this unfortunately does go for
you as well. It allows us to purchase the proper amount of party

RSVPs must be received by Friday,30th. No last minutes. After Midnight
Friday, we will not check online for replies.

Pitch WILL BE accepted on site in sealed envelope. The new location
will be disclosed to those who RSVP only.

Also,please bring a dish or beverage to share. I could also use one or
two boys there early say 8pm to assist me with final arrangements.

If we get a smaller group but evenly numbered that is fine with me.

And boys, keep in mind,Ladies are to be treated with respect at all times!

Mistress Simone of Chicago ClubFEM

Happy New year to all!
I thank those of you who met and served me in 2008. In 2009, I hope to see many new faces and take them further in thier fetish desires. I am not traveling till around mid April, taking it slow this year. So I have plenty of session times for you boys!
Happy Holidays to all! I am home celebrating the season till the end of the year, actually most of January. My travel plans for the upcoming year are quite less than previous ones, so I am excited to be able to reconnect with many of my boys, sissies and sibs.
New ones are welcome to approach for sessions. It is the perfect time: new space, wonderful toys and lots of experience await you!
I was honored this past weekend to be awarded the title of Ms. Great Lakes Olympus 2009. Bringing it home to Chicago and StL!

Over the upcoming title year, I hope to educate and mentor many new places and people. I am seeking to confirm my 2009 travel schedule so if your group or event is interested in bringing me to you, please drop me an email.

I am home now for a bit of fun and relaxation. Please drop me a line if interested in a session.
The Ma'am has landed! I am now home till the end of the year ready to see all my local naughty boys. I will be skulking around the local scene including the two local events at the Studio Chicago. A Halloween party  Saturday october 25th and Chicago Bondage Symposium in November. Please email me for details!
Hello everyone,
I am no longer using my AOL account or AIM at this time due to personal factors. Please refer to the email on the website and the Yahoo messenger name.

Thank you,
Miss Simone

In Atlanta for DomCON from october 8th till 12th. I am accepting sessions while there. Please call me directly from the number on my website as internet is limited.
The Illinois 2008 Leather Family invites you to a special VIP fund raising event.
Hosted by Sir Ben, Illinois Leather Sir 2008, boy Neil, Great Lakes Leatherboy 2009, and Ms Simone, Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2009
When: Friday 9/26/08 9pm- 2am What: A private play party held at the Chicago Studio, Chicago's Premiere Private BDSM Studio! Raffles, Auctions, Drinks & Eats
How much: $10 gets you in for the fun.
What you need: Bring your toys, bring your bottoms, (or bottoms bring your tops or find one here).
Proceeds go to the titleholders' travel funds. Bring plenty for all the fun events planned!
Space is still available. Please contact Miss Simone to attend tonight!.
Donations will be accepted to the Illinois Leather Family Travel Fund. If you are unable to attend due to time or distance, you may still donate via the paypal link if you like. All are appreciated! Its due to our community that we are so honored to represent you!
Contact Miss Simone directly to attend.
We look forward to you joining us.
The Illinois 2008 Leather Family
Sir Ben, Ms. Simone, boy Neil
Busy upcoming week-end.
Friday night: Community Fundraiser for Our local titleholders: Illinois Leather Sir, Sir Ben;Great Lakes Leather Boy,boy neil and Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride, Miss Simone. Held at the Chicago Studio. Full blurb to be posted in message boards. Then Saturday night at the LRA, Miss Simone and Miss Jaded teach one of their favorite classes: Predictament CBT> 6-8pm. For more info ,visit the LRA website.

ClubFEM Play Party Friday, Sept. 19th
Location: Chicago Studio.
Start time: 9pm.
Lock down : 11pm.
End time: 2am.


You must have previously attended a ClubFEM party or coffee.

If you have not previously attended a CCF function:
You must be known IN PERSON to one female member of ClubFEM. No
onliners, no email exchanges, we must have seen your face!


You must RSVP to me at my email>

or Miss
Jaded NO LATER than Thursday. Ladies, this unfortunately does go for
you as well. It allows me to purchase the proper amount of party
supplies on Saturday.

Pitch WILL BE accepted on site in sealed envelope. The new location
will be disclosed to those who RSVP only.

Also,please bring a dish or beverage to share. I could also use one or
two boys there early say 7pm to assist me with final arrangements.

If we get a smaller group but evenly numbered that is fine with me. I
am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

And boys, keep in mind, treat your Mistress

I will be in Columbus,Ohio. this weekend as the keynote speaker for COPE.
While there I am seeing a few select clients. if interested ,please call me directly from number on my site as I will have limited online time.
I know I am bringing my enema toys.
I will be home for the next few weeks accepting sessions till I go to North Carolina to present. Would love to see some of my boys while home.
Chicago brings it home!!!! An almost complete sweep at GLLA! Master Gallad and slave kelly won Great lakes Master and Slave, boy neil won Great Lakes boy and I took home Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride.
We are all very excited about our new titles.
I look forward to seeing many CM members as I travel for my title year.

Going to Indianapolis this week-end to compete for Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride. Wish me luck!
And if in the area and desire a session, I will have limited time but am taking a few. Email me to inquire.
On the way to Tampa.... fetishcon, Ms angel and the sun! Would love to add some sessioning to my time there. if interested, please call me directly. Number on my site.
I will be in St Louis this weekend for those who are interesting in sessioning. Please give me as much notice as possible. I would love to see some new boys in town.
I will be attending Fetcon in Tampa on August 13th till 17th. Accepting sessions while there. I would love to see some enema sluts, pain puppies and bondage babies.
Appointments required. Please review the site and then contact me for details.
I wanted to extend a sincere Thank you to all who wrote and called in regards to my Mother's passing this week. it is nice to know in a time of crisis, community bands together. I am honored to be a part of this family. And now,a return to the regularly scheduled program. I am accepting clients. Get back on the horse,besides you all need to keep me occupied so I don't brood!

Please note, I am a professional domina accepting clients. I am not seeking a love relationship, a live-in or a slave who desires to relocate.
Last two days for this month in St.Louis.
I am there till Wednesday night accepting sessions. After that due to Spankfest and my birthday, I will not be back till after July 1st.
So take advantage of the time I have now.
Would love to see a few more boys before I leave town.
Yes, it Ma'am's birthday month! Her date is June 26th. a quiet
,intimate celebration will occur this year due to the move and
upcoming events she needs to prepare for.
For those who have served her, desire to do so or are just fans, here
is the Mistress's top ten desired items for her birthday this year:

Jawbone Bluetooth:

Gothica dress:

NYLA Shoes:

Wine cellar(for the sissies and slaves to serve wine to us at the



Video Camera:






Also ,here is the link to her Amazon Wishlist:\

Our lovely new space is up and fully functional (ok besides a few boxes we still have to unpack. Now where is that dildo......hhhmmm)Sessions are welcome. Boys who have seen me before will recieve a special treat this month!
New Studio as of June 1st. Located right off I55 and the orange line. Excellent location to downtown. I know its the other side of the Loop for some of my boys but it has reserved parking, is 5x larger than the current Studio with plenty of equipment. Decent neighborhood on a public street.
At this time, I am seeking a few sincere submissives to assist in the moving on that date. If you are in good health and can move HEAVY items, please contact me.
New dungeon space coming soon.. Bigger, better with lots more toys!
Am home for remainder of month due to family issue. I would love to reconnect with some of my boys. My MI subs can also contact me to see if I am free. St Louis will be the only city I regularly visit till June.
Back from a wonderful trip to Atlanta with Miss Jaded! What great fun we had at 1763 with Ms Whip and Insaitable. The Atlanta boys are very lucky to have such dommes in their home town.
And speaking of hometown..... I am home and now accepting sessions here for the month of April. I will be going to St Louis from time to time for those who want to see me there.
But Chicago boys, now is the time!

Miss Simone
I will be in Atlanta from March 28-30th. Am accepting sessions while there.
If interested please review the website first. www chicago-mistress com
Then contact me to discuss specifics.
Chicago ClubFEM Slosh
Friday March 14, 2008

Touche Bar
6412 N Clark St.
Major intersection of Clarke and Devon Ave. Across from the Ace Hardware, next to Mephisto Leathers.
 Miss Simone and Miss Jaded are your evening hostesses.
No RSVP required but be aware we will only be present at the times noted.
Chicago branch of ClubFEM International, the only organization solely dedicated to female dominance and male submission, holds monthly sloshes and play parties.Primary focus of the group is to provide an educational ,social and psychological support for those in this area of our liefstyle. We hope to see many new faces and old favorites.
Atlanta area boys: only two weeks till Miss Jaded and I hit your town. I am accepting session now for the 28-30th. Will be sessioning at 1763, the premiere dungeon space there.
Please do contact me if interested.
I am in St Louis for a few days till Saturday. Sessions available for those sincere, generous submssives.
Upcoming travels where I will be accepting sessions:
Atlanta :  March 28 and 29th.

Los Angeles : May 8-11th.

New Orleans : June 11-13th

Wisconsin : June 21-22 (this is an outdoor event for spankophiles)

In all this cities I am accepting tributing submissives for sessions.
Please do call and reserve time ahead of time.

For those who don't understand why a professional dominatrix might be an option for some let me try to clarify.

I have been in my chosen profession now for 15 years.  I enjoy what I do greatly and am blessed to have many wonderful clients.  Was this my path when younger?  No.  Did I finish college and decide I wanted to become a dominatrix?  No.  But my path lead me to a career I would not trade for the world and let me tell you all why:

1.  I get to use my skills to enhance the lives of those who see me.  Repression of desire is a healthy thing, but only to a point.  Beyond that point, it can cause many illnesses, both mental and physical.  To deny yourself the expression of these desires is to deny your soul.  Unfortunately many can not come out into the light and seek open play partners. One of the main differences between a lifestyle and a professional is the discretion policy.  Like lawyers, doctors and psychiatrists, my code of ethics prevents me from divulging my client information.  Lifestyle players, no matter how much they claim to be discrete always run the risk of exposure, especially if an emotional attachment develops. With a professional, the client can be assured the scene will remain in a contained context.

2.  Seeing someone open up to me in a safe environment and shedding old issues, guilts and problems.  Having them develop with my guidance into a healthier human being.

3.  Assisting those who have no where else to turn for this type of expression.  Within a lifestyle setting certain laws apply, mainly those of attraction and life goals.  None of these come into play when seeing a professional.  I don't care how old (as long as 18+), how attractive, how skinny, how employed, single or married my clients are.  My goal is to assist them with becoming comfortable with their own kinks, not to marry them.  There is no fear of living up to what is expected of you by society; just of living up to your own kinks and those of the person helping you facilitate them.

4.  The variety of personalities.  I love those who come see me.  Each day is different for me with new people, new modes of expression and new ideas.  Nothing is the same.  Each time I spank or flog someone, the scenario and energy involved is completely unique.  For some, the time with their domina is the only intimate time and connection they get with another human bring.  Why would you want to deny this to someone just because you do not understand the profession?

5. My ability to help those who, otherwise, would have no outlet.  Think outside your boxed opinion of us as hookers, skanks, and money hungry bitches and try to see the need for us.  Many of my clients are in some way physically challenged.  Lifestyle play for them is not an option as they are not able to maneuver the environment.  I see many who can not leave their homes due to a handicap.  They have self confidence issues and are afraid to take the steps or unable to take the steps to gain a lifestyle partner.  With a domme, they know they will not be rejected.  They know professionalism will be present and their condition will not be laughed at or scorned.
Beyond the obvious handicaps, many prefer a professional due to their self confidence and self esteem issues or the fear of discovery within their immediate world.  A young man or woman just feeling these desires can come to a professional, verbalize them and not face the huge fear of rejection. Nor the fear of having the other person "tell on them".

6. Maintaining a healthy family unit.  Now before you all go off on me, think about it. Many I see are involved with their primary family units (married, committed, kids, divorce, parents).  Their fetishes are consuming and mind numbing, distracting them from the focus of need.  They come see me for a short period of time, every so often.  This allows self expression and is a relief of the pressure valve in their head.  It helps keep them centered and saner.  It provides them with a safe, non sexual expression of their kink, which may be shameful or impossible to express to their loved ones.  We all have hidden desires and needs that we prefer not to tell our loved ones about.  Seeing a professional allows them not to break their marriage vows, not cheat on their loved ones and not be shamed to their family.  Let’s return to "non-sexual".  Regardless of what you may hear from those who bash us, a true, non professional dominatrix does not engage in sexual interaction with her clients.  By this I mean such activities as oral service, anal rimming, forced bi, cuckolding and masturbation.  These are things I do not do.  I do not need to.  The two biggest sexual organs we have as humans are our brain and skin.  My biggest challenge as a domina is access to the mind and allow its deepest desires to become modes of self growth, not self chastisement.

Many prodommes see couples to help them understand these desires and fetishes in each other.  As a form of couple’s therapy, I would like to know how anyone can misconstrue that as skanky.

Now let me stipulate this is just my own opinion. Yes there are degrees within this profession as is everything in life.  There are some who just put up an online profile demanding cash because they are the "princess, goddess, mistress, cute, young, severe, etc.”  These women do our profession a great disservice by latching onto the prodomina title.  They have not earned it, or truly understand what it is we do. Therefore, I can understand how the cyber world can frown on money dommes. But look beyond all the fluff and you will find many talented, intelligent, honorable prodommes who give back to the community in many ways.

My final point will not be well received but I am going to state it anyway.  Lifestyle dommes, you claim to not be professional.  Yet many of you focus on the service a male sub can provide you, the things he can do for you because you are the Mistress after all.  This can range from simple housework to full-blown gift purchasing.  So, please do tell me who is more honest?  Those of us who clearly state our motives and take the green stuff or those of you who bash us yet expect gifts, dinners and service? Why not add up all you gain from the males who serve you and see the dollar amount attached?

Please, allow us all our freedom of expression and life choices even if you don't agree with it.  After all, is that not the best thing about our world? The diversity?

I only accept friend invites from those I know personally and/or serve me in person. Thank you
For those who seek to serve me ,here is the track record so far:
"Many strive, few succeed. "
It takes a very special submissive to become one of my personals. I am demanding, strict, loving, sadistic and more. Many promise things here they can not deliver. Please do not waste my time and yours.

Back home accepting sessions here and in St Louis for next few months. Limited travel so my availability has increased. Now is the time to schedule, boys!
I will be in Providence ,RI. from January 10-13 to speak at Fetish Flea Market. I will be accepting sessions while there. Please review the website for details then contact me to discuss specifics.
Merry Christmas ,Blessed Solstice and Merry Yule to all those I have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with this year from CM. I look forward to more play with you next year and meeting new boys as well.

Be safe!
I am home for the holidays from lovely,warm Florida. Accepting sessions from all my lovely local boys. Novices are invited to inquire at this time as well.
Upcoming travel dates: Orlando,Florida, December 5th thru 11th. I am accepting tributed sessions while there. If interested, please contact me prior to those dates so i can bring the proper toys with me.
I will be in St. Louis this month from the 21st till the 26th. I am accepting sessions there so if you are sincere and interested, please contact me asap. As it is a holiday week-end, I am limiting my schedule to those I have seen before or are new and serious ONLY.
Happy Samhain to all my collarme friends. Hope you have lots of kinky fun!
Back home from a wonderful trip in Atlanta. For the rest of the year, I will be in my lovely Chicago accepting new clients and my regulars. St Louis will be the only other place to session with me for the next few months till January when my travel dates start again.
Will be in St. Louis October 16-17th,accepting a few select sessions on those two days.
Please email for details.
Looking for a few good submissives, slaves and sluts for service and sessions in St. Louis. I will be traveling on a regular schedule to this wonderful city. I am interested in all types of players excluding those seeking sex or being disrespectful.
Please send me A POLITE letter of introduction, what your skills and experience are and why I should consider you.This may lead to a permanent position in my stable.
DomCon Atlanta with Miss Jaded
I will be in October 12,13 and 14th attending this event.
Sessions are being accepted on limited time slots.
I am also performing and presenting.
if any of my collarme friends will be there ,please do come up and introduce yourself.
St.Louis  solo sessions  will be accepted September 21 and 22nd. The 22nd will be up till 6pm only. Please do book your times now as I am filling up for fast for these limited dates.
September travels so far:

Pittsburh,PA. 14-16th.

St.Louis 22nd -24th.

Accepting sessions in both cities. Goddess Danielle and I will be doing double domme sessions in St.Louis as well.
Home for awhile for my locals who missed me while I was in Florida.Sessions available now.
For those who see me locally ,I am running a pre Florida session special this week-end. Saturday and Sunday ONLY!
Special tribute details to those who are interested. Please email me directly or call me from the number on my site.

Travel schedule for those interested in sessions in these areas:

August 7th, 16-17th : St Louis,MO.
August 8th : Atlanta ,GA.
August 9-12th : Tampa,FL.
August 13-15 : Orlando,FL.

Will be considering other areas along this route such as Gainesville and Nashville for those submissives who are seriously interested in a session and send deposit.
I will be in the Tampa area on August 9th through 13th. I am accepting sessions with those sincere submissives while in the area. Appointments are required so please do book your session prior to the 9th. I will also be in Atlanta for one day on the 8th.
Back home ,now accepting sessions again. Future travel will be Tampa area is mid-August. I will be attending Fetish Con.
For those in the area who seek a session, please email me privately. Appointments are required.
Tomorrow is My Birthday! Wheeehh! Remember all are invited to join me at A La Turka then Neos for my celebration!
Sir Gunther ..this means you!
Dates I will be in St. Louis are
July 1 -6th. I will not be sessioning on the 4th but other days are open. Please contact me PRIOR to the 1st for details. I know there are a few boys who have missed out before. Let's hope they pay attention this time!
Early notice : I will be in St. Louis for July 4th week-end. The Studio area is usually unbelievably crazy and this year it will be compounded by the Police playing at Wrigley Field,so Im taking this chance to go see my boys in St. Louis. I will be taking sessions as usual while there. please contact me for reservations.
My birthday month! Actual day is the 26th.I will be celebrating quietly this year with a dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants on the Friday, the 29th, 8pm. A La Turka at 3414 N. Lincoln. Reservations are required so please give me a heads up via message if plan join joining us.All my community friends and family near and far are welcome to join me.
IML,International Mr. Leather ,is this coming week-end. I am looking forward to seeing many old friends. I will be running a session special for those who might be coming into town for the event. If interested and serious, please let me know. The special will run the week-end only: Saturday, Sunday ,Monday.
Also, if you are an out of town friend coming to town, drop me a line.

Goddess Danielle of St. Louis will be visiting my studio for solo and dual domme sessions on two dates only. May 21-22nd. Limited times available to see this wonderful domina. If interested, please email me privately.
 I will be in Tennessee from Wednesday the 9th till late Saturday ,the 12th. I know there are a few boys who have asked when I will be heading in this general direction for sessions. The time has come. I will be near Memphis in a private location. If interested in seeing me while I am there, please email me privately ASAP. Reservations are required. 
Traveling to Cleveland,Ohio on May 4-6th. Attending SMartfest and presenting cbt 101 and plaster casting.
I am accepting limited sessions while there. Appointments required. If interested please email me privately.
Back in Chicago tomorrow. I will be speaking at Loyola University on Thursday to a grad level class on alternative sexuality. I am really excited about it. This means I have hit all the top three U's in Chicago.
I will be traveling to St.Louis for sessions from April 19 through 24th. I am working solo and dual with Goddess Danielle. If interested in serving ,please email me.
Hello boys and girls!
Spring has come upon us quickly and the leather folk are stirring from
their long winter sleep of private play,seeking like-minded folk to
commune with. Therefore, my schedule has just jumped to crazy!

For all those who session with me regularly ,I will be updating my
calendar quite frequently so you will be able to book with me as soon
as the dates come open. I will also be doing some extensive travel to
my regular cities but also some new ones.I know there are boys who
have asked about seeing me closer to their area.

In all the cities I am traveling to, I will be sessioning there.
For most of the new places, reservations will be required as I will
not be using my own space.

Here is a quick breakdown of the cities I will be visiting so far:
Los Angeles,CA.
St.Louis, MO.
San Diego, CA.

June will be alot of time home with special events such as Pride and
My birthday.
Thank you for all your nice letters but at this time, I am only accepting clients. I am not seeking a personal. Only exception is a weekly houseboy for cleaning the studio for myself and Ms. Xena.
Travel annoucement: DomCon,LA. with Mistress Xena from April 5-9. We will be accepting clients while there. If interested, please contact me.
I will be presenting two of my classes this week at the local Chicago event ,Sinsations in leather. CBT 102, imtermediate level goes a bit beyond what to start out with in this sensitive area and then Sensory Manipulation.If you plan on attending this event, please consider introducing yourself.
I will be sessioning in St. Louis the next week. For those boys who seek an audience while there ,please leave me a message. Alos seeking to connect with local people in that area.
So at this time Yahoo has decided that my account is too adult for them so they have deleted it. So to all my CM friends, if you had me on Yahoo messsenger, the old name is gone. Please contact me privately and I will give you the new one as we can't post it in our CM journal. Also, my groups have been deleted including ClubFEM. We have created a new group and will have a website soon to avoid this happening again. I will have the new ones I created on Google and My space linked on my site. I am tired of Yahoo Big Brother.

Saturday December 9th  at Galleria Domain 2

Manipulating Those Jewels! : CBT 101-103
6 PM to 7:45 PM
A man's groin is a hot spot of nerve endings that can be manipulated for either pleasure or pain. A successful scene involving CBT or cock and ball torture, comes from a knowledge of anatomy and the pain tolerance of your victim. This class will cover the basics of the male genital area plus safety tips for handling those delicate bits. Mistress Simone will cover everything from simple tricks to advanced rope bondage, and the different types of toys that can be used.
Mistress Simone Worthington has been a professional domina for twelve years. Her community service has included proprietress of the Leather Rose and executive director of LRA, Inc., LA&M volunteer Toys for Tots volunteer and much more. In the lifestyle, she strives to educate on a variety of topics ranging from the instructional to the spiritual. She has spoken nationally to such groups and conventions as NELA, DomCon, TNGC, Shibaricon, Vicious Valentine, Malicious Masquerade, Great Lakes Leather Alliance and others. She spoke at the University of Chicago Gender Studies roundtable on the topic "Feminism and BDSM". She has had articles published in the field of alternative lifestyles, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in psychology with an emphasis on alternative lifestyles. She hopes to help those just entering the lifestyle do so safely and counsel the young GLBT generation in alternative sexuality.She is proud to hold the title of International Trainer and Puppy 2004 with her pup Fifi.
This workshop is open to the community and there is no charge to attend. You do need to RSVP. Please do a  internet search for the GD2 website and find the RSVP information there. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my CM buddies!
It's SLOSH Time for Club Fem.
The only Chicago group solely for female dominants and male

This Friday at Touches.
We are usually at the long table to the right when you walk in. Its
kinda hard to miss Ms A.,Miss Xena and Myself.

Come meet and mingle with your fellow CCF members.Dominas, this is a
good chance to get acquainted with the group. Subs, a great ice
breaker for those who might be too nervous to dive right into the
play party.

This months Slosh will be held again at:

6412 N. Clark St.

Please meet us at Touche at 8PM until 10:30PM on Friday November

TOUCHE is a Pansexual leather Bar. Please come out and meet and
greet and spend some time socializing in a non pressure environment.

This will be the final event to get verified for this months play
of every Month, and you ALL are welcome to ATTEND!

Much More information is located at




Spinning Industrial, Electro & NOIZE:




The November event, Mistress Xena & Mistress Simone WILL be putting on a show. Be sure to make it for the show. What will the show entail? Well, you'll need to attend to find out. :)

Fetish Photography by RUBBER-MAID (will be set-up in
a specific area of the club)

Time: 10:00 P.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Price: $9.00 Cover

Age: 21 WITH I.D.

Fetish Attire Encoraged :
Latex, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Corsetry, Uniforms, Fantasy, ALL BLACK,

NOTE: NO NUDITY at this event.

There IS a play-space. Feel free & bring your own toys.

So I recieved this wonderful new toy today from one of my boys in NY. It's called a Hump-a-lot and it can be found on the website of kenstwistedmind.
It even scares the %$#^& out of me with how much power this thing has. I havent used it on a subbie yet....any takers?

Happy Halloween fellow CMs! I hope everyone has some scary,edgy ,kinky fun!

The last boy who emailed me,please do so again as I accidentally deleted your note before reading it.  Migraines SUCK!
It's SLOSH Time for Club Fem, the only exclusively female
dominant,male submissive group in Chicago!

If you are a single,female dominant of any experience level, a
lifestyle FDms couple or a single male submissive: this group was
designed for you.
Anyone who seeks to explore the FDms lifestyle will benefit from CCF.

We are a pretty fun group comprised of all types of FDms. No
attitudes here!

This months Slosh will be held again at:

6412 N. Clark St.

Please meet us at Touche at 8PM until 10:30PM on Friday October

TOUCHE is a Pansexual leather Bar. They were very happy to have us
last month and took exceptional care of our crowd. Please come out
and meet and greet and spend some time socializing in a non pressure

This will be the final event to get verified for this months play

We all know that October is an incredibly busy month but we hope to
see you there!

Mistress Simone speaking in Detroit Michigan on October 22

October 22nd- MiChatOhs 3D meeting "Plaster Mummification & English Corporal Punishment" with Mistress Simone from Chicago

Come join the MiChatOhs for the October 3D (Detroit Deviant D/sCussions)
When? Sunday, October 22, 2006

Doors open at 12:30, meeting starts at 1pm
Where? Location - will be revealed when you RSVP
What? "Plaster Mummification & English Corporeal Punishment" with Mistress Simone from Chicago
How much? $5 for 2006 MiChatOhs members and $10 for non-members (2006
membership cards are available for the now reduced fee of $5)

1) "Plaster Mummification"

Ms. Simone will take us through the journey of plaster mummification. Partial body control to total body encasement will be discussed. The eroticism of surrendering total control of your movement to your dominant can create a head rush completely different than any other in our lifestyle. Prep work for both dominant and sub will be covered. Ms. Simone will demonstrate different materials she uses, how each is prepared and why she works with each in a particular fashion. Audience participants will be invited back at a later time same day to witness the removal of the plaster and how the sub feels after the scene.
2) "English Corporal Punishment"
Have you ever wondered why you wanted a spanking in such a specific way? Why does your skirt need to be on but pulled up and tucked in around the waist for a caning to REALLY send you to the moon? Why is it so thrilling to be kneeling at their feet being told what a naughty boy/girl you are? Sounds like you are into Traditional English Corporal Discipline.  Then this seminar is for you! It is designed to cover all aspects of traditional English discipline. We will cover the historical facts behind it, where it comes from, why developed, and how it is perceived today. Safety factors from both the physical and psychological aspects will be presented in detail.   The demo part of the seminar will cover usage of the implements such as cane, rod, birch, hairbrush, strap and paddle.

Chicago ClubFEM had a wonderful first party! The dommes were well taken care of and most boys got some attention if they behaved. If you are a female dominant or male submissive  local to the Chicagoland area who is interested in our organization, please email me for the details.

Greetings everyone.
Chicago ClubFEM has decided to have our SLOSH at Touché this
Saturday,Sept. 9th.
This group is specifically geared towards female dominants and male

Reservations for the first ever ClubFEM play party will be taken at
the slosh. Attendance is limited to 20.

Time: 9:00 P.M. = ?

6412 N. Clark
Chicago, IL

Bar's Number:

There IS a parking-lot RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the bar.

Do you have to RSVP?:
NOPE. Just show up, and introduce yourself to Us.


Note: Touché is RIGHT NEAR Lake Shore Drive. The cross-street to the
bar is Devon Ave. (but the bar is located ON Clark St.)

Any questions? Then feel free & ask

Hope you all can make it to the SLOSH!


I will be attending the Great Lakes Leather Association event in
 Indianapolis this coming week-end. I am both judging a contest and
presenting a lecture. I know I have quite a few boys in that area who
come to Chicago to see me regularly.
This is your chance to see me for a session in your home town. I will
 be accepting clients while   there. However, my toy supply will be
tailored to those who schedule prior to me leaving Chicago on
The times I have available currently are Thursday evening after 10pm
 and Saturday between noon and 6pm.
If interested, please contact me  to receive the details.
Mistress Simone's birthday is June 26th.
Her birthday wish list is located  on her site.
And for you online junkies, her  Amazon list can be found under Mistress Simone.

She will be having a quiet celebration this year. Subs who desire to  take her to dinner  or shopping ,please email her privately.
I am searching for a houseboy to assist in weekly maintence of my Victorian in MI. My Alpha is way too busy managing my second business and household to do all the duties. I am looking for someone to help out with domestic chores, general maintence and light repairs. Sissy maids are welcome to apply.
IML is almost here! Memorial Day week-end is the biggest leather week-end in Chicago. I am now accepting appointments for that week-end as it books up fast. I am also hosting two lovely out-of-state dommes at my studio that week-end that will also be sessioning : Viet-Mom and Mistress Psyche.
We will be seeking vendor market pigs to accompany us as well.
I now have a female submissive working with me for those who  have inquired before. Also, I am working with  a lesbian dyke daddy ,SirRoseNThorn as well as Mistress Xena and Mistress Natalya for dual domme sessions.
Tonight I attended a very special wedding of two dear friends of my family. It got me thinking to how many special occassions I have been honored to attend over my years in the lifestyle. And how much like a family we are when egos and politics do not get in the way.
SO,this journal entry is just to say Thank you to all those whom I have met over the years,who extended Me the hand of friendship and those who I do not get to see as much as I would like.
I am proud to be a member of this leather family here in Chicago.
For those who might be  interested, I just posted to my site a new article I wrote on Corporal punishment. its from the LRA seminar I gave a few months back. Some people were asking for it.

I will be presenting this week-end at Anything for Love in Florence ,KY near Cincinnati. I will be accepting sessions while there for the week-end. If interested, please contact me off list.

If you are attending the event I would love to meet you in person. Please come and introduce yourself.

My seminar is on sensory manipulation.

Mistress Simone

Mistress Simone Worthington with luna will be presenting :


Date: Saturday, March 25, 2006
Time: 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 PM
Cost: There is NEVER a fee to attend LRA's seminars.
Location: LRA
6525 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

Have you ever wondered why you wanted a spanking in such a specific way? Why
does your skirt need to be on but pulled up and tucked in around the waist
for a caning to REALLY send you to the moon? Why is it so thrilling to be
kneeling at their feet being told what a naughty boy/girl you are? Sounds
like you are into Traditional English Corporal Discipline, and this seminar
is for you!

On March 25th, LRA is pleased to present Ms. Simone Worthington to explain
this subject, enlighten the attendees and unlock the doors to the
understanding this area of our lifestyle.

This seminar is designed to cover all aspects of traditional English
discipline. We will cover the historical facts behind it, where it comes
from, why it developed, and how it is perceived today. Safety factors from
both the physical and psychological aspects will be presented in detail. The
demo part of the seminar will cover usage of the implements such as cane,
rod, birch, hairbrush, strap and paddle.

Class begins promptly at 7pm! Don’t be late, as the teacher punishes!

Special note - Generally, there is no nudity during LRA seminars. However,
because of the subject matter, demo-ee/ees may be naked during parts of the

Throughout the seminar and at its conclusion you will have the opportunity
to ask questions and get actual hands on practice. The fun and learning do
not end there though, for all first time seminar attendees are invited to
stay and practice what you have learned in our play space. This will give
you a chance to try out what you have just learned as well as meet other
members of the club.

All we ask is that you sign our standard guest waiver, give us a working
e-mail address and have government issued photo identification showing your
age (21 or over). Please respect the fact that the LRA is an alcohol and
drug free space - no alcohol or drugs may be brought into the space or
ingested at the LRA.


Finally, the time has come! All three of the Head Mistresses are in
town at the same time and we are ready to get the ball rolling! So,
we are please to announce our first slosh!

The Chicago ClubFEM branch will be having its first slosh/munch this
Saturday, the 18th of March at Goose Island Brewery located at 1800
N Clybourn.  You all are welcome to join us. We are looking forward
to meeting list members plus any other interested female dominants
or male submissives that are interested in learning more about

In attendance will be Ms Natalya, Ms Simone and Ms Xena.

When: March, 18th 2006
Where: Goose Island
1800 N Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614
Time: 8:00P.M. till ?

Meals and drinks are the responsibility of each individual.

Please RSVP by Friday, March 17th with Mistress Simone.

You know you have been in the lifestyle too long when you break two canes on a submissive's ass and your first thought is


Thought I would share my day with everyone!
Happy Holidays to all my subbies,slaves,fellow Mistresses and Dominants.

Hope you have a safe and loving holiday.

I will be available for sessions next week for those subs visitng our lovely city and who might want to get the chance to session with me.
Hello ALL!
I will be traveling to the lovely city of Charlotte, NC for a few days. Wednesday till Friday if any local subbies would like to connect! Just drop me a line here.
Still seeking those who desire to serve a truly sadistic supreme woman. Will be seeing some of my favorites this week-end ,am looking forward to it. Those subs who desire to become a favorite should move to the next level and see me in person. While I enjoy chatting , my time is valuable. If you are not in my area, please consider cyber training via email, chat and cam. Otherwise, don't be upset when I cut you off.
A belated Happy July 4th to all of
I hade a fantastic time at a friend's white trash party. I will be posting pics on my later for those who might wish to peek!

Also, I am still seeking a talented web slave to assist me in updating my site. Bater for sessions is the deal. if interested, please drop me a private email.
When:  Saturday, June 25, 9:30pm -
Sunday, June 26, 1:00am
It is  Miss Simone's FANTASTIC FOURtieth Party being thrown by her friends and family given at the BDSM lifestyle club, LRA, Inc. (The LRA is the location for this party, not the host of it).
We invite you to come help her celebrate. She won't be invisible tonight. I am sure we will see some fire and stretching along with a good rock hard beating.
We will need some lucky sub to take her birthday spankings for her, we all know she isn't going to take them. And of course there will be cake, the in a pan kind this time.
We know this is a busy weekend for most, with Chicago Pride and all the other events, but the Ma'am has missed everyone and hopes you can stop in for even a few minutes to say hello.
Please do NOT bring alcoholic beverages to the club. If you have not been to the LRA's new location please visit and download a guest pass.
For detailed info on Ma'am desires and specifics (and we all know how specific she can be) please e-mail her.

It has been awhile since I posted in my journal. Life has been a bit crazy, alot stressful and very challenging. I am turning the big 40 in two weeks and am seem to adjusting quite well to my middle age status! 40 sounds sounds so dignified! I have been through the fires and am out the other side still alive.
I am not sure what I am going to do to celebrate but for those boys who desire to surprise me with a birthday treat.
I will keep you all posted on the adventures of  mature domme! Look for a possible local over the hill party. 
Hmm, no web designer out there desirious to serve. Well, what about you construction boys then? Same arrangement.
I initially met quite a variety of nice people off here, but now it seems to have tapered off and become more like ALT. Lots of people not who they say they are. This is disheartening. Why as humans do we feel the need to do such a thing to each other?
Here's hoping it changes.
Hello all,
I will be in Ohio this week with the puppy fifi presenting at SMART. I am accepting sessions while there for the week, so all you Ohio boys ho have desired to see me, no is your chance! If you are a person an din attendance , give me a big Hello! I  always like to expand my network of friends within our community. I will be giving two presentations, puppy play and fear factor.
Hello boys,
At this time I am seeking a particular type of arrangement with a submissive. I am seeking a new web designer.
 In return you will recieve a limited number of sessions depending on the quality of your work. If we develop into an ongoing arrangment that is fine as well. This is a strict service for service deal. You will NOT get free sessions and then do the work. You will begin the work, I will review it and you will session. The process will continue till the site is done to my liking.
Please do not apply if you are a website hobbyist. I am seeking a professional with the ability to take my site into the current generation. I will need to see samples of your work as well. You can see my work on the current website.
Please contact me if interested.
Happy Valentine's Day to all my collarme friends and subs. Have a really sexy ,kinky day!
Do not make the assumption that I  will give more consideration to your desires because I am approachable. I am an educator and always open to those with a sincere desire to learn ,but if you are just seeking a freebie, a wank-off or to convince me you can serve me better tahn any other submissive on this earth, don't contact me. If you do not understand what my profile states, don't approach me. I am a skilled professional - not a fly by night "domme" who threw up an ad to make extra cash. I treat those who see me with the uptmost repsect and expect a full return on this!

Ok, rant done....
I had a wonderful session with a boy last week. We did a few of my favorite things : medical, enemas and catheters!
I received a wonderful new enema bag as a Valentine's gift and am hoping to break it in soon! Its a gallon bag!
I will be presenting this weekend at Leathersins on Sunday, giving a demo on puppy play. So if any collarme friends are there, please stop in and say hi!

Hello All!

Hope all of you are having a great New Year! Here are a few of the events I will be doing in the coming year:
LeatherSins weekend event in Chicago. I will be presenting with my International puppy and the Great lakes trainer and Puppy on the topic of the puppy rolesplay and lifestyle.

Shibaricon Bondage Convention : I will be presenting two demos : My well known CBT one again, in a more private area where all the aldies and boys can do more hands on training. I will also be doing plaster mummification. This is similar to bodycasting but specifically geared towards restrain of the body.

International Mr. Leather
Great Lakes Leather Alliance
Ohio Leather Fest

I hope to meet some of my collarme friends around the country this year. if you are a sub in those areas I will be travelling to you and desire a session ,please let me know!
Also, if you are  involved in a local group that might have an interest in having Myself and the pup Fifi present at  your group or event, please contact me.

Merry Christmas to all my associates and friends. I have met some wonderful people here! For all you good boys, Mistress will have to be extra naughty to you in the coming year.

I am back from Domcon where I met some wonderful dominas. Networking was great. it was so nice to have a forum provided for us to learn and talk instead of backbite each other. I am interviewing a new boy for a personal spot and speaking to another who shares my love of medical!
I will be out and about in town tonight at the BATS social and the LRA if any other collarmes are out!
Well I am back from Dallas with an International title to my name. My puppy fifi and I won the International Puppy and Trainer contest this year. We had excellent competition and worked very hard! I have one pooped puppy.
Next ,I will be traveling to Atlanta with my sissy to DomCon.
Maybe see some of you boys and girls there?

Ms Simone
I will be attending DomCon in Atlanta as a presentor giving two seminars. One on fear ,the other on pros in the lifestyle. If any of you subbie boys are interested in a session while I'm in the area, please contact me. If you are a fellow domme attending I would love to meet you in person and chat!
Please if you are seeking to serve me elsewhere besaides Chicago, state so in your email. IN MI, I am looking for those that can serve me and play with in exchange for helping me with my new home. I am a professional and that is where my focus lies right now. I have so much on my plate that to do otherwise would be determintal to those who I do have in my house. If you feel you have a service to offer me in exchange for my talents, feel free to email me. 
Oh, I forgot. I am looking for subs located in all the Great Lakes area. I am capable of taking sessions in Michigan ,right near South Bend.
Well, busy,busy! Seems I missed a great party this weekend at the LRA but I was relaxing with my Women at House of Shadowfind. We had a great all female weekend. This weekend coming up ,I am hosting the event in Chicago called the NEXT Level. It is a talk on taboo topics hosted at the LRA. Email me if interested. Also, in the near future ,I will be attending the BaTs Prom! 
I am still seeking male submissives for professional sessions and possibly developing it into  personal service. I have emailed with some very nice people here, but none that seems to fit for long.
Hello everyone! I will be out at Mugsys bar tonight with the Black and Tan Society. Mistress needs to get out socially for some fun. Been a busy week! Maybe I will meet some of you there?
Had a great day! Wonderful heavy medical session in which I got to do all my favs : enemas, needles,etc. Going to Whipstock this weekend to present a demo on pup play.
sessioning in Illinois , NY and Michigan.
Had a wonderful weekend visiting my dear friends at Shadowfind in MI. I have just purchased an old Victorian near them to set up my leather household in. I returned to Chicago to attend a private play party which was tons o'fun! Looking forward to a session filled week with lots of community activity!
Well just returned from a great kinky weekend in Tennessee with friends.I will be out and about this weekend at the Mosh and TNGC. If you are inquiring about a session for this weekend ,please contact me by friday afternoon. I still have not found the male I am seeking as I am extremely particular about my desires. Ask not what your Mistress can do for you ,but what you can do for your Mistress! In other words, dont tell me your fantasies ,ask about mine! You are not here to get your needs met!