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If you are a male dominant viewing my profile because you would like to submit to me, you will have to write me. I never switch so I do not return views on other dominants.

Chat feature here on collarspace appears to be working again! OMG! I guess complaining here in my profile worked!

P.S. If you are serious about contacting me, please read my journal entries as well. It will save a lot of time on your part and frustration on my part!
Hello Everyone! I am Mistress Collette. I live the lifestyle 24/7 with my subby hubby and I also have a sissy and a few pets who serve me long distance. I never switch as it is just not in my nature. I enjoy women but I do have a definite preference for men. Mistress Collette
P.S. If you are serious about contacting me, please read my journal entries as well. It will save a lot of time on your part and frustration on my part!

Yes I put this PS at the top and the bottom on PURPOSE! Seems it was not obvious enough only at the bottom!
Good bye subbies on collarspace!  I have given up on finding my unicorn.  Plan B is in effect...sub hubby and I have purchased a 38 foot motor yacht and we will be living on it starting in October.  So please disregard the earlier journal entries where I am looking for a live in.  I will pop on here occasionally out of habit for entertainment.  :)

Mistress Collette
Is anyone going to Beyond Leather April 30 - May 3rd?  If so, then you can meet me there as I will be attending with sunshine my female sub!!


If you are on an ipad or iphone, if you purchase the Puffin browser from the app store then you will be able to use the chat feature here on collarspace using that browser.  It does not allow you to turn on your cam yet, but at least you can chat.

If you are on an android phone or tablet, if you purchase the Photon browser you will be able to use the chat feature here on collarspace using that browser.   I don't have this myself so I am not familiar with the abilities of this browser.

Dominate-  a verb meaning to exert dominance over someone  (rhymes with Ate)
Dominant- an adjective describing a person who dominates      (rhymes with Ant)

So for all you guys out there who say you are looking for a dominate woman... I suggest you rewrite that to dominant woman.    :)
Ok... working on plan B.  It will all be decided probably by July or August of this year.  At that time if I have not found my live in unicorn I will end the search.   :)  Life is good.  It is raining here but the sun is also shining.  That last sentence is to be taken literally not as a metaphor.  It is a beautiful sight for those who have never seen rain fall in sunlight and the fleeting little rainbows everywhere.
Cost of buying a home in Key West     $300,000 - $500,000. 

Gaining a beautiful sadistic Mistress      Priceless!
Today is my birthday.  51 today!  :)  mistress AT
Well Fantasy Fest is almost here!!!  Is anyone here on collarspace coming for the party? 

Ok.  Well it seems that some subs are under the impression that I am black.  I am not.  I thought that the word caucasian in my profile was enough of a clue...but I guess not.
Amazing how few subs will invest the small amount of time required to read. 

I am still looking for a live in slave or submissive.  Read down below to find the entry that details my search. 

Mistress Collette


To all the male subs out there looking for a female dominant. 

You are falling victim to male thinking.  To a guy he sees a nice cock and thinks...damn I would like to fuck that and they get together. 

A woman needs to already WANT to fuck you before she gives a tiny shit what your junk looks like.  So we don't need all these penis pics you keep posting and emailing, if we get to the point we care and want to see it...We are dominant women...we will ASK to see it!

Now that you understand the basics, I will NEVER want to have sex with you.  The most you can hope for is that I will want to fuck you with my strap on while I am still dressed!

Back to our regularly scheduled perving.....



Live in slave

I am asked frequently if I am looking for a live in slave.  The short answer is yes!

The longer answer has so far eliminated all the askers. 

I am a dominant sadist and I never switch!  I have multiple submissives who fill my various needs in their own area of expertise or fetish.  I am monogamous with my sub hubby.  I stay dressed when I play with everyone else.  So my live in slave would never see me naked.  I also will never participate in watersports, scat, animals, excessive blood or children.   Outside of these hard limits of mine, I enjoy most bdsm activities and my relationship with my slave is open to negotiation. 

The slave would have to purchase a home here in Key West Florida or within 15 miles of here that is large enough to accommodate slave, my sub hubby and me, one guest room and one dungeon room.  I am not willing to relocate.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss possibilities, please write me!

Mistress Collette

Him:  "I will do anything for you Mistress!"


Her:  "Did you read my profile and all my journal entries as I specifically asked?"


Him:  "No, but I looked at the photos."



Wow! What a party and another new world record in peg race!!!

Hello everyone!


Thank you sooo much ladies for attending and infusing our party with such a wicked air of fun! Our male sluts were fabulous. We actually had two sluts beat the old world record of 17.86 seconds. One finished the peg race in 13.4 seconds and the new record is 11.9 seconds!!!! We are trying to secure a new location here in Key West so that we can allow more people to attend the next party November 2nd.


We hope to see you again for another night (or two including pre-party drag show) of adult fun in paradise!



MsCollette & MsLyonese

 In Chat room for the next few hours...join me if you wish to chat.


July 27th - CFnm Key West ~ OMG LUBE WRESTLING!

by MsCollette

This party will include mandatory male on male interactions! Any male who does not wish to participate and any female who does not wish to watch should NOT attend! The interactions will be safe with no exchange of bodily fluids. We will be alternating and the next party will NOT include male on male just as the last one did not.

Ms Lyonese and I will be hosting a CFnm (Clothed Female naked male) party at a home in Key West on July 27th. The address will be given separately to those who RSVP. The deadline to RSVP is July 13th. Dress code for ladies is fetish wear or cocktail dresses.

Please arrive by 6:00 pm so that we can begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

Guys please note - Start thinking about your most humiliating real gym/ shower experience and also make up a fantasy about this scenario. Our opening Q and A session will be all about this and the ladies want DETAILS! Also, naked hula hoop is improving but still needs practice and anal dilation for peg bench race.

The event is being limited to 20 people and being held in a private home with sufficient air conditioning with privacy for indoor and outdoor play, as well as a pool to relax in after play. It will be held on Saturday July 27th. To date we have decided on a few activities that might be interesting to those attending. Since this is a private home and not a public venue things can be a little more entertaining. What is planned is lube wrestling, lube twister, a peg bench race, ring toss with an insertable for the ladies to play, a shooting gallery (nerf gun), massage station and humiliation cbt chair. We hope to have a prostate milking demo. Just need a male volunteer. We are looking for giggles and fun. (Please ladies let's keep this a drama free zone! No grandstanding and no drinking to excess. This is a chance to let our hair down and relax in a day for us.) The play space is adequate for the numbers and there will be stations for play in and outside the house. Please let me know what you think and what your needs would be. We have free play time after the games.

My sub hubby will be making both his famous southwest roasted red pepper and corn cream soup and beef barley soup! :) If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know so that we can accommodate you.


Ms Collette & Ms. Lyonese

P.S. All males must be accompanied by their domme or have a female in attendance vouch for them through either prior play experience or community acquaintance and all males should have 2 or 3 enemas immediately before arrival. We don't want a mess! Please see link below for illustration of peg bench or look at my profile photos for a photo of the real thing. :) (ask me link removed per collarme tos/aup)


Well there is a new world record for the peg race 17.86 seconds for all 4 pegs!!!  :)  To go all the way down, all the way up...all the way down again then on to the next peg.


Date of the next CFnm party here in Key West has changed...the correct new date will be July 27th .   This party does have mandatory male on male interactions. 


Gives you a goal huh?

LIFE is Wonderful!  I am so grateful for all of the people and things in my life!!   Don't give up on your dreams... life is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

If you expect to fail...then at the first sign of difficulty you give up...because you expected to fail.

If you expect to succeed then at the first difficulty you merely look for another path or method...because you expected to succeed.

Think you can, think you can't....either way you are RIGHT!

An Open letter to Prospective subs/ slaves:

To answer your question:  I love all of my subs, but I am only having a romance with one, the one I married. I have a D/s relationship with all of the others. 

Each of my subs is a member of the family and everyone contributes to the family.  Your sentence "truly lifestyle without all the restrictions and costs"  makes me laugh.  Do you think that you could enter into a marriage or adoption without any restrictions or costs?  If not, then why do you think joining a bdsm family would be any different?

I have a long distance relationship with all of my subs except my sub hubby.  I spend a considerable amount of time with them on the telephone and online.

I am not looking for control over your finances or to cause you financial hardship, but it has to be an exchange. You have to help make my life easier in return for the time and effort I will expend on a relationship with you. 

If you have to have it all for free, I am not the one.  Good luck in your search.


Mistress Collette

Update!  Well after 3 1/2 years here on collarme and speaking with hundreds of subs, I finally had a 2nd sub show up to play in person!  Whoot!  I guess if you are persistent enough you can thresh out one or two here that really want to play. 

If by LTR (Long Term Relationship) you really mean marriage or a girlfriend...Pass me by.  I am already married.  If by LTR, you mean a long term Mistress/ sub or slave relationship then I am a good prospect. 

I think that a journal entry is necessary here! 

To all interested subs please read below:

I am NOT independently wealthy.  I am not in a financial position to support a 24/7 slave and my home is far too small (800 sq feet) to accommodate a 3rd person.


I do have to WORK for a living and my subby hubby also works! Both of us work full time in order to pay the bills.  So if you are coming down to Key West and you want to play with me....I am sorry but if you are not willing to help out I have to keep working so that my bills get paid in a timely fashion!  


I know, I unfair that I am not willing to take off work for FREE!  There are things that I do for free.  I teach English as a second language as a volunteer. I help my friends and neighbors.  But playing with someone who has enough disposable income to vacation in Key West is not one of those things. 


I am monogamous with my subby hubby.  I never have sex with anyone except him.  In fact, I stay fully clothed while playing!


Hopefully this journal entry has clarified my situation.  If you are still interested in playing with me casually or in becoming one of my collared pets, please feel free to write me here


Mistress Collette