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We are an articulate, clean, sane couple. He is an established member of the business community and as comfortable in a kinky environment as he is in a professional one. He has over 20 years experience with submissives and slaves living in his home, owns a spanking bench, St Andrews cross, violet wand and all kinds of other toys. As his slave I have been wearing his collar for over two and a half years and am adjusting well in his home; he is very pleased with me and not looking for something better. We are open to meeting others who are sincere about their interests. We are not swingers or looking to become swingers. Once we get to know you better we can host visitors in his home. We are interested in submissive women who would like to occasionally come to the Keys to visit.

The person who is organizing the party at Kelly's Kinky Karnival is a friend of mine and asked me if I knew any local ladies who wanted to be a model or subject. If you have never been to the Kelly's Kinky Karnival it is a very large Bondage/Fetish party with several play stations where you can experience Whips, Violet Wands, Floggers, and whatever else we take out of our toy boxes.

This year I know that he is once again bringing in professionals to demonstrate Suspension, Needles and other interesting things. I'm not sure what type of models he is looking for but he only has the budget to provide hotel rooms for the performers not the models. He prefers to use local models.  I don't have a spare bedroom at this time but may be willing to host if you’re interested let me know. No Drugs, No Smoking and you would NOT be relocating just visiting.

Kelly's is Monday night October 20th / He is also providing the performers for Wednesdays Dungeon of Dark Secrets at 801 and may be looking for models there as well.

If anyone out there is interested in meeting me in real life; I plan on being at the South Florida munch and then going to the dungeon party afterwards this Saturday (7/13/2013). I'm very real and easy to talk to.


If you have never been to a public event or a munch this is your chance to go and have someone to talk to with no expectations. I'm always a gentleman and I will have my slave (christy) with me in case you would like to ask her any questions.


If you are interested and would like I will provide you my phone number and we can talk on the phone before hand.