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PLEASE READ THIS... i wrote it just for you, so you may know who i am, and where i am coming from.. i respect you enough to give you that much even if you are a stranger..

To DOM and eventually Master is to own my mind..

i am really nice and try to be polite. But surrender comes from within a sub, in response to how a DOM relates to me. Submission does not bow to harsh list of unrealistic demands, that is just a pretend game.. btw all subs already know you have many sexual desires and fantasies.. i have them myself after all

ok, so i am also a real sub... it is natural to me when with the right person..and no i won't ask you to send me money to Africa... But be a real DOM.. it makes me crave to obey you.. i get a little bored with curious nilla..

HINT..i do not follow a strangers orders online...most of all please don't show off how mean and harsh you are.. most of us real subs just ROTFLMAO when we hear "on your knees bitch" from a stranger... A DOM is always a gentleman and you are a DOM because you command just by who you are inside, temper justice with mercy, and ask kindly... who could resist submitting to you.

i would really like to meet a DOM who is a gentleman and does not start out his letter with hey baby you got a cam, send me more pics or go into graphic detail of how horeny he is. i would like to know who you are inside.. Your mind is the most sexy possession you own and please take good care of it for me.

please note.. i do not use birth control in any form.. so if you are just curious of D/s i think you might want to pass me by... a sub has no fear of her Masters seed... This is not about fun fast kink, it is about a life in a TPE.

will relocate to the ends of the earth for the right Master... As a sub it is really not my place to seek rather to just be here... i am patient and wait for the higher power to send the right Master who will take me and yes there is a GOD and i am very spiritual ... that is all part of being a sub, which is where my strength and passion as a sub comes from...

i like to be called good girl.. and with all due respect Sir, if you do not think i am then i am not for you anyway.

This life is based an total trust..For a sub to surrender her personal power, her obedience, her will, her body  and her life over to another, that must be there.. In this life honesty and respect comes before all things..

You can't respect if you are not honest, and you can't be honest if you do not respect..
Being honest is not just about a list of facts and vital stats.. but of who you are inside.. not of what you tell, but of what you leave out..of communicating to another..

a real DOM knows how to communicate.. honesty does not start with a collar, it starts on day one..

Be not afraid to show who you are, and be true to your own standards... because if you don't others will love only what they see, and you will lose the one that would truly love you..


The will of a sub....

my heart will not allow me to disobey him ever.. he has made me his proporty.. i love  for  him to tie me but he has bound me with his heart and mind ..

 a note to every sub...
it is a long journey to the place where the right Master finds you and you can't stop it.. where you have no choice but to surrender.. 

always give your Master everything you have .. hold nothing from the one  who has your heart.. making him happy now your life.. you will be rewarded in ways you can't imagine right now.. but you will be happier than you ever thought you could be to love this special way as a sub and receive his gifts..

 be careful in who you surrender to.. he who will truly own and protect his property will be patient to obtain you,, but it is he who will care for you 1000 times more than any other

Has everyone forgotten what D/s is or what a sub or a DOM is? i get letter after letter and look at profile after profile, full of Christmas wish list and unreasonable expectations.. It is amazing how many total strangers online think i am some kind of sexual Santa Claus to every Tom Dick and Wannabe..
It is not easy to be a DOM and even harder to be a Master. It takes courage, wisdom devotion and good judgment. It has to, what a Master desires to own is the life of another human being and total responsibility for the human beings happiness and welfare..

Respect All, Judge none

i like it so much more when i hear good in others and not negative... nice when i talk to a DOM that DOMs through his real strength of character .. have a great day all