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Master4UNMN - photo 1

I'm NOT here to play games, Filthy slut wanted for rough ride. You will be slapped, choked, ked, called names, humiliated and tied up. I'll fuck you any way I want for MY pleasure and if you're lucky I might let you cum.</> I have been in the lifestyle for over 30 years. I am currently seeking submissive's, slave's, bottoms, female and/or male, for real time play. You should be willing to travel to me or meet at a neutral location for real time play. Willing to teach those that are new. You will be used as I so desire too, including but not limited to ropes, restraints, whips, paddles, multiple people male and female, humiliation including public, diapers, daughter and/or son role play, etc. Couples are welcome to apply No face pics of yourself on your profile no conversation. No profile pic goes straight to bulk and auto deleted Other countries go straight to bulk USA only

rather than being childish and block and delete a person after they send a message,  a simple not interested goes a long way, kind of makes you look like a game player when you do stuff like that.

If all your going to be is a player, and not meet face to face, don't even waste my damn time!!!