Vertical Line



I am a slim, well-spoken male seeking a strong forceful women to worship, one who wants someone special at her feet. I am intelligent and I am told I am good company. I would be very devoted to someone who can unleash the pent up desires inside me.

I have been exploring my submissive side for several years and have experience playing and scening. My submissiveness is an integral part of me but its not the sum total of who I am.

I seek a relationship with a partner who values and cares for their sub, someone I want to spend time with outside of BDSM. She would be someone who will humiliate me but respect me, abuse me but care for me after, someone who will use me as she deigns, push my limits for her pleasure but who remembers its a human on the other end.

I believe the highest level of BDSM is a pure exchange of ones innermost desires and cravings, when ones need and urge to please her dovetails perfectly with her wants and lusts, a deep symbiosis of need and desire satisfied and enhanced beyond what one could ever envision.

If you are looking for a slave, someone to financially dominate or you see no use for safewords, I am not what you are seeking.
The seach goes on - this sub yearns for a domme who will take me in hand. Sigh. Please, no one line messages.
May have found a Mistress I can serve. Time will tell if I am worthy.
Who would have known it's so difficult to find a mistress. I am compliant, very open-minded and eager to please. I do not object to tributes for R/T. I hope there is someone out there who can find a soft spot for me.