Vertical Line


I'm a single, professional woman who is searching for the Dominant who will become her Master. I am a submissive with a slave heart. I?ve never been owned. Yet, I need to be owned by one Dominant. Although I have the desire to be Someone?s slave, I am not a slave to just anyone. You will find that I am independent and stable. I do not need to be micromanaged.

The Dominant that I seek is very experienced in the D/s lifestyle with ties to the local D/s community. I am new to the lifestyle and need someone to teach, nurture, and discipline me as I learn to be His slave. He should be experienced in various BDSM activities and enjoy regular BDSM play. Although I enjoy regular BDSM play, I desire a relationship with a strong D/s aspect. I need a Master.

I have had limited experience in the D/s lifestyle, but see the dynamics as the way it is suppose to be between a man and a woman. However, I have not found the man who demonstrates the attitudes and behaviors consistent with the nature and character of a true, natural Dominant. He is a person of values and principles that guide his life on a daily basis. He is not domineering in his interactions with people, but others respect his opinions and describe him as a leader. He is flexible and can adapt to the curves that life throws him. He maintains self-control in the midst of crisis. His life is one of balance, patience and discipline. At the same time, he enjoys life and finds contentment in simple things.

I'm looking for such a man. He is willing to take the time to gain my respect and confidence, then my trust. It will be then and only then, that I will submit to him. We will discover the pleasures of this lifestyle together...the subtle nuances of the D/s dynamic, the sensual nature of its intimacy, the security it brings to both Dominant and submissive.

I am searching for a lifetime partner...a spouse. I'm not interested in playing around. This is a serious endeavor for me...a lifetime commitment. My goal is a Master/slave relationship.

Are You ready to own a slave? If you are ready for such a relationship...its responsibilities and pleasures, then take the next step and contact me.

Warning: Your message to me will be deleted if:

  1. You are looking for casual play or sex.
  2. You send me a one-line reply.
  3. You send me a pic of your genitals.
  4. You are not willing to take the time to get to know me before meeting the first time.
  5. You ask me for a pic. Just because you post a pic on your profile does not mean that I have to send you a pic.
  6. Your reply indicates that you have not read my profile.
  7. You smoke