Vertical Line


In this day and time...women are taking control or so we hear...

Why wouldn't a woman want a man in her life that would love her cherish her for a lifetime.

To know her as she really is,the way she is when she wakes,to know her and love her no matter what life brings their way.

At the same time she has the control over his sexual desires,he is faithful to her,she will do as she pleases with whom ever she desires.

this one seeks to be owned by be teased and controled in ways i have,maybe never dreamed feel lost in your control and in your presence.

I often wonder why it is...that when we really,really want and desire something it becomes harder and harder to find.

A man wants to be cuckold...yet it never happens. The more he wants it the less chance it will ever happen.

If a man would, never dream of being cuckold.
It will come his a run a way train.

All the new age books tell us. "Know what you desire,believe,and you will receive".

It would seem that in the affairs of Female Domination,cuckold-lifestyle,slavery to a women, is just not covered under the new age mantra.