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Pansexual Female Mistress, 26,  Buena Park, California
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lgmastra - Dominatrix

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 Dominant Female

 Buena Park 


 5' 8"






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 Body Worship

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Howdy, I'm Astra   I used to have a lot to say on this site. Now I mostly check it out of habit.   I am a real person, a BDSM lifestyler, and totally uninterested in whatever you may be interested in doing online.   The only reason I keep my page is the rare times that cool people contact me actually curious about the lifestyle in LA.   Best of luck!

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Journal Entries:
2/18/2011 5:58:25 PM

hi ho, hi ho, off to threshold for another Noir party i go...

11/15/2010 5:02:18 PM

ive decided my version of hell would be restrained listening to "combination pizza hut and taco bell" on repeat for all eternity

10/31/2010 12:57:05 PM

Holy crap, Noir's Halloween party went amazingly. I dont know about anyone else here but I'm jazzed for bizbaz

10/15/2010 4:56:59 PM
I feel compelled to update my oh-so-neglected journal.

While i used to blog several times a day, it's been months since ive found anything useful to say.

I've been in a lull of the scene in general after the tragedy at passive arts, but am hopeful and eager for the future of the scene.

I've also been busy with work and my 2 relationships (as well as having the party house all my friends love to crash at)

My free time has been occupied with the study of formal etiquette (which i hope ill start teaching sooner or later) and watching through star trek so i can kick a friend's ass at the scene it game.

life, as they say, goes on. but rest assured little interwebbers- i am still here.

7/17/2010 11:41:34 AM
My boyfriend and i are now co-presidents of fet noir.

prepare for your world to be rocked.

5/23/2010 2:17:20 AM
a little cookie pointed out that i dont update my journal like i used to.

so true. i'm busy. also ... nothing really to say too busy nomming cookies >_<

3/12/2010 8:24:42 PM
man- so overdue for an update.

things have been busy.

garden of heathens still rocks.

ya im still not looking...

>_> .... <_<.....

1/8/2010 8:18:10 AM
walp... im sick as a motherfucker and im hosting a GOH party at passive arts this weekend themed "apocalypse right fucking now"

im not really sure whats going to be going on, but its going to fuckin rock

and unless  im mistaken im starting the west LA TSX munch every other thursday either next thurs or the one after...

fuck i dunno i just show up where im required and look pretty.

12/26/2009 3:56:19 PM
for you wondering minds... yes there is a passive party tonight, it IS garden of heathens and yours truly will be hosting and teaching a class on sploshing... also we have gifts. YAY GIFTS

12/11/2009 2:11:51 PM
I fucking hate christmas music

11/24/2009 7:20:15 PM
Its Tuesday. You know what that means? Talk of heathens. Streaming live from 8-10 on This one should be particularly awesome because my brand spankin new sub made an oopsie today and her punishment will be very public Tune in to see what I have in store for my hot little ginger girl.

11/22/2009 12:06:36 PM
jebus. ok well news flash- im the luckiest bitch on the planet.

sadly(or omgwtfpwn happy) i have my hands full and im no longer considering getting ANY more subs for the time being

ill update my profile and whatnot later on when i have a moment to myself and there arent 2 hot naked micropeople in my bed.

ya i gtg

11/14/2009 6:26:49 PM
So hey, if you have nothin better to do tonight, you sould come out to garden of heathens at passive arts Its a special spanksgiving party, were doing a canned food drive (I think?) Where you can earn play money for to use on our slave for the evening auction... I think I've been sick for a while but ya.. something with hot chicks and charity... look it up at and come on down to join us. Also ill be givin out turkey prints ^_^

11/3/2009 11:18:14 AM
Zomg astra is on cm oodles today sez you Hplc assaying with a head cold and jam packed week of zombifying business sez me.... I lost my mind somewhere... anyone see it? Maybe its on tsr tonight from 8-10.... or maybe threshold tomorrow 8-2... or the cage the elephant or ludo concerts this week.... Damn I should clean out my car mebbe iz in der

10/25/2009 8:47:13 PM
Oh dear god in heaven and all things sacred I'm at a zombie based dnd tabletop party with 3 guys that I'm fucking and I'm nerdgasming

10/15/2009 9:29:14 AM
So I'm really miffed at how easily I bruise. I've been playing kinda rough recently ( keep it down boys I still haven't discovered my inner subby, chances are my inner demons gang raped and killed her) I know I always joke that its not a party until I get injured but my chest and arms are so bruised my coworkers are lookin at me funny... even with arnica... I don't know how you subs do it.

10/14/2009 9:54:06 AM
Sooooo sleepy, man the rain and a few other things have sucked all the energy out of me, I just want to pass out for a few days but I can't spare it

10/11/2009 11:12:34 AM
Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made last nights soiree so rad. I flogged 6 titties at once.... heeeeee Its good to be the queen

10/10/2009 8:43:39 PM
You! Yes you! What are you doing right now? Wouldn't you rather see me all femme fatal on stage at passive arts tonight? That's what I thought, get out here and enjoy yourself

10/9/2009 7:23:06 PM
Ah yes, another month, another garden of heathens at passive arts this sat Some crazy dame named astra is hosting Its film noir themed Be there. Sat night. 9 pm, passive arts.

10/7/2009 1:00:10 PM
so i, like a good little worker bee, sucked it up and went into work today, and of course i was sent home 4 hours later by my boss saying "you look like a zombie, if you get any worse im afraid youll start roaming the halls for brains"

small favors, eh?

10/6/2009 8:01:01 AM
astra feels very very sick today :( 

10/5/2009 8:29:59 PM
perhaps there was a misunderstanding, that last journal was an amused notification and not a request for volunteers.

believe it or not i can find my own bottoms and it doesnt take cm :-p

10/3/2009 10:03:18 PM
My totally staight friend just told me she fantasized about me strapon-ing boy's asses. I offered to do a live performance See what I can work out....

9/30/2009 11:26:10 AM
Omfgwtfbbqpwn!! I just got issued mah vewwy own new ti 89 titanium for mah job!!!! And then I got in an argument about hp smartcalcs vs ti, And NERDGASM

9/29/2009 6:58:15 PM
Tonight on from 8-10 watch the amazing zombie astra pretend to be coherent... live! Call in and mess with her!

9/28/2009 10:39:33 AM
On this day, sept 28, year of our lord 2009.... I, astra, have created the single worst smell in the known universe For those of you curious as to how I accomplished this here is a recipe: 100 giardia containing fecal sample, 4 years expired. 1 autoclave on fast burn 4 quarts water Combine and bake for 30 minutes, just don't be in the same building when the clave is open

9/25/2009 12:57:32 PM
Good god I need rubbies. I've reached the point of learning that everytime I get something new I forget something... Good thing I have the weekend to absorb Ill enjoy passive...

9/24/2009 12:22:52 PM
Just when I thought this job couldn't get more awesome... I get to go to fuckin ikea for lab stuff! If I don't update my profile tonight someone needs to remind me.

9/22/2009 7:48:16 PM
Yay first day at work. Yay me live on tsr from 8-10 tonight Watch me talk bondage!!!

9/21/2009 2:03:21 PM
Holy crap I'm going to start my job at 9 am tomorrow (even before they get my drug or background checks done >_<) Hope they don't find out about that hooker I beat back in highschool ;) Employment... wow.

9/18/2009 4:44:44 PM
l'shana tova and OMGWTFPWN

astra just got offered a very sweet job.

best part? ill be able to get back to passive.

JOY ^_^

9/17/2009 10:22:00 AM
Fuck shit damn cunt ass balls motherfucking DAMNIT Not only did I get a very turbulent 3 hours of sleep, I'm sitting outside and I realized... I'M FUCKING COVERED IN FRECKLES!!! First I'm taking care of my life- then I'm coming after you, sun!!!! >_<

9/17/2009 4:53:03 AM
Can't sleep, head is reeling from my day, I feel physically sickened by how torn up I am. Hell hath no fury like an angry ex going off on someone who's already emotionally raw. We came to a truce of sorts but some of the jabs thrown cut me very deeply. I just wish there was something I could do to escape how bad I feel right now Also, wish me luck on my 2 interviews this week

9/16/2009 8:38:56 AM
*sigh* starting off the day feelin a lil bummed, finally heard back from that interview. that and i think the clue has dawned on me that im wasting my time with one of my interests

someone once told me that a degree in pure science would be difficult and fairly useless...

i kinda want to find them and pull out their eyes now...

9/15/2009 2:29:29 AM
Unghhhh I feel like I should send my liver some flowers after this vacation God damn, after 3 days with my parents liquor cabinent I'm kinda seeing the virtues of islam My only redemption is that colorado has the best tap water in the world, so at least my kidneys don't hate me

9/14/2009 12:32:38 AM
Grumble grumble ass monkeys grumble Can't sleep, feel like I'm choking (ya fuck you too cancer sticks!) And really, my parents house is creepy as a motherfucker Also I have a great deal on my mind, mostly expecting a call back from the job I interviewed for on Friday, also mild interpersonal problems but how is that new. Since I'm landing late on Tuesday I won't be cohosting the tsr stuff but ill be in the chatroom with all the good boys and girls and back on the air next week from the new studio Bleh, time for some pretending I'm asleep and hoping my body falls for it

9/12/2009 5:33:08 PM
Monument colorado is cold and rainy. I've got enough hooch to drown an army, and I'm fuckin going puddle jumping after dinner! Man I needed a break from so cal, enjoy the sun, suckers!

9/11/2009 10:12:46 PM
O hai colorado. So nice to see you, oh, thunderstorms? How kind of you to remember. Don't worry mt herman, ill make you my bitch soon.

9/8/2009 3:22:32 PM
hey everyone!!!

ill be co-hosting on TSR network tonight at 8 pacific time.


even call/write in and talk WITH me.. wooooo

9/5/2009 12:09:32 PM
in my years on here ive set up a pretty decent filter against fake or gross profiles. my other account that i monitor- teamsexexp has none...

now im familiar with the fact that there are a *lot* of fake profiles out there, but really kids? most of them you can spot as soon as you see the picture.

now dont get me wrong, i feel like ive been douped by the rare smooth talking sociopath, but 98% of the fakes on here are hillariously obvious.

hint- *stop* thinking with your junk and start thinking with your brain and maybe you wont be so taken in by the fakes and scammers.


8/30/2009 12:13:46 AM
So I deleted the last 26 months worth of journal entries, not for any emo reason, per se, just needed some house cleaning (and an amusing blast to the past) Tonight to break my usual routine I'm staying in and am so bored I actually just cleaned/reorganized my sister's room. I also made homemade pizza and some lovely iced tea. So I was enjoying a victory cigarette (because quitting is for quitters) and I have come to something of an epiphany. I thought it was worthy of sharing with the class. I realized I'm addicted to the feeling of passion, and in retrospect it has been a driving force for many of my not-so-astral behaviors of late. Recently, mainly through fault of my own, I've lost the acquaintance of a fine young man whom I've been seeing frequently over the last 10 months, it wasn't a relationship per se and I wasn't suffering from the usual breakup blues. But I realize the lack of the burning lust we both shared for our favorite activity has really been getting to me, then I looked at my other relationships, work history, my playtime and general wanton lust for life, and I realize that my main driving force when I am what I consider my normal self- and a pattern emerged. When I have a passion for something/someone I'm doing, I become impassioned for nearly everything else and I am able to thrive. But since I have nothin about which to be passionate now, I'm (to say the least) not myself I haven't yet come to any action plans on this great grokking, but I think I finally understand why I've been so retarded about so much of late. I shall see what I can come up with from here...

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