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Im looking for a friend or friends who enjoy creative roleplay and can attend some parties. Im mainly seeking experienced Doms for play, Master or MistressHave been in the lifestyle for 14 yrs. Was on the pro side of it for quite awhile. Am not interested in newbie Doms but best of luck to you.Have quite a few lifestyle friends and some are here. Do travel and enjoy seing the scene in other places. My special interest is pony play

Met some amazing people.  Some are good others no 

Was a trip to be in latex all weekend 

Great party and gathering you know who.  Hit the alma seltzer and some hair of the dog 

What's the point of not showing your face..I mean your here 

No one wants to go to there munch or gathering.

Alka seltzer is real good for a hangover 

Completely open to new scene friends. I travel alot. Just be experienced and active in the local scene.  Love checking that out 

I have been in in awhile use it to keep up with scene friends  who have moved. Works great for that 

Quit complaining that you can't find anyone.  Go to a munch or a gathering.  If you can't there its on you 

out of country dimwits need to check their maps..Orlando, Cal.  San Francisco, NY...
why would someone send a friend request when no one knows who they are?
incomplete profiles are pretty weak
please dont send a friend request without at least some sort of message, this isnt myspace
no pic no on
cuuuuummm  on
I do travel.  And I do enjoy meeting new friends.  I do however am more interested in those that have been in the lifestyle for awhile and have experience.
In regards to being trained as a ponygirl......
IF you think it is transforming them into a horse and having them live in a stable or horse trailer or something...MOVE ALONG.   If you really get it and have something to share then please go ahead.
I want that!!!!!
If the first mssg you send is:"where in CA are you?"  you wont get a reply of any kind TY.
Would like to chat with Doms familiar with the mental end of BDSM.  The transition from sub to slave and such..

I think I need a new French Maids uniform

If you want the girl to f**k hard youd better mind f**k her harder first
"she feels the collar fit tightly on her neck"

If the first mssg you send is:
"where in CA are you?"  you wont get a reply of any kind TY.

To clarify the 12/8 entry.  The slave training would be a precursor to being trained as a ponygirl.  To mmmmensure the proper state of mind

Yes I am willing to be put into slave training

enough with the vague and cryptic replies to things, be specific..ugh. 
Select Masters means someone with experience. 
Think  my question about Gor was answered thanks.

Pierced or clamped?

Pulling a cart or no.....

There HAS to be some with r/t experience in training a ponygirl.

To be more clear I am open to discussing interests with a Master.  Prefer someone older, race uninportant, but still someone with a good amount of experience.  Do have some questions regarding the Gor books.

If your a male submissive please pass me by..thx.  If your a guy, i'm only interested in chatting with male doms with pony play experience.  My primary focus is with other women, dommes or subs thx
would love to chat with some people about pony play....but have some experience