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All boys are MY type of boys, All Boys can be My boys...
Sex Slave, ready to serve, any way I require, pleased to provide pleasure to My heart's content, a dildo for all boys...
Bad Boy, a challenge, knows he will be Punished if he pushes the envelope too far...
Sissy Boy, I just love a good sissy... so willing to serve...
Mommy's Boy, every Mommy's boy needs a strong hand, and good training, and a lot of Discipline...
Bitch Dog Boy, a perfect dog boy, on all fours read more below...
This is you, on your rug, a boy in complete surrender, the very best place a boy can be...
Now, More about the Bitch Dog Boy...
Is that you, on My leash and collar? How would that make you feel? Would you like to know more about what comes with My leash and collar? The additional privileges and benefits? How does MY collar feel? Is it too tight, just a bit? Good, now heel, there is work to do. It is time for you to learn how to present for your Mistress. Now, knees a bit apart, just a bit more than your shoulders, hands even with your shoulders,
I want "show" position. How can I show you off, if you cannot present properly? I will whisper promises of sweet treats for you, if you win this show for Me. Should you deserve such a reward, you will come back for more. Isn't that what you want?
Here, bitch dog, hold your leash in your mouth, and heel, it is time for you to be in your kennel.

I am searching for boys to develop their "real needs" to serve a Dominant Woman. Definitely not interested in "play" or "sessions" My ultimate goal is to have one or more boys trained to please Me
with the intent to take them home and keep them for life. Only "REAL NEED" boys ACCEPTED

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 Age: 22
 California, California