Hetero straight male seeking a Dominant Assertive Female to serve and worship her 24/7 or be at her beck and call to come to her when she pleases or when she is in the mood for a slave to pamper and worship her from head to toes.i am not looking for a profesional dominatrix.
i discovered that i was submissive after kissing the toes and worshipping an assertive selfish woman that i admired. She just walked away laughing when she was satisfied.I continued to worship her for years until she got tired of me and dropped me.i have been submissive ever since serving her.Although i have never served a Dominant Woman i recently discovered what Power Exchange was and now i know that i am really a slave.i hope to someday fiond that special woman and spend the rest of my life worshipping and serving her. If i can.t find her then i would be happy to be in the background for the resdt of my life serving and worshipping her.
 Age: 42
 Dallas, Texas