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I get a special thrill with the concept of spanking and genuine corporal punishment.
I am submissive with a definite masochistic edge.

As for me, I am exactly what I am -- shy, strong-willed, fairly intelligent, confident, blonde, opinionated, ideallistic, and patient.
No kind of sensation is keener and more active then that of pain; it's impressions are unmistakable. - Marquis de Sade
1/23/2008 8:10:11 PM
We have grown up in a society where attention spans have become limited, and we are conditioned to want and expect instant gratification--fast food, fast service, fast communication, even fast victories in warfare..The Internet has even conditioned us to fast sexual arousal and the desire to gratify it--seemingly infinite sexual images and text merely a mouse click away...the concept of foreplay--and in relationships--the building of an emotional and intellectual basis, courtship, and the wonderful art of seduction--seems downplayed.

1/17/2008 7:00:36 PM
I think sex--fucking--is for the body....making love is for the heart..BDSM for the mind and soul. My ideal is a combination of all three. Most people lacking either the creativity, insight, or ability to escape their inhibitions..will only experience the first two. Pity.
7/13/2005 6:09:14 AM
Somehow after having mentioned the word Gor in my journal entry has made me instantly into Gorean lifestyle. Well, I AM NOT interested in gorean. I am sorry I ever mentioned it at all. I will repeat - as I stated below -- I read the books, that's as far as my interest goes. In fact I found the books to be insipid and poorly written. I am interested in the REAL DEAL ... NOT GOREAN. I am not seeking someone into Gorean, in fact that doesn't work for me at all - I am NOT interested in a Gorean lifestyle - not at all. Not Interested. Not Interested. Not interested. I am stating a LACK of interest here. Get it?

Give me the Sleeping Beauty series anyday ...
6/16/2004 9:28:45 AM

As I clearly stated in my profile - I am submissive, and a masochist. I have an interest in Gor, I read the books. No where do I claim to be a Gorean slave. Simply an interest.
I do not appreciate being called "slut" in an opening message...I won't respond to ignorance. Name calling is for bullies..bullies are cowards who choose weak victims....and weakness turns me OFF!
My devotions are singular and VERY focused...if you already have a submissive in your life - I won't respond.
If you rudely DEMAND that I respond chances are that I will're not my Dominant.
I believe in foundations based upon friendship, trust, and mutual respect. If you're not willing to build those foundations first, chances are you're merely a control freak or, unskilled as a Dom.

To learn is to understand to understand is to gain the power to control.

4/21/2004 5:06:31 AM
 Ankles shackled to the floor and wrists to the ceiling. Struggling against the bondage, a futile attempt. The biting kiss of a strap, a belt .. for this a riding crop. My struggling ceases abruptly when i feel the crop pushed between my legs, i push my hips towards the source .. riding along it's length, searching for the hand that wields it with cunning manipulation. My bodies betrayel - shameful. The crop is unrelenting in it's persuit .. with the pleasure point of my sex ..until i come .. whorishly on the rod that now impales me.*


Come crawling faster

obey your Master

your life burns faster

obey your Master


4/19/2004 6:02:00 PM
D/s is my ultimate destination. It is not simply a stopping point along the way in my life. I have never been able to enjoy sexual pleasure in the past without bdsm related thoughts. I have never had a vanilla fantasy in my life. Not ever. I have dreamed of submitting to a man since my sexual awakening. That carnal place in my brain .. my subconscious, will not allow me to have vanilla fantasies. Nor do I have the desire for vanilla dreams.
i crave D/s from my very core.
i am a woman who embodies this type of sexuality 100%. i believe that the divine force that shaped me did so for a reason and believe it is my duty to be true to myself as i was created. i did not come to D/s from an emotionally unhealthy background...e.g someone whose tragically low self esteem leads them to seek abusive relationships.
 Age: 28