I am happily a part of my Master's life.  He is the owner of my heart, mind, body and soul.  My life is complete with him, but we are want to add joy to our lives and the life of someone special. 

We want a submissive woman join us for friendship, companionship, affection and kinky sex. We've a lot to offer and are happy to share it. A girlfriend, sister submissive, friend, companion, lover... Why limit the options?

Yes, we are honest and up front about that.  While we love our friends, we really want someone to share more than that with us.

While we prefer that kinky be a part of it (we're here, aren't we), that isn't absolutely necessary and we are comfortable with your level of kink and comfort. This lifestyle is us, but it isn't all there is to us.

Important:  No men need apply.  Please don't disrespect my Master by asking me to come visit you or join you. 
 Age: 48
 Lincoln, Nebraska